Friday, October 17, 2014


The AUSTIN CITY LIMITS traded Artie Freeman to the PHILADELPHIA CHEESE STEAKS for Juan Mota
Wylie picked up a pitcher to help his slow starting pitching staff. Philly gets a pitching prospect. 

The MADISON MUSKELLUNGES traded Hootie Grace to the LOUISVILLE RED TAILS for Gerald O'Neil
Daddio was in a Liberian jail under quarantine and had no access to the internet for 21 days. Hootie Grace was released by the AI and was claimed by Jmuhtoff. Jmuhtoff was kind enough to give Hootie back for a blowfish and a handshake! After which he quickly disinfected the bodyparts that came into contact with Daddio. 

Brandon Foxx
Brandon "faux" Foxx has been surprisingly healthy with a 52 health rating. But his luck ran out and will miss 2 months with elbow surgery. Will he be a pretender or a contender??.

Ryan Lee
Ryan "Ain't Lyin" Lee is a local boy from San Antonio. and will be on the DL for 2 weeks with a strained hammy. And that's the truth.

Rick Prince
Rick "Royal" Prince has been a big part of the great bullpen in Jackson. Now Olemiss is royaly screwed because Prince will be out for 2 months. 

Danny Barker
Danny "no Bite" Barker is a DL darling. He will miss the rest of the year with Elbow Surgery. Good thing he's a free agent next year....any bites??  .....................*Crickets*...........anyone?

Sandy Mullins
Sandy Mullins tore a miniscus and will miss 3 weeks. This is just the first injury of several for the Insurance but this is just a minor one.

Randy Rogers
This one hurts! Randy "get my freak on" Rogers will miss the rest of the year with a shoulder aneurysm. PB had a aneurysm of his own when he posted this on the chat. "Randy Rogers , Sandy Mullins , Earl Young . I don't know why I even try anymore.All three wiped out. All had health in the 80s and 90s. My training and medical are 19 and 18. I give up. This might be my last seasons in any of my leagues. I am so tired of trying to build teams and getting crapped on."
I don't know PB, 75 bucks a year to get crapped on sounds like a bargain. I've paid more!

Julio Johnson
Julio ' Glazed" Johnson is also out for the rest of the season with Elbow Surgery. Rugby just signed this guy to free agent contract of 2 years at 6 mil per. Rugby bought a huge Glazed Doughnut!!

Ted McNamara
Ted "Talks" McNamara will miss the rest of the year with a torn hammy. Not only can this P-Dog speak, he can also play dead!

Del Escobar
Del "Monte" Escobar will be out 2 weeks with a strained rotator cuff. You never no what you get in the R-5 draft. Sometimes it's a can of whup-ass other times it's a can of creamed corn. This kid seems closer to the later. 


Miguel Lugo
Bagwell Bashers
Age: 21B/T: L/L
Born: Fundacion, DO
Position(s): LF
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This kid signed for 2 million.

Geraldo Castillo
Colorado Springs
Age: 18B/T: R/R
Born: Boca Chica, DO
Position(s): C
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A very good defensive catcher. I seen worse in the bigs...he may get a shot?

Jimmie Cayones
Age: 19B/T: R/R
Born: Almirante, PA
Position(s): P (ClA)
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This bullpen prospect is a steal at 4 million.Just wish the make-up was higher.

Saturday, October 11, 2014


LAST YEARS RECORD:82-80 (Division Winner)

 Picking the Moose to win the division was easy with the decline of  Cincy, and San Juan is still cooking his prospects. Rugby's team went into the playoffs as the #4 seed and beat the 92 win Utes in 4. Then they met up with the Big Bad Black Bears in the DCS. The Moose got eaten and lost in 4 games.In the off-season Rugby let Gomez and Allen go to free agency then he re-signed Allen and released him. The Moose are full of super-star players and are a force to be delt with. They should win this division and don't be suprised if they are the ones doing the eating in the playoffs.PREDICTION:100-62(Division Winner)

