Friday, July 25, 2014


The CINCINNATI RED LIGHT DISTRICTS traded Alex Cornelius to the LOUISVILLE REDTAILS for Artie WardAlbie Ordonez and Pinky Realmuto
Jeff has his RLD's in re-build mode and this trade makes sense. He gets a trio of younger players and sheds 8.3 million in payroll for the next 3 seasons, which can be used for IFA's. Jmuhtoff picks up a studly starting pitcher that will solidify his rotation. Like Christie Brinkley asked Chevy Chase "Are You Gonna Go For It??" Jmuhtoff says "Yes, God Yes!!"

Reese McGee
Reese "Fibber" McGee broke his hand and will be out 2 months. Not sure how he broke it?? You can't believe a word that comes out of Fibbers mouth. That's why I released him 2 years ago.

Felipe Barrios
Felipe "Slum Perro Millionaire" Barrios tweaked his neck and will be out 4 months. The Bandits season is like a game show gone wrong. 

Robb Wyatt
This crafty lefty makes 5 million a year and will miss the next 2 months with a torn ligament in his shoulder. Robb "Em Blind" Wyatt will keep cashing them checks during rehab. Dagnabit, that just ain't rite. 

Karl Faulk
You may think that Karl "Peter" Faulk gets his nickname because he can solve murders. You would be wrong....he's real popular with the ladies! This Sophomore corner infielder will miss the next 3 months with a bulging disk in his back. The bulge in his back will now match the one in the front......Kinda symmetrical! 

Chris Scott
It's Christmas in July!!  Chris "Krinkled" Scott is passing out the holiday cheer in the Springs. He will miss 2 weeks with a bad hammy. Ressda can be heard crying "Jingle Bells this season Smells.

Paxton Wells
Paxton "Wildcat" Wells likes to hit them homers. He'll be hitting the bricks for the next 2 weeks with a strained back. The injuries are straining Avantrael's patience. 

Louis Ramirez
For the second consecutive year, after signing a 4 year 25.6 million dollar contract, Louis "Lips" Ramirez lands on the DL. He will miss 2 weeks with sore ribs . So far his game is just a bunch of Lip Service.

Alex Johnson
Oh WHAT A HAPPY DAY! My favorite nicknamed player is on the DL. Alex "Spank My" Johnson will miss 3 weeks with a shoulder impingement. Who doesn't need a spank every once in a while???

Charles Reed
Charles "I kant spel butt I kan" Reed strained his MCL and will be out 2 weeks. The kid is hitting .183 and needs to learn how to spell hit. 


Benny Rivera
Age: 18B/T: S/R
Born: Loma de Cabrera, DO
Position(s): P (T4A)
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The Cobras signed this kid for 18 million and a S/T invite. The kid has some great projections but mid-50's make-up will hamper him.Not impossible, but regardless , he will be a good one.

Andres Banuelos
Colorado Springs
Age: 18B/T: R/R
Born: Villa Gonzalez, DO
Position(s): C
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A million bucks for a minor league catcher.

Jimmie Suarez
San Juan
Santurce Crabbers
Age: 18B/T: R/R
Born: Palenque, DO
Position(s): LF/CIF/2B/RF/DH
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Ralph spent 23.4 million on this kid. He's worth every penny......Can you say Chaaa Ching!!

Domingo Aceves
New York
Life Model Decoys
Age: 19B/T: R/R
Born: Frederiksted, VI
Position(s): P (none)
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Fencer is re-building his minors and this kid will help.

Rodrigo Martin
Wind Sizzlers
Age: 19B/T: L/L
Born: Bauta, CU
Position(s): LF
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This kid was signed for 6.1 million. He will hammer righties but will sit against lefties.Oh and he's very fast with great base running skills. A great pinch runner when he sits against the lefties.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


No trades this week.


Bill Medlen
Bill "Bronze" Medlen Fractured his elbow and missed 15 days. bout you make the injuries real. But its good news for Fencer.

