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S21-40 Thirdbase Nominees:

1.   R.A. Bowie:  Playing from S25 to S39, Bowie did a bit of everything.  He hit > 300 HR's, topped 2000 hits, & proved to be perhaps the best defensive 3B in Wrigleyville history.  In over 15000 innings at 3B, he had an astounding 210 + plays to go with a career .984 FP and 3.18 range factor.  As one would expect, Bowie won 5 GG's at 3B.

2.  Jim Hartley:  Hartley's another do it all 3B.  Playing from S27-S41, Hartley proved nearly to be Bowie's equal defensively.  He came up with 174 + plays while proving to be no slouch with the bat.  He hit > 400 HR's, topped 2200 hits, scored nearly 1300 runs, and drove in almost 1400.  Hartley brought home loads of hardware too:  8 time All-Star, 3 SS's, and 2 WS rings.

3.  Quilvio Johnson:  Still active, beginning his career in S32, Johnson has combined offense and defense well so far in his 9 seasons.  Johnson has 101 + plays in > 10000 innings at 3B.  With the bat he's slashed .298/.370/.471 for an impressive OPS of .841.  He's already over 800 runs, 800 RBI's, 1700 hits, and 200 HR's at the age of 31.  Johnson's a 3 time All-Star to date.

4.  Alex Santana:  This versatile all around 3B played from S26-S39.  With the glove, played well at 2B and 3B.  In > 10000 innings at 3B, he came up with 123 + plays.  Offensively, Santana had a career OPS of .788.  He scored > 1500 runs, hit close to 500 2B's, nearly 300 HR's, almost 2500 hits, and topped 500 steals.  He's got loads of hardware too:  4 All-Star teams, 4 SS's (3 at 3B, 1 at 2B), 3 GG's (2 at 3B, 1 at 2B), and one WS ring.

5.  Mule Wesson:  Still going strong, Wesson began his career in S29.  During his run, he's slashed .283/.348/.529.  Mule has hit more than 500 HR's, scored > 1400 runs, topped 2300 hits, and driven in close to 1700 already.  He's got a shot at some Hank Aaron type #'s.  He's outstanding with the glove as well, coming up with 191 + plays in a bit under 14000 innings at 3B.  Ok, we'll just start with the MVP's:  5 of them already.  He's an 8 time All-Star, won 4 SS's, & he's hit for the cycle. 

6.  Nick Witte:  Beginning in S29, Witte has become a premier 3B.  He's slashed a robust .319/.413/.538 or his career.  In his 12 season's he's hit 298 HR's, amassed > 1500 runs, well over 2000 hits, close to 500 2B's, & stolen over 300 bases.  He's a  very good defensive player too, totaling 94 + plays to date.  For hardware, Witte has played in 9 All-Star games, won 9 SS's between 3B & 2B, 4 MVP's, and 4 WS's.  Apologizes if I missed an MVP or something with hm! 

There you have it all, SS & 3B for today.  I'll attempt to get a group posted every three or so days and as always, if a player has been missed, let me know and I'll add them to the list. 


Wrigleyville All Team S21-40 Shortstop Nominees:

1.  Wiki Guzman:  Guzman played from S27-S40 and was primarily known for his defense.  In just over 15,000 innings at short he came up with 111 + plays and a career range factor of 5.23.  While not a great hitter, Guzman was at least competent with the bat, slashing .264/.336/.354 for his career.  He piled up nearly 2000 hits, scored > 1000 runs, and stole over 300 bases.  He was a 3 time All-Star and won a SS and one WS ring.

2.  Fausto Johnson:  Still active, Johnson began his career in S26.  While playing several positions, he has appeared mostly as a SS.  Fausto brings power to the position, slugging almost 500 HR's to date, piling up 1500+ runs, over 1400 RBI, and close to 2500 hits.  He's got wheels too, stealing > 500 bases.  Johnson has a career OPS of .815, held up largely due to his slugging.  He's a 6 time All-Star, won 3 SS at short and one in CF, and he's hit for the cycle twice!