OUT: Alexander EricksonKhiry AllenAl JonesChip Johnson

IN: Nicholas Paramore

PREVIEW: My prediction of the Moose as a 100 win division winner was lucky. They won the division with 82 wins because the rest of the division pretty much sucked. Regardless, Rugby got into the playoffs with a very good pitching staff. They were ranked #4 in the NL with a ERA of 3.94 and allowed only 674 runs. They used the pitching in the post-season to get past the 100 win Lone Stars, then lost to the 112 win Black Bears. In the off-season Rugby re- signed Julio Johnson and let Erickson, Allen, Jones and Johnson go to free agency. He signed free agent Paramore to replace the ageing Allen. Right now Rugby has a couple roster spots open and there are many, many tasty prospects in AAA waiting for the call. This team is better than the 82 wins last year and should win this division with about 90+ wins. PREDICTION:95-67(Division Winner)

Cincinnati Red Light District (NL)
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 I figured Jeff's Red Light Districts had turned to many tricks and were wore out.  And this year there were to many good teams in the N L, and it would take 90 wins to get in the post-season. Jeff only had Comp picks in the first round of the draft, but he did pick up some prospect talent (Patrick Tolar , Miguel Padilla and John Spoljaric). In the off -season Jeff re-signed Fernando Urbina , Garry Olsen , Joaquin Pena and let Diaz,Arredondo,Martis, Zurbaran, Mcknight, O'Donnell, Karnuth, Gil and Mercado go to free agency. He claimed Mitchell off the wire and signed free agents Taylor, Pryce, Campos, Jones and Astacio. The Red Light Districts still have a good rotation and bullpen, but the hitting and defense are poor. Jeff lowered his cap space by 20 million so he may be looking to tearing this old team down and re-building (Avg Age 31.8-oldest in Wrigleyville).PREDICTION:75-87

OUT: Joaquin PenaOmar BonillaR.J. RoqueFelipe ZurbaranRamiro PenaFernando UrbinaAlex OutmanWill Schoendienst , Victor St. ClairEric Serrano

IN: Haywood LeslieGlen HarrisGeronimo CruzBernard VerdugoBump TysonPat Shelley , Pascual Astacio

PREVIEW: Jeff's Red Light Districts are moving towards reload mode and the 76 win season was expected. Last years team was old and Jeff wanted to pick up some prospects in the draft. But out of three 1st round picks only Vin Segui signed, with the other 2 not receiving offers. No D-Picks for Cincy. In the off-season Jeff re-signed Garry Olsen , Ahmad Forster and let Pena, Bonilla, Roque, Zurbaran, Pena, Urbina, Outman and Schoendiest go to free agency. He released St Clair and Serrano. Jeff signed free agents Leslie, Harris, Cruz, Verdugo, Tyson and Shelley and promoted Astacio. With 30 million in cap space I would lean towards a rebuild year but with only 8 mil in the international scouting budget...I'm leaning for a re-tool year. Jeff sure could have used them D-picks. If Jeff uses the cap space to pick up some stud players in a trade or two this team will be in the wildcard race. Or he may just hope a stud IFA falls in his lap. Right now they would be lucky to reach .500. PREDICTION:76-86

Wichita Wind Sizzlers (NL)
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 Z's Wind Zizzlers  finished with 70 wins and that's alright with him. He added Norberto Navarre , Darryl Moore and  Antonio Osbourne to a already stocked farm system. In the off-season Z re-signed Mickey Harville and let Cabeza, E Rivera, Pimentel, Gutherie, Powell, Washington, R Rivera and Hill go to free agency. He released Craddock, Prieto, Washington , Cordero and traded away Martin and Flores. Z signed free agents Valdes, Adams, Martin, Elcano, James, Pena, Wilson, Pena and Sosa. He  promoted Renteria and picked up McIntyre in the R-5. Z blew this team up and has 30 million in cap space to transfer to prospects. Look for Wichita to pick up tasty IFA's and win about 60 games. Can you say Re-build!PREDICTION: 62-100