Midre Duran
Midre "Duran" Duran suffered a ACL tear in season 25 and missed the rest of that year and the most of Season 26.  Now he lands back on the 15 day DL with a strained hammy.  Notorious!!!! 

Wiki Ordonez
Wiki "Leaks" Ordonez strained his foot and will miss a month and a half.  Maybe he should have broken it ,therefore in WIS logic, he would only miss 2 weeks. Regardless, Wiki "leaks" can't be trusted!!

Gerardo Martinez
Fencer brought in Gerardo "3 olive" Martinez to play center field. Now he will miss 2 weeks with a bruised knee. Drinkin will bruise your knees........and elbows..............and Lips!!

Aaron Wells
PB traded for Aaron "Dry" Wells a couple years ago to pitch about 200 innings. That plan is a bust after he tore  labrum and will miss the rest of this year. I sure hope PB has Insurance?

Esmil Sosa
Esmil Sosa was brought up last year and did well in the Crabbers bullpen. He has a sore Elbow and Ralph isn't taking any chances. He put him on the 60 day DL. 


Vasco Duran
Age: 19B/T: R/R
Born: Sabana Grande De Boya, DO
Position(s): SS
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1.5 million and a S/T invite for this defensive Super Star.

Renyel Cela
New York
Life Model Decoys
Age: 19B/T: S/R
Born: San Pedro de Macoris, DO
Position(s): SS
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2.3 million for another good defensive player. This one will hit RH pitching well.

Hipolito Rivera
Age: 18B/T: L/R
Born: Edo Lara, DO
Position(s): SS
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2.0 million and a S/T invite for yet another defensive prospect. This one may be the best of the 3.

Livan Valdez
Tampa Bay
Age: 19B/T: S/R
Born: Puerto Plata, DO
Position(s): 2B/1B/LF/CF/DH
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This guy has great range and speed. He also will hit well. He cost 4.5 million

Luis Romero
Tampa Bay
Age: 18B/T: R/R
Born: Manoguayabo, DO
Position(s): LF/1B/DH
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With max power he could make a great pinch hitter.

Yasiel Hernandez
New York
Life Model Decoys
Age: 20B/T: S/R
Born: San Pedro de Macoris, DO
Position(s): P (SP5)
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A minor league innings eater

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Louisville RedTails (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: Jmuhtoff's team was in a re-tool year last year and they aren't in a full re-build. And they did pretty well by winning 74 games with good hitting (6th in the A L). The pitching (14th in the A L) and defense (12th in the A L) need work, but he did pick up Artie Ward ,Wayne Lo Duca , Tony Spence and Cookie Armas in the draft. In the off-season Jmuhtoff re-signed Edgar Guzman after he left for free agency and Coleman, Morales , O'Brien and Sierra were lost to free agency. He released Black and Perry and traded away Lee. With a bunch off holes to fill, Jmuhtoff claimed Gipson off the wire and signed free agents Camilli, Clark, Tyson, Long, Moses,Sullivan, Kershaw and Troncoso. Finally he traded for Marson and Fedroff. Everyone the new Red Tails. There is only one super-star on this team (Kyle Romero) and the rest are mid-level M L players. They are in the middle of the pack defensively and offensively they will hit some homers without allot of strikeouts. The pitching will be the middle of the road. All signs point to a 80 ish win team.PREDICTION:84-78(Division Winner)

OUT: Ivan TroncosoMarty AllenWalt LieberthalBenny Kershaw , Adam BroxtonKhalil Pryce

IN: Benny WoodChien-Ming ChangYank HillEdgardo Rivera , Jose GutierrezAdam GreenErubiel Garces , Yannick EarleyCarlos Tatis

