Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Season 30 Durocher Winner:

I am pleased to announce that our season 30 Durocher winner is.......SVICK39!!!!!

SVick just beat out wishlist by a vote of 7 to 6! All 5 owners who were nominated were great choices, but when the dust settled from the 20 votes we receieved, SVick came out on top, and for them he get the pleasure of being top, below, or behind his pick from Madmuldoon's finest ladies!

SVick has been done a tremendous job turning around a club he inheritted. There were some early bumbs in the road, including a 59 win season, but that was to be expected. His club won 93 games this season, which for most of us mortals is more like a 100 win season considering he plys in the NL South, and has to bttle olemiss and wishlist! So congrats young man! Go and enjoy all the ladies and bourdun that you can handle over at mad's place!

As for the vote: We had 21 of our 32 owners vote, which is 3 more votes than we received last season. My goal is still for 100% participation, but would settle for 90. I'm most perplexed (wow that's a big word for me) by those who opened (and I assume read) the Durocher ballot but did not take the 5 minutes to vote. Next season, I plan to do nom's and voting earlier. As I know some folks who don't make the playoffs check out until we roll. So, thank you to the 21 who voted! Next year we'll shoot for 32 again!

Here are the official results:

1. svick39 7 (tbook, pat, wylie, ressda, tomcecil, sonofodin, hoop)

2. wishlist 6 (swish, wishlist, sandberg, ardthomp, dodger, hatton)

3. carseneau 3 (pbsilver, madmuldoon, aaronwayne, olemiss)

4. olemiss 3 (carseneau, donmossi, rugby)

5. SonofOdin 1 (jmuhtoff)