OUT: Mickey HarvilleAlex ElcanoGiomar MolinaVance KendallBernard WilsonJonathan Valdes , Al James

IN: Albert SandovalThumper WorrellMatthew MarshallAlex OutmanRuss OrrCesar RoqueSpud Kraemer , Geronimo ValverdeErubiel Guillen

PREVIEW: Zsiegri's Wind Sizzlers did better than predicted with 73 wins. And the re-build is going better than expected with the addition of  McKay Hogg and Paul Shibata to the prospect pool. In the off-season Z re-signed Desi Sosa and let Harville, Elcano, Molina, Kendall, Wilson and Valdes go to free agency. He traded away James to the Cheese Steaks. Zee signed free agents Sandoval, Worrell, Marshall, Outman, Orr, Roque , Kraemer and picked up Valverde and Guillen in the R-5. Zee went out and signed 23 million worth of free agents , most are middle of the road free agents. All the stud prospects are still in the minor leagues and need a couple more years to cook. Wichita is a average team at best right now.PREDICTION:79-83

San Juan
San Juan Santurce Crabbers (NL)
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 Ralph is bringing his youngsters along slowly and finished close to .500. He continues to add even more prospects like Harry Hiattand Harry Urena. In the off-season Ralph re-signed Aurelio Johnson and let Johns go to free agency. He released Pena, Lockwood ,Sosa and waived Romero. Ralph signed free agents Greisinger and Vincente. At the time of this article , Ralph still had 5 roster spots open. He still has Don ItouJalal MiltonKyle Stevens and Tito Lidle sitting in AAA waiting for the phone call. He may or may not promote them. It's impossible to predict with a incomplete line-up. PREDICTION: None

OUT: Juan ParraAndres FerrerAl VincenteAurelio Johnson , Geovany MaduroHersh PaulJin-Chi Ishida

IN:  Blake HammondsRafael PenaLogan Allensworth , Ryuu JungJohn Jang

PREVIEW: Ralph was competing for the #1 overall pick in next years draft...and he WON!! He will pick #1 overall for the first time since season 24. The Crabbers did add Wilt SimpsonJimmie Suarez and Harry Rodriguez to the farm system last year.  In the off-season Ralph let Parra, Ferrer, Vincente and Johnson go to free agency and he released Maduro, Paul and Ishida. Ralph claimed Hammonds and Pena off the wire and promoted Allensworth. Jung and Jang were picked up in the R-5 draft. The studly prospects are trickling up to the bigs but there are still many in the pipeline waiting. Right now this team can win anywhere from 60 to70 games, as is. PREDICTION:70-92


Rochester Tigers (AL)
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LAST YEARS RECORD:84-78 (Division Winner)

 I predicted a 81-81 record for the Pirates and in true Pirate fashion they won 82 games. AAARRGGHH! Ardthomp did pick up Wilin Matos and Oscar Ross in the draft so last year wasn't a total loss. In the off-season Ardthomp let Pena, James, Liverman, Miller, Blackburn go to free agency and released Rollins. He signed free agents Lockwood, Leslie, Richard and McKnight. Ard brought in 4 veteran pitchers thru free agency. But the real story here was last years promotion of Hipolito Hernandez. The kid looks good and he could make all the difference in this weak division. The Pirates will be raping, pillaging and plundering all the way to Madagascar.PREDICTION:89-73(Division Winner)

OUT: Carlos GomezJung KimGeovany AguilarNicholas Paramore , Edgar CarrascoDanny WilsonCharles FujiwaraVic MercadoGustavo NunezCharlie LockwoodHaywood Leslie

IN: Gene LarishDom WoodsAaron WellsAlex ElcanoWalt LieberthalRob McNamaraEdinson TrinidadThomas DingmanTim Perry , Cozy Williams