PREVIEW: When I picked Jmuhtoff's RedTails to win the division with a mid-80's record, many thought I was Mad, And I am! But This division is one of the weakest right now and Jmuhtoff's team was the strongest. They went into the playoffs as the #4 seed and gave the 93 win Blues all they could handle. But ended up losing game 5 at home....I feel your pain! In the off-season Jmuhtoff let Troncoso, Allen, Lieberthal , Kershaw go to free agency. He released Broxton. and traded away Pryce. Jmuhtoff claimed Wood off the wire and signed free agents Chang, Hill and Rivera. He promoted Gutierrez, Green, Garces and traded for Earley and Tatis. The only free agents I like are Green and Garces. Early is a great add but Tatis will only be effective against lefties. I think the Red Tails are a sub .500 team this year. PREDICTION:77-85

Pittsburgh Pirates (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: Oh ...the Pirates . Just when you think it's gonna be smooth sailing all the way to the playoffs. They hit a reef and have to bail out the bilge tanks to make it to the end of the season. In fairness Ard lost several players to free agency and retirement, so maybe it's just a hiccup until he can whip the replacements into shape. Last year this team won only 79 games with decent pitching ,ranked 5th in the A L. But the hitting (13th in the A L) and defense (9th in the A L) was the barnacle on the butt of the Pirates, and was the reason they floundered. In the off-season Ard re-signed Patrick Miller , Carlos Gomez , Juan Pena , Jimmie James after they became free agents. Estrada and Clark were lost to free agency and Camilli and Lira were released. Stern was traded to the Red Light Districts. With a couple holes to fill, Ard signed free agents Liverman and Stevenson and promoted Lee and Rollins. Veteran SP Liverman will help the pitching problem but Rollins is way too wild to be in the majors. Youngster Lee will be a solid hitter but lacks range and glove for 2nd base. Right now the Pirates look like a .500 team.PREDICTION: 81-81

OUT: Juan PenaJimmie JamesBob LivermanPatrick MillerArthur Blackburn , Jerry Rollins

IN: Charlie LockwoodHaywood LeslieBernie RichardBert McKnight

PREVIEW: I predicted a 81-81 record for the Pirates and in true Pirate fashion they won 82 games. AAARRGGHH! Ardthomp did pick up Wilin Matos and Oscar Ross in the draft so last year wasn't a total loss. In the off-season Ardthomp let Pena, James, Liverman, Miller, Blackburn go to free agency and released Rollins. He signed free agents Lockwood, Leslie, Richard and McKnight. Ard brought in 4 veteran pitchers thru free agency. But the real story here was last years promotion of Hipolito Hernandez. The kid looks good and he could make all the difference in this weak division. The Pirates will be raping, pillaging and plundering all the way to Madagascar.PREDICTION:89-73(Division Winner)


LAST YEARS PREVIEW:  Last year Avantrael added some new pitching and I predicted a sub .500 year for lack of offense. And they ended up as the worst offensive team in the A L by scoring only by scoring only 634 runs. It's a shame because Augusta has good pitching (4th in the A L) and defense (6th in the A L). In the off-season Palmer, Brogna, Lee, Delgado, Tavarez and Quinn left for free agency. Washington was released and Marson was traded away. Avantrael had to build a new team so he signed free agents Aguilar, Tabaka, Manuel, Shelly and Conway. He promoted Sano and picked up Galloway and Greinke from the R-5. Finally he traded for Del Lee to fill out this years roster. The only exciting new player here is Sano. He will be a star on the mound for the Northmen. This team will be lucky to reach last years 71 wins. PREDICTION:68-94

OUT: Jose LeeCristobal Fernandez , Andrew HalterAlexi Hernandez

IN: Willie AlonsoAlbie Romo , Kenta SaitoAl Moreno

PREVIEW: I stated that the Northmen would be lucky to reach 71 win and they went out and won 77. Take that Mad! Avantrael added some talent to the farm system by picking up Matt NormanVictor Rodriguez and Brett McCorley in the draft.In the off-season Avantrael re-signed Davey Wise and let Lee and Fernandez go to free agency. He released Halter and Hernandez Then Avantrael signed free agents Alonso and Romo and picked up Saito and Moreno in the R-5.Augusta lost a good bullpen pitcher in Frenandez and their GG center fielder, Hernandez. To replace the Dez's, they picked up some R-5 pitchers(Saito, Moreno) and will plug Del Lee in CF. They are not upgrades and the Northmen will hope that Junior Sano and Alex Olivares can overcome their loss. Methinks not. PREDICTION:70-92

