Friday, December 16, 2016

Durocher Award S35 Winner...

For the second year in a row, we have a tie!  Everyone, please give a round of applause to the S35 Durocher Award winners, Sandberg10 and Thunderdonky!!!!

S35's ballot brought in 19 owner votes and it was very close throughout, but Sandberg10's 111 wins and three straight division titles coupled with Thunderdonky's remarkable 26 game improvement in wins was enough to propel these two franchise owners into the shared top spot.  Well done guys!!

Voting Breakdown:
1.  Sandberg10 & Thunderdonky with five votes
3.  Wylie715 picked up four votes
3.  Rbedwell also checked in with four votes
5.  Mdymond comes up with 1

San Juan takes 3rd in a row!

Despite winning 10 fewer games and showing some possible cracks, Rbedwell's San Juan Crabbers really turned it on when they had to, winning their 3rd straight World Series title and fourth in five years.  They've proved to be a true dynasty in Wrigleyville.  S35 also saw the Crabbers win their 8th consecutive division title as well, something only the Braves could boast of doing.  Of course they only won one WS title during their run, so the Crabbers can lay claim as the best.  Congrats to them!!

Thursday, December 15, 2016


That seemed to work.  I'm planning on getting the blog going again.  Special thanks to Madmuldoon who did a fantastic job with the blog.  I've got big shoes to fill so hopefully I can keep it going half as well as he did.  

If anyone has ideas or would like to contribute, send me a TC or sitemail and we'll get going on it!  Some of the past postings included season previews, team rankings,  playoff predictions, and more.  So, let's get some ideas out there. 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Season 34 Durocher Winner!!!

For the first time in the history of the Durocher we have co-winners as rbedwell and mdymond are this years Durocher Award winners!!! Congrats gentlemen, it is well deserved!

As for the voting, 21 of 32 owners voted, which is better than previous years and going in the right direction! I'll continue to hope for 90% next year, although I really hope we can get to 32 for 32 some year. If there are any suggestions, to improve voting or the award, please let me know!

Here is how the voting broke down:

1. rbedwell (6)- wishlist, carsneau, madmuldoon, jahu, pat, rugby

1. mdymond (6)- kujayhawk, sandberg, pbsilver, bkevin, sonofodin, donmossi

3. hawkeye (4)- hoopcoach, hacker, redsfan, detsports

4. svick (3)- ressda, aaronwayne, wylie

5. sonofodin (1)- jmuhtoff

As you can see there are 20 votes above, but I said 21. That is because rebwell abstained form the vote because he wanted to vote for himself, but chose not vote instead of doing so.

Congrats to everyone who was nominated, you are all great owners.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

MWR Penalty Voting Results

Voting has closed for the MWR penalty issue. We had a good turn out but not everyone chose to vote. 27 of 32 owners voted, and in the end the league decided to NOT add a penalty to an owner who missed the MWR for two seasons and is voted to stay. The final tally was 16 NO votes and 11 YES votes. Here's the breakdown:

NO (16)- Hoopcoach, carseneau, ajaxx, detsports, reds, zmoty, nosirrommij, jmuhtoff, pat, wylie, rbedwell, madmuldoon, hawkeye, rlb, kujhawker, hacker

YES (11)- Hatton, ressda, aaronwayne, wishlist, fence, jahu, bkevin, donmossi, sandberg, rugby, leotrex

Thank you to all the owners who took the time to vote. Also, thanks to those who debated each side of the issue and did so in a civil way. It was very much appreciated.

Now that the issue have been decided upon, I will say that voting on whether an owner should stay or go should be looked at more closely. As someone said in the chat or TC (sorry your name eludes me at the moment) we should look very closely at the owner in question. As hard as it may be, we need to put all personal feelings aside for an owner when we cast a vote. We need to vote soley on how the owner ran their team, not whether he's been a long time owner, is an awesome guy, or that it's hard to fill open positions.

This I will say though, I don't think tanking is really worth it anymore nor do owners in any league really try to tank as much as they used to because of the fact that the draft and international prospects are such a crap shoot these days with the changes made by WIS.

Lastly, while I know some will be disappointed by this result, I hope everyone will accept it and we can move forward as a league. Again. thank you to everyone who voted.

Thursday, April 14, 2016



 Don ran away with the award this year taking the majority of the vote! Well deserved as his team won 30 more games this year than last, and they are still alive for a World Series title!! Congratulations Don!!!!

The voting broke down this way:

1. Donmossi- 11 votes (Sandberg, pbsilver, bkevin, pat, nosirrommij, ressda, kujhawker, fencer, aaronwayne, redsfan, jmuhtoff)

2. rbedwell- 3 votes (carseneau, madmuldoon, wylie)

t3. bkevin- 1 vote (donmossi)

t3. wishlist- 1 vote (detsports)

t3. dodger- 1 vote (hoopcoach)

Congrats to all nominees as it was well deserved. For those wondering why I nominated dodger, it was for his years od dedication to the league and being part of what makes this league great. Season 33 is his last.

On a down note, only 17 owners decided to vote (1 owner abstained from voting) which is down over the last few years. That is disappointing to me as I think it's a great award and is one of the special things about our league. I'll continue to push for over 90% participation with the dream of having all 32 owners vote someday.

That said, congrats to DONMOSSI! And best of luck to those who are lucky enough to still be alive for the World Series title!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Season 32 Durocher Award Winner is............


For the 2nd time in three season svick39 has been voted out Durocher Award winner! It is a well deserved honor as svick has built quite the powerhouse in Nashville. It's a good time to be a Bootlegger (when is it not?!?!)!! Not only is svick doing well on the field but his Bootleggers have partnered nicely with Madmuldoon's whore's and moonshine business!! And that is good news for all!

This is how voting broke down:

1. svick39- 7 votes: Wishlist, Sandberg, Ardthomp, Detsports, Hoopcoach, Sonofodin, Rugby

2. Detsports- 5 votes: Tomcecil, Mark, Ressda, Fencer, Svick

3. Fencer- 3 votes: jmuhtoff, Donmossi, Wylie

4. Swish- 2 votes: Dodger, carsneau

t5.Ressda- 1 vote: madmuldoon

t5. Rbedwell- 1 write-in vote: Pbsilver

1 voter abstained from voting.

Unfortunately, voting was down this season compared to the last few years with just 20 of 32 replying. Not a terrible number, and I'll continue to try to raise participation each year.

Congrats to all who received votes.You are doing something right if you received votes from your fellow owners!

Also, good luck to carseneau and rbedwell as they prepare to battle it out in the World Series! Going be fun to watch these two powerhouse teams slug it out in what will hopefully be a 7 game series!!

Lastly, please remember to re-up for next season as soon as you can, if you have not already done so. And again, if you've changed your mind about coming back next season,please let me know. We always roll quick, and I hope season 33 is no different!!!