PREVIEW: Ardthomp's Pirates won the division as expected and after losing in the first round of the playoffs. He sailed away never to be seen again after 20 seasons (.482 win Pct). Ard will be missed and he is on a beach some where sporting a new eye-patch. Wcrebel took over this team and moved them to Rochester. Welcome Wcrebel and may you have success and a great season. In the off-season Wcrebel re-signed Chris James and Bob Karros and let Gomez, Kim, Aguilar and Paramore go to free agency. He released Carrasco, Wilson, Fujiwara, Mercado, Nunez, Lockwood and Leslie. Wcrebel claimed Larish off the wire and signed free agents Woods, Wells, Elcano, Lieberthal, McNamara, Trinidad, Dingman, Perry. Finally he picked up Williams in the R-5 draft. Sufferin Succotash !! When you get a new owner, a house cleaning is sure to ensue. Wcrebel kept the core of young studs and brought in older seasoned vets. The defense will be good and while the offense should hit there share of homers, the average will be in the middle of the pack. The Rotation is near the bottom in the AL and the bullpen looks decent, keeping the ball on the ground. I think right now the Tigers will win between 80 and 90 games. PREDICTION:85-77(Division Winner)


 I stated that the Northmen would be lucky to reach 71 win and they went out and won 77. Take that Mad! Avantrael added some talent to the farm system by picking up Matt Norman , Victor Rodriguezand Brett McCorley in the draft.In the off-season Avantrael re-signed Davey Wise and let Lee and Fernandez go to free agency. He released Halter and Hernandez Then Avantrael signed free agents Alonso and Romo and picked up Saito and Moreno in the R-5.Augusta lost a good bullpen pitcher in Frenandez and their GG center fielder, Hernandez. To replace the Dez's, they picked up some R-5 pitchers(Saito, Moreno) and will plug Del Lee in CF. They are not upgrades and the Northmen will hope that Junior Sano and Alex Olivares can overcome their loss. Methinks not. PREDICTION:70-92

OUT: Reese McGeePat ShelleyWilliam MateoPhil KohThumper WorrellPaxton WellsClint Conway

IN: Yorvit DiazJohan SullivanRonald RiversTomas Aguilera

PREVIEW: Avantrael's team is stuck in the 70's with polyester and disco. They won 72 games with above average pitching (4.50 ERA with 807 runs allowed) and below average hitting (.260 BA with 726 runs scored). Giving up more runs than you score is never good. On the good side, Avantrael did add Andy Vasquez and Esteban Perez in the draft. In the off-season Avantrael let McGee, Shelly, Mateo, Koh, Worrell, Wells and Conway go to free agency. He signed free agents Diaz and Sullivan and picked up Rivers and Aguilera in the R-5. Augusta still has 3 open spots on the M L roster and depending on Avantraels moves, This team could go either way. Right now they are a .500 team.Here come the 80's and a mullet hairdo for Avantrael. PREDICTION: 81-81 with a upside

Louisville RedTails (AL)
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 When I picked Jmuhtoff's RedTails to win the division with a mid-80's record, many thought I was Mad, And I am! But This division is one of the weakest right now and Jmuhtoff's team was the strongest. They went into the playoffs as the #4 seed and gave the 93 win Blues all they could handle. But ended up losing game 5 at home....I feel your pain! In the off-season Jmuhtoff let Troncoso, Allen, Lieberthal , Kershaw go to free agency. He released Broxton. and traded away Pryce. Jmuhtoff claimed Wood off the wire and signed free agents Chang, Hill and Rivera. He promoted Gutierrez, Green, Garces and traded for Earley and Tatis. The only free agents I like are Green and Garces. Early is a great add but Tatis will only be effective against lefties. I think the Red Tails are a sub .500 team this year. PREDICTION:77-85

OUT: Darron MosesChien-Ming ChangYank HillJohan SullivanFreddie LongEdgardo Rivera , Luis VizcainoPablo Aramboles

IN: Nate KashmirCarlos Rios , Britt LukasiewiczCarlos AlvarezDavey RenteriaJim Creek