New York
New York Life Model Decoys (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: I predicted it would be a 2 team race for the division,( Richmond and Pittsburgh). And it was a toss-up which would prevail. I chose Pittsburgh and of course it was Richmond that won it in the end. They went into the playoffs as the #4 seed and the only sub .500 team in the playoffs. So it's no surprise they lost in the first round to Salem. This was too much for Ihateunc to take and he packed his bags and entered a Anger Management facility to work on his hate issues. Ramonsfan bought the team and moved them to New York and named them the Yankees.....What?? Talk about Hate! In the off-season Mercedes, Arredondo, Henry, Tyson, Flair, Nieves, Harris, Crawford and Aguilar went to free agency. He traded away Pena to complete the purge. To field a team this year , Ramonsfan promoted Murphy and Duran and Ruth was acquired tru a earlier trade. Ramonsfan has disappeared and his M L roster is only at 15 . Not sure what happened but I hope he comes back soon. This team is in Dire Straits. PREDICTION: Money for nothing and the chicks for free.

OUT: Jackson ReedBob HinesJames LeeDomingo DelgadoDanny Barker , Kevin JangHaywood LeslieSam PricePaul West

IN: Al AcostaDanny BakerGerardo MartinezJuan TorresMalcolm Xavier , James DickersonWillie OchoaBill Medlen

PREVIEW: Thank God or Mark Knopfler for that matter that Fencer came in a rescued this team. The team was in a shambles and he righted the ship with the help of some owners that traded some badly needed farm hands. Fencer was able to add some prospects in this years draft, he grabbed Terrence GibsonHarry MujicaOtis HoldridgeRay Grey and Richard Stanley . He also added many IFA's to shore up farm with Tony Molina being the best of the bunch. In the off-season Fencer re-signed Geronimo Cruz and Cristobal Beltran and let Reed, Hines, Lee, Delgado and Barker go to free agency. He released Jang and Leslie and traded away Price and West. Fencer signed free agents Acosta, Baker, Martinez and picked up Torres and Xavier in the R-5. And he made a Blockbuster trade that brought in Dickerson, Ochoa and Medlen. Fencer raised some eyebrows with his trades and I wont criticize them. But according to the franchise standings, this team is weak defensively but will hit for a high average with not many homers. The rotation will walk many a batter and get hammered by right handed hitting.The bullpen is near the bottom in all categories. This adds up to another losing season in New York, But it will take time for Fencer to right the ship. And thanks for sticking in there Fencer. PREDICTION:67-95



LAST YEARS PREVIEW: I've been foretelling of the emergence of  the Moose for a couple years now. Last year they finally came of age and won 93 games and a wild card berth. Rugby's team did this with good hitting (6th in the N L) and pitching (4th in the N L). The defense (8th in the N L) was about average. Syracuse went into the playoffs as the #5 seed and got by the Utes in the first round. Then they met the defending Champs in the DCS and lost in 4 games. In the off-season Rugby let Khiry Allen go to free agency then re-signed him. He then released Hayes and Pujols and traded away Green and Carter. Rugby promoted Marshall and Ethier and the earlier trade brought in T. Allen. The pipeline to the prospect talent has been opened. and with the addition of T Allen, This team is ready to win this division. It won't be easy, the old farts in Cincinnati will give them a battle . PREDICTION:98-64(Division Winner)