3.  Sidney Martin:  He played from S11 to S29, overlapping our two era's.  Perhaps overlooked the 1st time around, Martin shouldn't be this time.  Slashing .278/.340/.556, Martin crushed 767 HR's and drove in nearly 2000.  He's also scored > 1800 runs, topped 2800 hits, and smoked 400+ 2B's.  In nearly 15000 innings at short, Martin was a solid fielder.  A 7 time All-Star, 6 time SS at short and 1 in CF for good measure, Martin brought home the hardware as well.

4.  Vitas Sager:  A tremendous defensive SS, Sager anchored the spot from S22-S34, just 13 seasons.  In those 13 seasons, he came up with 135 + plays in > 14000 innings.  He had range as well.  He cold hit a bit too, topping 1500 hits, 200 2B's, and 200 steals.  He made one All-Star team.

5.  Josh Stuart:  Another defensive wizard, Josh played from S20-S33.  During his run of > 15000 at short, he came up with 126 + plays.  Stuart had some power at short as well, topping 300 HR's and close to 300 2B's.  he also had amost 1800 hits.  He was a 3 time All-Star and won 1 SS award.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

S21 - S40 All Time CF nominees

We'll get right to it:


1.   Chad Bard:  Bard is still active, starting his career in S27.  He's slashed .288/.346/.416 for an OPS of .762.  While having some pop, power is not Bard's game.  Speed is.  He's got > 700 steals to go with his 1600+ runs, nearly 2700 hits, > 400 2B's, and a bit over 200 HR's.  He's got a legit shot at joining the 3000 hit club.  Bard has played 2B & CF, but he's logged more time in center, having played almost 12000 innings there.  Five time All-Star and 3 time SS Award winner in CF.

2.  Chris Burke:  Played 18 seasons from S21-S39.  A member of the 3000 hit club, he slashed .280/.342/.482 for an OPS of .824.  Burke scored nearly 1600 runs, amassed almost 600 2B's, smashed > 500 HR's and managed to steal over 200 bases.  Burke played in > 2000 games in CF.  A 4 time All-Star, 3 time SS winner in CF, and once at 3B, he also won a GG at 1B.

3.  Ollie Greenwood:  Played from S17-37 for a nice 15 year career.  Slashed .308/.380/.496 for an OPS of .876.  Those be by the best average and OBP for the CF's.  Ollie scored > 1200 runs, topped 2500 hits, legged out > 400 2B's, and hit 348 HR's in 8150 AB's.  He could field it as well, putting up 63 + plays in just about 1400 games in CF.  Ollie was a 7 time All-Star, 6 time SS winner in CF, and won a GG while playing RF.

4.   Phillip Mayer:  Played a nice 13 year career from S27-S40.  May be the best defensive CF we've had, coming down with 213 + plays in 1851 games in CF.  Far from a one trick pony, Mayer could hit too, slashing .269/.329/.464 for an OPS of .793.  He topped 1100 runs, almost 2000 hits, and > 300 HR's.  Mayer made 7 All-Star teams, 2 SS awards, 6 Gold Glove awards, and one WS ring.

5.  Jamie Miyakazi:  If Mayer wasn't the best defensive CF we've seen, than this guy is.  Playing from S17-S31, he amazed with 215 + plays in 1697 games in CF.  Not a huge threat with the bat, but he he hit enough.  Slashed .254/.318/.419 for an OPS of .737.  Topped 1100 runs, 2000 hits, with 445 2B's and 269 HR's.  He was a ROY winner, 5 time All-Star, won 5 GG's in CF and 3 at 2B, plus got a WS ring.

6.  Andy Shannon :  A late addition as I had Shannon at 1B.  Andy played from S22-S35, a modest 14 seasons.  During that time he slashed .273/.357/.540 for an OPS of .897.  Shannon brought significant power to CF, hitting 514 HR's and driving in nearly 1500.  He topped 2000 hits and 1300 runs in those 14 seasons.  He was a good defensive CF, good for 68 + plays & a .991 F% in over 15000 innings in center.  He's got lots of hardware too:  ROY, a 10 time All-Star, 5 time SS winner, a WS ring, and a MVP in S24. 