PREVIEW:I thought the Red Tails would be a sub.500 team and they finished well below that mark. It was a big step back from the 83 wins and a playoff berth. Having the worst pitching team in Wrigleyville will do that. Jmuhtoffs pitching staff allowed 925 runs with a ERA of 5.38. He did draft Dusty Spence with his first round pick but he can't help out the pitching. In the off-season Jmuhtoff let Moses, Chang, Hill, Sullivan, Long and Rivera go to free agency and released Vizcaino and Aramboles. Jmuhtoff claimed Kashmir and Rios off the wire and signed free agents Lukasiewicz and Alvarez. He promoted Renteria and Creek from AAA. The pitching was the problem last year and Jmuhtoff brought in some new arms. But it won't be enough even in this weak division.PREDICTION:75-87

New York
New York Life Model Decoys (AL)
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 Thank God or Mark Knopfler, for that matter, that Fencer came in a rescued this team. The team was in a shambles and he righted the ship with the help of some owners that traded some badly needed farm hands. Fencer was able to add some prospects in this years draft, he grabbed Terrence Gibson , Harry Mujica , Otis Holdridge , Ray Greyand Richard Stanley . He also added many IFA's to shore up farm with Tony Molina being the best of the bunch. In the off-season Fencer re-signed Geronimo Cruz and Cristobal Beltran and let Reed, Hines, Lee, Delgado and Barker go to free agency. He released Jang and Leslie and traded away Price and West. Fencer signed free agents Acosta, Baker, Martinez and picked up Torres and Xavier in the R-5. And he made a Blockbuster trade that brought in Dickerson, Ochoa and Medlen. Fencer raised some eyebrows with his trades and I wont criticize them. But according to the franchise standings, this team is weak defensively but will hit for a high average with not many homers. The rotation will walk many a batter and get hammered by right handed hitting.The bullpen is near the bottom in all categories. This adds up to another losing season in New York, But it will take time for Fencer to right the ship. And thanks for sticking in there Fencer. PREDICTION:67-95

OUT: Glen HarrisJamie YangGeronimo CruzCookie Bennett , Willie AquinoMichael Marshall

IN: Claudio SchmidtJesus JamesAddison TerreroAlving Franco

PREVIEW: Fencer was right there in the draft sweepstakes but will have to settle for the #2 pick. They only won 57 games like the Crabbers but lost the tiebreaker. Or was it that they won the tiebreaker..........?????? I'm so confused.....I think they won the tiebreaker only to lose the #1 pick?? He did get the #1 pick last year and selected Victor Pujols with the pick. In the off-season Fencer re-signed Al Zerbe and let Harris, Yang, Cruz and Bennett go to free agency. He released Aquino and Marshall. Fencer signed free agents Schmidt and James, picked up Terrero in the R-5 and traded for Franco. New York is a improved club and may with a couple moves take this weak division. But as they sit right now they should finish below .500.PREDICTION: 70-92


Madison Muskellunges (NL)
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LAST YEARS RECORD:94-68(Division Winner)

LAST YEARS PREVIEW: The Muskies are a very good team and they finished close to my prediction and won the division. They had a 15 game lead on the rest of the N L West around roster expansion and coasted to the playoffs.They went into the post season as the #2 seed and beat the Juggernauts in 5. Then in the NLCS they did the improbable ........Beat the back to back champion Black Bears in 5. This was Daddio's first trip to the Wrigleyville World Series and his Muskies gave it a good go.But in the end they couldn't quiet the Vancouver bats and lost in 6. In the off-season Daddio re-signed Eddie Locke and let Tenbrink, Ferrer, Guzman, Sanchez, Henry, Matos, Mercado, Laffey, Mullins go to free agency. He claimed Tekotte off the wire and signed free agents Gil, Wood, Goodwin, Prieto, Cabeza, Weston, Arredondo and Davis. The Muskies lost many pitchers and both catchers to free agency but replaced them with veteran free agents. Most are 30 and older and signed short term. Daddio has his Core of Stars and brings in good solid Major Leaguers to field a good team. They should win the division again. PREDICTION:92-70(Division Winner)