OUT: Davey GomezKhiry Allen


PREVIEW: Picking the Moose to win the division was easy with the decline of  Cincy, and San Juan is still cooking his prospects. Rugby's team went into the playoffs as the #4 seed and beat the 92 win Utes in 4. Then they met up with the Big Bad Black Bears in the DCS. The Moose got eaten and lost in 4 games.In the off-season Rugby let Gomez and Allen go to free agency then he re-signed Allen and released him. The Moose are full of super-star players and are a force to be delt with. They should win this division and don't be suprised if they are the ones doing the eating in the playoffs.PREDICTION:100-62(Division Winner)

Cincinnati Red Light District (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: I picked the Red Light Districts to win the division because even though the Moose are a improved squad. I have a affinity for brothels and everything sewn from debauchery. Jeffs team won 100 games with great hitting , pitching and defense. All 3 were ranked 2nd in the N L. He went into the playoffs as the #3 seed and my Zoids got lucky and beat them in 4 games. In the off-season Jeff re-signed Omar Bonilla and let Fernandez, Person, Hill, Serra and Weston go to free agency. He traded away Wyatt and Ruth to Pitts and NY. Jeff had several roster spots open and he signed free agents Olsen, Mercado, Lush, Gutierrez, Estrada and Arredondo. He traded for Stern and Pena  to complete this years RLD's. Cincy is getting long in the tooth and Jeff brought in some more old farts in free agency. They still have good pitching both in the rotation and bullpen. At the plate they have a power problem but can hit with contact. I think this years team takes a step back with the emergence of Syracuse.PREDICTION:87-75(Wild Card)

OUT: Michel DiazDiego ArredondoMiguel MartisFelipe ZurbaranBert McKnightDion O'DonnellMike KarnuthAlcides GilLivan Mercado

IN: Timo MitchellLawrence TaylorPhillip PryceYorvit CamposDanny JonesPascual Astacio

PREVIEW: I figured Jeff's Red Light Districts had turned to many tricks and were wore out.  And this year there were to many good teams in the N L, and it would take 90 wins to get in the post-season. Jeff only had Comp picks in the first round of the draft, but he did pick up some prospect talent (Patrick TolarMiguel Padilla and John Spoljaric). In the off -season Jeff re-signed Fernando UrbinaGarry OlsenJoaquin Pena and let Diaz,Arredondo,Martis, Zurbaran, Mcknight, O'Donnell, Karnuth, Gil and Mercado go to free agency. He claimed Mitchell off the wire and signed free agents Taylor, Pryce, Campos, Jones and Astacio. The Red Light Districts still have a good rotation and bullpen, but the hitting and defense are poor. Jeff lowered his cap space by 20 million so he may be looking to tearing this old team down and re-building (Avg Age 31.8-oldest in Wrigleyville).PREDICTION:75-87

San Juan
San Juan Santurce Crabbers (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: The San Juan Crabbers came out of the gate on fire and led this division for much of the first half of the season. They won 80 games this year with good pitching (6th in the N L) and defense (6th in the N L). The hitting (9th in the N L) was average in the National League This may the beginnings of good things to come for Ralphs team. In the off-season Ralph "the professor" let future HOF'er Juan Parra to free agency then signed him back for his 17th major league season. He let Shelly , Oliver and Gil go to free agency and  released Dickinson, Santos and Bolivar. Ralph claimed Johns, Perez and Porter off the waiver wire and signed free agent Hyzdu. He promoted Paul to make the opening day roster count at 24. Ralph still has talent in the farm system cooking. It looks as if the Crabbers are a year or 2 away from another run at greatness. Right now this team looks like a .500 team. PREDICTION:83-79