There's they are. Let me know if we've overlooked anyone, thanks! 

S21 - 40, All Time 2B & CF's

I'll discuss the 2B first, followed by the CF's.  As always, let me know if I missed anyone and we'll vote on the top two for each position once everything is posted.

Second Basemen:

1.  Shawn Barfield :  Playing from S24 - 41, Barfield qualifies as a good all around player.  He did a bit of everything.  Slashed .295/.375/.469 for an OPS of .844.  Scored nearly 1700 runs, nearly 2700 hits, > 500 doubles and almost 300 HR's.  Could run as well stealing 731 bases.  He was an OK defensive 2B in his 1500+ games there, but did go on to win a GG at 1B.  He was a six time All-Star and a two time Silver Slugger winner at 2B.

2.  Juan Chavez: Chavez is still an active player, having begun his career in S28.  He came right in as a rookie and raked.  He's kept doing that his whole career, slashing .306/.365/.552 for an OPS of .917.  He brings serious power to 2B having hit 456 HR's, with a shot at 500 since he's still only 36.  He's scored >1300 runs and has driven in nearly 1500.  He's also closing in on 400 2B's.  He's also a very good defender having piled up 112 + plays at 2B in > 1700 games there.  He's a five time All-Star, 3 time SS winner, GG winner, and a multi time WS winner.

3.  Dick Heilman :  Career ranged from S16-S36.  Slashed .291/.358/.488.  > 3000 hits, > 500 HR's, > 1800 runs, close to 500 2B's, and > 1700 RBI.  Plus he was a competent defender at 2B in his >12000 innings there.  He's a really good all around player.  I'm not sure any of the 2B have put up the all-around #'s he has.  A 7 time All-Star and a four time SS winner at 2B.

4.  Zip Madson:  Despite his name, and he could steal a base, Zip's game revolved around the long ball.  Playing from S22-S37, he smashed > 600 HR's on his way to slashing .290/.359/.545, with an OPS of .904.  1700+ runs, 2700+ hits, and 1800 RBI's on the dot to go with his 405 steals.  Zip played in over 1600 games at 2B, proving to be a solid defender.  A 6 time All-Star, 4 time SS winner, and winner of 2 Gold Gloves while playing RF.  Zip also won 2 MVP's!

5.  Emmanuel Soto:  He played from S13-30.  Soto was an all around type of player, doing a bit of everything.  He slashed .278/.334/.497 for an OPS of .831.  Soto put up > 1500 runs, almost 2400 hits, > 400 2B's, > 400 HR's, and stole 650 bases while getting caught just 57 times.  Soto was an outstanding defender.  He had 115 + plays in > 1500 games at 2B.  Soto was a 7 time All-Star and winner of 2 SS at 2B and one SS at 3B.

6.  Alex Suarez:  His career spanned S23-S37 & was a bit shorter than some.  He slashed .287/.352/.504 for an OPS of .856 during that time.  Alex scored > 1300 runs in just over 1900 games, had > 2000 hits, almost 500 2B's, and nearly 300 HR's while stealing > 400 bases.  He played a bit of everywhere, but 2B is where he logged the most time.  He's a 3 time All-Star and winner of 2 SS awards, one each at 2B and 3B.  Also owns a WS ring.

7.  Artie Ward:  Another who's still active, having begun his career in S30.  Ward has slashed .284/.356/.478 for an OPS of .834.  In just about 7000 career AB's, he has scored >1200 runs, put up nearly 2000 hits, almost 400 2B's and close to 300 HR's.  He's another who's played several places, but with over 900 games at 2B, we'll call that one home.  He's somehow never made an All-Star game despite winning four SS Awards at 2B.  A 2cd half player?

That's our nominated 2B.  Once again, if you feel like I missed someone, please let me know!  Thanks, and stay tuned now for the CF's...