OUT: Dom WoodsDiego AcostaSammy SanchezAlbert CabezaReed JamesTorey AcostaEddie LockeGene WestonCarlos Sierra

IN: Cliff GreyGlen Meadows

PREVIEW: Congrats to Daddio and his World Champion Madison Muskellunges. The Muskies played very well last year ,I can attest to that. They owned my Zoids in the regular season and post-season. It's always been about the hitting in Madison and last year was no different. They were the best in the N L with a batting average of .274 and 918 runs scored. Daddio had his bats singing in the post-season . They swept my Zoids in the DCS and beat the Black Bears in the N L Championship Series.In the World Series they powered a 4 games to 1 series win over the Salem Salmonbellies. Who ever said pitching wins Championships, never played HBD. In the off-season Daddio let Woods, Acosta, Sanchez, Cabeza, James, Acosta, Locke, Weston and Sierra go to free agency. He promoted Grey and Meadows, and that's all folks. The World Champion Muskellunges have been left on the beach. They were my pick to win this division, but right now, this abandoned team will wither and die.PREDICTION:None

Milwaukee Sturgeon (NL)
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LAST YEARS RECORD:84-78(Wildcard)

 Patricks Sturgeons were in the division race early but found them selves 17 games back by the All-Star break. In the off-season Patrick let Acosta, Person, Vargas, Martin, Lim, Boucher, Weston and Bennett go to free agency. He signed free agents Leonard, Allen, Marmol, Cordero, King and Dean. The Sturgeons have the highest cap in the league at 125 million and Patrick has spent 122 million so far. Can money buy you a winner...yes....but so far not in Milwaukee. Perhaps this will be the year? It depends on who fills the remaining  4 open slots on this years Major League Roster. Right now they are a expensive average team.PREDICTION: 81-81

OUT: Juan MarmolThom GatesDerrek O'BrienKevin LeonardMarty AllenHick BoucherCarlos AlvarezCarlton SheetsMiguel MartinezBob Neugebauer , Rafael PenaAlbie Vazquez

IN: Ron ClaytonRoger SerranoJerome CochraneR.J. RoqueReed JamesRafael Pimentel , Phillip BrockScooter CoreyAlfredo Herrera

PREVIEW: The Sturgeons won 3 more games than my 81 win prediction and grabbed a wildcard. This was the first playoff berth in 11 seasons and the 5th in franchise history . Patrick's team also relies on offense to win games, they were ranked 4th last year in the NL with a batting average of .266 and 759 runs scored. In the playoffs Milwaukee took my Ziods to a fifth game in the first round but lost. Still the highest paid team in Wrigleyville finally showed some life...and that's a good thing. In the off-season Patrick re-signed Stubby King and let Marmol, Gates, O'Brien, Leonard, Allen, Boucher, Avarez, Sheets, Martinez and Neugerbauer go to free agency. he put Pena and Vazquez on the waiver wire and they were claimed. Patrick signed free agents Clayton, Serrano, Cochrane, Roque, James and Pimentel and picked up Brock, Corey and Herrera in the R-5. The core of this team are Dick HeilmanDavid CabreraVictor Ramirez and James Wainhouse and they make 42 million combined. Patrick signed a bunch of old farts to 1 or 2 year contracts and added a few R-5 guys . This team has 2 more years before most of the big contracts expire and then maybe a re-build. They will win about the same amount of games as last year and with Madison out of the picture...they could sneak in to the playoffs again. PREDICTION: 85-77