OUT: Russ Johns , Santo PenaCharlie LockwoodDesi Sosa , Tony Romero

IN: Bryan GreisingerAl Vincente

PREVIEW: Ralph is bringing his youngsters along slowly and finished close to .500. He continues to add even more prospects like Harry Hiatt and Harry Urena. In the off-season Ralph re-signed Aurelio Johnson and let Johns go to free agency. He released Pena, Lockwood ,Sosa and waived Romero. Ralph signed free agents Greisinger and Vincente. At the time of this article , Ralph still had 5 roster spots open. He still has Don ItouJalal MiltonKyle Stevens and Tito Lidle sitting in AAA waiting for the phone call. He may or may not promote them. It's impossible to predict with a incomplete line-up. PREDICTION: None

Wichita Wind Sizzlers (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: Z as we call him is in a re-build and 71 wins was about where I figured they would finish. He had ten 1st round (incuding comp picks) picks in the draft last year. And he picked up Hugh Thomas , Robert McMichael , Felipe Lee , Al Bennett , Robin Henry , Jhoulys RodriguezMarquis Simpson , Tracy Burns , Steven Webb with the picks leaving one on the table. He also grabbed a bunch of mid-level IFA's with Jose Martinez being the highest priced of the bunch.In the off-season Chang thru Lansing left for free agency, that's 13 players if your counting along. Now with half the team gone, Z signed free agents Flores thru Rivera that's 13 new players if your counting along. Z had a shopping spree, spending 40.5 million on the 13 new free agents. That's 3.12 million per player, if your counting. With this many new players, I can't count on past performance to make my prediction. I have to go to the franchise rankings to make my prediction. Defensively and Offensively they aren't that good ,The Rotation is average and the Bullpen also. The Wind Sizzlers will finish about the same as last year and thats ok with Z. He has a cupboard full of tasty prospects. Too numerous to count!! If your counting?? PREDICTION: 71-91

OUT: Albert CabezaEdgardo RiveraRafael PimentelJackie GuthrieTim PowellDaric WashingtonRafael RiveraYank Hill , Glen CraddockMax PrietoEbenezer WashingtonDel Cordero , Koji MartinFelipe Flores

IN: Jonathan ValdesNolan AdamsAndres MartinAlex ElcanoAl JamesJose PenaBernard WilsonSanto PenaJimmie Sosa , Wandy RenteriaTroy McIntyre

PREVIEW: Z's Wind Zizzlers  finished with 70 wins and that's alright with him. He added Norberto NavarreDarryl Moore and  Antonio Osbourne to a already stocked farm system. In the off-season Z re-signed Mickey Harville and let Cabeza, E Rivera, Pimentel, Gutherie, Powell, Washington, R Rivera and Hill go to free agency. He released Craddock, Prieto, Washington , Cordero and traded away Martin and Flores. Z signed free agents Valdes, Adams, Martin, Elcano, James, Pena, Wilson, Pena and Sosa. He  promoted Renteria and picked up McIntyre in the R-5. Z blew this team up and has 30 million in cap space to transfer to prospects. Look for Wichita to pick up tasty IFA's and win about 60 games. Can you say Re-build!PREDICTION: 62-100


Scottsdale Schizoids (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: I was happy where my team finished even though I wanted to win the division. I rested my Big fellas down the stretch when I clinched a wild-card spot and my odds of catching the Utes were low. My guys won 92 games and a wild-card spot with great hitting (3rd  in the NL) and good pitching (5th in the NL)and defense (4th  in the NL). We were the #6 seed in the playoffs but that didn't matter to my guys. We beat the #3 seeded Red Light Districts in 4 ,then got by the #2 seeded Muskellunges in 4. But in the National League Championships we met the #1 seeded Black Bears and it proved to big a hill to climb. My Schizoids lost in 6 games and I went on a 6 day drinking binge. In the off-season I re-signed Santo Prieto and  Chad Krause  and I released Reese when he wanted too much money in Arbitration. I replaced him with a R-5 pick-up that may or may not be with the team by the All-Star break. Same exact team as last year hopefully We will make the Series this year.PREDICTION:93-69(Wild-Card)