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

S21-40 All-Time Wrigleville Team, Catchers


First a quick note - the listed players are ones who were sent to me and ones that I picked by looking through various league histories.  If there's a player you feel was missed, let me know ASAP via TC and I will get that player added to the list.  Thanks!

1.  Edgardo Benitez :  One of our younger nominees at just 30.  He's played mainly from S35 to current.  He's won three WS titles and has been an All-Star.  He's a masher, having already hit 240 HR's while posting a career .566 slugging % to go along with his .911 career OPS.  He calls a good game too, posting a C's ERA of 3.73.

2.  Ren Chang :  He enjoyed a really good 15 year career, from S20-S34.  Chang enjoyed a career slash line of .300/.413/..500 - giving him a career OPS of .913.  He topped 2000 hits, 1000 runs, 1000 RBI, and 300 HR's.  I should probably list him as a DH, as he played over 1300 games there to just over 500 as a C.  He's a ROY winner, 5 time All-Star, 4 time Silver Slugger winner (3 at DH, 1 at C), and he once hit for the cycle. 

3.  Ryan Monroe :   He played from S16-32.  He slashed .286/.351/.489 over his career, good for an OPS of .840.  Monroe had > 400 HR's, 400 2B's, 1100 runs, 1300 RBI, and 2300 hits.  He played just over 2000 games at C.  He was mediocre at best on defense.  Through it all he won one Silver Slugger and appeared in one All-Star game. 

4.  Joakim Quinilla :  He played from S16-S33.  Career slash line of .278/.350/.520 for a career OPS of .870.  He appears like he was THE catcher.  Mashed >600 HR's , scored nearly 1400 runs, > 1600 RBI, >2500 hits.  While not a strong defensive player, he did actually appear in > 2000 games at C.  If I counted right, he played in 7 All-Star games, was a two time HR Derby winner, and won six Silver Slugger awards. 

Well, that's what I've got for catchers.  Please check this out and if I missed someone deserving of a nomination, I'll get them added.  We will then vote!  Voting will take place as follows:  simply send a TC to me with your top two picks.  The highest vote tally becomes your 1st team player while the 2cd place finisher is the 2cd team guy.  This will be the format for every position group.  Pitchers will be similar. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

S21 - 41 Wrigleyville Anniversary Team

If you take a look down the right side of the blog, you'll see a listing of the 20th Anniversary all-time Wrigleyville 1st & 2cd teams.  There's some really good fake ballplayers listed there.

That team was developed in a league wide vote.  If I recall correctly, we had a nomination period where each owner could submit something like three players per position.  The five highest nominees were then voted upon, with the top guys getting the 1st team selection and the next guy in line the 2ced team designation.

We've played about another 20 seasons since that time and I thought what a better time to bring something like this back?  Throughout S42 we will go through this process again, to come up up with a 2cd generation All-Time Wrigleyville team.   Details will follow, but one quick thought is to ban all the guys who made the team the first time around.  This would be for those players who primarily played after S20, but I don't want to overlook someone who played from say S16-S31.  As long as that guy wasn't on one of the two teams, he'd be eligible. 

Those of you around during that time, I'd appreciate some thoughts as to how best do this.  I've got some initial thoughts on how to go about this, but I'll wait a bit before posting.

At the moment, go ahead and check out the history of your franchise.  Sometimes guys get overlooked. 

Thursday, January 25, 2018

S39 Durocher Award Winner is...


The majority of owners recognized the great work that went into turning the Sturgeon around that was done by Pat.  S39 saw them over take the Toyota's & Tigger's, who had pretty much owned the division since S32 and Pat had to make some shrewd moves to build a team capable of holding off the competition.

Finishing two votes behind was Donmossi, whose Monks continue to baffle us all with their incredible play and just behind him was Pbsilver11 - who according to longtime owner Rugby1 (since S4) deserves some kind of lifetime achievement award for being such a good longtime owner.

I'm speaking for all the league here, but it's owner's like you guys that make me really appreciate Wrigleyville.  Well done to all of you!!