Philadelphia Cheese Steaks (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: Gbuck has decided to stick it out for another season . He packed up all the bats and balls in his Buckboard and moved to Philly. He lit out of Scranton pretty fast after word got around that he was leaving.  The buck naked Scrapper fans lived up to their names and chased Gbucks Buckboard to the city limits. By the time he arrived in his new digs in Philly, his wind blown hair made him look like Buckwheat instead of Gbuck. He buccaneer got kilt!! In the off-season Gbuck re-signed Jacque Kobayashi and let Hurst, Baker, Green and Taylor go to free agency. He released Espinoza and traded away Earley, Tatis, Ochoa, Medlen and Leon. He signed free agents Vizcaino, Miyakazi, Mota, Tenbrink, Cruz, Toca, Lee and promoted Ausmus. The trades brought in Masaoka, Pryce and Price. With so many moves I have to go to franchise rankings to make my assessment. Defensively and Offensively the Cheese Steaks are in the middle of the pack . The pitching seems to be a little better. Looks like a average year for the Cheese Steaks, PREDICTION:81-81

OUT: Jose LeeJulio FernandezYorvit DiazTom Yerkes , Sam PriceAlving FrancoHipolito MaduroGrover RobinsonJung MasaokaDamion WangDonaldo Balboa , Gene Larish

IN: Hideki MaOmar BonillaWilliam MateoBob NeugebauerClayton BraggEnerio OlmedaCristian Satou , Oswaldo VerasQuentin HermansenJesus RodriguezDanny BarkerAlex SuarezAl JamesRalph Barrett

PREVIEW: Gbuck's Cheesy Steaks finished with 83 wins ,pretty close to the preview prediction of 81 wins. They had decent pitching and defense last year and the offense was below the N L average of .257. Gbuck did pick up a stud in last years draft, Grover Robinson . He will be a good Cheese Steak when cooked. In the off-season Gbuck let Lee and Fernandez go to free agency and released Diaz and Yerkes. He traded away Price, Franco, Maduro, Robinson, Masaoka, Wang and Balboa and Larish was lost on the waiver wire. He claimed Ma off the wire and signed free agents Bonilla, Mateo, Neugebbauer, Bragg, Olmeda and Satou. the trades brought in Veras, Hermansen, Rodriguez, Barker, Suarez James and Barrett. This years new look Cheyenne team will have be great defensively and will be in the middle of the pack offensively. The rotation will walk many a batter but keep the ball on the ground. The bullpen is the weak link on this team and they may blow a lead or two. With Madison MIA this team is my pick to win the division. PREDICTION: 89-73(Division Winner, Cheesy Steak Dinner)


 The Toyotas had another bad year and are in the shop getting a overhaul(Sorry Sandberg..I had to do a car thing). While Sandberg hasn't taken the Toyotas apart down to the chassis. He has replaced many of the parts and is adding tasty prospect parts to his farm system. He did however fail to sign the #2 pick overall, but will get a D-pick in this years draft.In the off-season Sandberg let Elcano, Miller, Delgado, Cunnane go to free agency and lost Trevino to the waiver wire. He promoted Soto and Jackson and traded for Martin and Flores. Last year Sandberg called up his blue-chip prospects (Henderson Glynn , Rich Smart , Daniel Ray Flaherty , Fausto Johnson). The Toyotas have a very good pitching staff with the promotions and with the trades. I think they get to the .500 mark or better. (Late Note from Sandberg: Bump Tyson will be on my ML roster to start the season. ) PREDICTION:82-80

OUT: Hector RuthBump TysonLuis Fernandez

IN: Juan MarmolDavey Portugal

PREVIEW: Sandberg and his Toyotas finished exactly as predicted, 82 wins. The hitting (.265 BA) and pitching (4.00 ERA) was above average but the defense was near the bottom (.982 FPct). The Toyotas played in the fewest 1 run games, going 16-14 in the category.  I thought that was a interesting stat. Tacomas #3 overall pick (Dan Weston) in the draft refused to sign but he did sign the #6 pick (Davey Portugal) and the # 37 pick (Sergei Roskos). So last years season wasn't Totaled after all. In the off-season Sandberg let Ruth and Tyson go to free agency and released Fernandez. He signed free agent Marmol  and promoted  Portugal. The Bump experiment is gone and Sandberg has brought up last years draft prospect with one year in the minors under his belt. It may be a bumpy ride for this years Toyotas and the a blowout or two are certain. They will still be a near .500 team. PREDICTION:85-77