OUT: Santo Prieto

IN:  Pascual Cabrera

PREVIEW: My boys surprised me in the regular season and won the division. It was a miracle with my 2 best set-up guys on the 60 day DL. We went into the playoffs as the #3 seed and lost game 5 at home to the Juggernauts. I sure could have used Mariano Rivera and Steven Daniels in my bullpen for the post-season. In the off-season I re-signed Chad Krause and let Prieto go to free agency and promoted Cabrera. This is the same team as last year. Late last year I brought up Daryl Schmidt and I hope he gives my rotation some wins. I promoted Cabrera this year because he hit over 400 in S/T and has been hitting .300+ in AAA and deserves a shot at the bigs. Gonna try and win the division but my goal is getting back to the playoffs with my bullpen intact.PREDICTION:96-66 (Division Winner)

Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City Utes (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: Last year I called a division win for the Utes with my head, but my heart wish's it wasn't so. Hoop has a young team coming into their prime and they did their Pappa proud. Pappa Hoop's team won the division with great pitching (3rd in the NL) and good defense (7th in the NL), coupled with timely hitting (8th in the NL) . They went into the playoffs as the #4 seed and lost to the up and coming Moose. With both the Utes and Moose coming of age...Pappa Hoop may get another crack at them soon.In the off-season Rodriguez went to free agency and Hoop released Williams and McBride after they were caught playing tiddly-winks in the team hot-tub after hours. With only two open spots on this year M L roster, Hoop promoted Clark and Limon. This is the same good team as last year and the 2 newbies didn't weaken them at all. It's going to be hard for any of us to beat him for the division. I think this team will go farther in the post-season this year.PREDICTION:100-62(Division Winner)

OUT: Manuel JoseWillie AlonsoTerry Jordan , Pedro Owen

IN: Ken FlairAngel Hernandez

HOOPCOACH'S PREVIEW: The Utes are coming into a year where they are looking for the young pieces they collected during their losing seasons to step up and produce like I dreamed of on a nightly basis when they were youngins. We didn't do must in free agency, we only acquired one player, and that was Ken Flair, who looks to help our late inning bullpen: a weakness last year. We lost Terry Jordan, an MVP candidate and one of my favorite Utes of all time. We groomed him since he was a pup, but he asked for more than we could afford, plus he broke off his engagement to my sister, so he had to leave. We, also, said good bye to Willie Alonso, who hit some big home runs for us since we traded for him. Also, let go of Pedro Owen who never lived up to his hype and was asking for Lebron James money in arbitration. 

Offensively, we looking for young guns, Sandy Millwood and Jon Coleman, to add some pop to the lineup. Chris Burke who has been great, is looking for an MVP type season. Alex Black, Hector Limon and the other looks who take the offense to championship levels. 

Jeff Boyd leads our pitching again, but he's coming off his worst season as a Ute. Not that a 16-10 3.04 era is a bad year. Eduardo Villa is looking to have another Cy Young contending season. Outside of Boyd and Villa, Brandon Foxx, Jose Martinez, and Phil Koh look to be more consistent and healthy. Foxx has all the potential in the world, but health and inconsistency issues have him always on the trading block. We're looking for Bobby Ray Vance to take the next step in his 2nd full ML season. If we can get 2-3 of those guys to perform to their potential then this rotation could be deadly. The bullpen is carry but the quite Harry Megias, who continues to get the job done as closer. The rest of the pen knows the hot arm will pitch, but this franchise ends a couple arms to step up and prove they ar top setup men if we're going contend with the big boys. 

The talent is there, we just need to take the next step. Just making the playoffs is no longer acceptable. We need to contend to division, league and world championships. If my Utes don't get off to a good start, look for some of the names above to be in different cities, as we will be looking for guys who can get the job done now.

PREVIEW: Hoop was in the division race all season long and never let me rest my guys. He did come up a little short on the division race but did grab a wild-card spot.In the playoffs his team was bested in the first round by the Moose in 4. In the off-season Hoop let Jose, Alonso , Jordan go to free agency and released Owen. He signed free agent Flair and picked up Hernandez in the R-5. The N L West is getting tougher with the Mariners showing signs of improving. It's going to be tough but the Utes should at least get a wild-card.PREDICTION:94-68(Wild Card)


LAST YEARS PREVIEW: It's a sad day in Wrigleyville . Mark3313 our long time commish and one of the best people in HBD, retired. Word has it he got a position in San Juan testing the effects of Rum on scantily clad women. I'd leave Wrigleyville for that!! Now that a legend is gone ,BBwinksdaddy is the new owner and moved the team to Seattle. I've been told he plans on freeing Willy so look out ladies!! Come to Daddy ,,,Wink...Wink!With many open roster spots, BBwinks signed free agents Wall, Rapp, Flores, Anaral, Maxwell and Nathan and promoted Hernandez. Hernandez will be a monster closer and will probably win a few FOY's in the future . With last years promotion of Reid Merritt and Brad Slocumb the Mariners are on there way to respectability. They should get near .500 this year but Bbwinks still has many blue-chip prospects in the pipeline. When they get the call-up in 1-2 years. Lookout. PREDICTION:75-87

OUT: Steve TeahenBilly BrockBernard Wilson , Kevin Sheffield , William ResopDanny Jones

IN: Andrew HalterVernon NickleVic EspinozaHarry OrdonezGaby Ramirez

PREVIEW: BBwinks had his Mariners playing good baseball all season long. And with a 47-44 record at the break they were making Hoop and myself nervous nellies. Seattle's draft didn't go well when his 1st round pick (#3 overall) didn't sign, but he will get this years #5 pick overall as compensation. And to rub salt in the wound ,they lost out on the IFA bidding. No real significant IFA's were signed.Ouch! In the off-season Bbwinks re-signed Rex Maxwell and Shawn Terry .He let Teahen, Brock, Wilson , Sheffield go to free agency and released Resop and Jones. He signed free agents Halter, Nickle and Espinoza. Finally he promoted Ordonez and picked up Ramirez in the R-5. Seattle is a good young team and when BBwinks promotes Don Hamilton and Jeanmar Estrella from AAA they will be even better. Whats scares me more is he has even better talent in AA. It's just a matter of time before they win this division .They will battle for a wild-card and could get one.PREDICTION:86-76

Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs Bandits (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: Ressda's Bandits are another young team (avg age 27.8) and they finally broke the .500 mark. They won 83 games with the #4 hitting team in the NL. The fielding (11th in the NL) and pitching (14th in the NL) let them down but like I said, they are young! In the off-season Mrs O'Leary and her Cow, Rios, Walter, Molina and Maduro went to free agency. Ressda signed free agents Cruz, Hartman, Molina and Battle. At the time of this writing the Bandits still had a roster spot open. Ressda's signed a couple good pitchers and a couple good hitters. If he starts Hartman in CF my guys will be aiming to hit it there. So far in S/T he has played in RF.... he doesn't have the range for RF but it might not kill the defense. If Patsy stays outa CF and the free agent pitchers pitch like they should. Colorado Springs will give me a run for the wild-card.PREDICTION:87-75

OUT: Juan Marmol ,

IN: Taylor TowersDon CollinsJustin Lowry

PREVIEW: I thought Ressda's Bandits would take the next step after surpassing the 500 mark in season 25. But they slid back to a sub-500 team. Ressda did load up on the prospects when he grabbed Art AshleyKeenyn YearwoodMatthew Green and Houston Price in the draft. In the off-season Ressda re-signed Patsy Hartman and let Mamol go to free agency. He signed free agent Towers and promoted Collins and picked up Lowery in the R-5. Collins has arrived to be the ace of the Bandit staff and the Colorado Springs Bandits will try to make another push to get above .500 and beyond.Can they do it? Anything is possible but this division is tough. PREDICTION:82-80