Thursday, April 24, 2014


The Scranton Scrappers traded Ichiro DonaldVirgil PhelpsMark SorianoDennis ClaytonDamian Wolf and Delmon Leverton to the NEW YORK YANKEES for Kolten Romo and Mendy Holt
This trade is about Gbuck helping out Fencer024 who was kind enough to step in and take over the abandoned New York Yankees. This is what makes a World Great, one owner helping out another. Thanks Gbuck ..your a class act . And thank you Fencer for taking on a tough task. If either of you come to San Antonio I'll buy you a drink at Dick's Last Resort.

Buddy Koloff
Buddy "The Gorilla" Koloff is driving Bbwinksdaddy ape shit now. He was traded to Frisco last year and continues to spend time on the DL. This time he will be out 2 weeks with a strained oblique. This Gorilla will make you all misty eyed.

Miguel Maradona
Miguel " The Middle Finger of God" Maradona will miss 3 weeks with a bulging disk in his neck. Someone up there doesn't like Avantrael.

Yeico Ramirez
This one hurts!! Yeico "Yikes" Ramirez will miss the rest of the season with a labrum tear. Daddy doesn't Yike. 

Sergei Rasmussen
Sergei "Robitussin" Rasmussen will be out 2 weeks with a strained man Boob. O K Sergei turn your head and cough you even have a pair??

Glenn Ratliff
Glenn "Back In The Cellar" Ratliff has a stiff groin and is out 2 weeks. Rats!!!

Hideki Ma
Hideki "The Sausage" Ma has shoulder tendinitis and will be out 2 weeks. This will give his girlfriend plenty of time to find his sausage.

Joe Cunnane
Joe "Insane" Cunnane would fit in nicley with my Schizoids. But he signed with the Toyotas and now he will miss 2 weeks with a sprained elbow. I guess Sandberg knows crazy also!

Bump Tyson
It's Been a real long time since we've seen Bump "in the Road" Tyson on the DL. A strained hammy will keep him sidelined for 3 weeks. Just patch the road up and get him back on the field.

Kevin Leonard
Kevin "Bacon" Leonard is probably on the wrong team. Everybody knows Dogs love Bacon and the P-Dogs are no different. He suffered a bulging disk in his neck when another team mate tried to take a bite out of his ass. He should return in 4 weeks after he's healed and deodorized. Bacon!!

Tori Miller
Tori "My Knee" Miller will be out the rest of the year with, Knee surgery. While his Knee wasn't torn clean off, the youngster took a big hit in his Stamina ratings. No complete games for you!

Philip Haney
This is the second SP for the rays on the DL this week. Phillip "Seymour Hoffman" Haney will only miss 2 weeks with elbow inflammation. Good thing it's not dead arm so he will see more innings soon.

Aurelio Rosa
I was surprised when free agent DL Darling Aurelio "Nipple" Rosa was signed by the Toyotas for 2 years/4.2 per year. I shouldn't have been surprised because It's well known that Sandberg is a Tit man. The Nipple will miss a month with elbow tendinitis. 

Al Almonte
Al "in the Family" Almonte was a rule-5 pick and will miss the rest of the season with elbow surgery. He will not be back in the bigs again. He will be able to say to his grand kids that he won a game in the Majors for the Yanks.


Polin Cruz
New York
Age: 21B/T: R/R
Born: Los Teques, VE
Position(s): P (P)
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Getting the Farm up and running.

Vladimir Petit
New York
Age: 18B/T: S/R
Born: Villa Clara, CU
Position(s): P (SP5)
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Fencer is picking some innings eaters.

Carlos Gil
Bagwell Bashers
Age: 19B/T: R/R
Born: Moncion, DO
Position(s): P (SP3)
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Cheyenne continues to stock his Rookie squad.

Luis Saenz
New York
Age: 19B/T: R/R
Born: Higuera De Zaragoza, MX
Position(s): P (SP4)
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Another Innings eater

Julio Andujar
New York
Age: 18B/T: L/L
Born: Rancho Viejo, DO
Position(s): P (Mop)
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Munching in AA.

Yadier Andujar
Bagwell Bashers
Age: 19B/T: L/L
Born: Frederiksted, VI
Position(s): P (SP1)
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One Andujar on the Bashers is worth under two million.

Julio Cedeno
Bagwell Bashers
Age: 18B/T: R/R
Born: Boquete, PA
Position(s): SS
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2.5 million for this SS prospect. Cheyennes rookie team will be good.

Chin-Feng Vanguri
Tampa Bay
Age: 19B/T: L/L
Born: Kasugai, JP
Position(s): P (none)
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Tampa picks up another IFA. This one cost 7 million.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


The AUSTIN CITY LIMITS traded Johnny Mitre and Zip Madson to the JACKSONVILLE JUGGERNAUTS for Cristobal CastroAaron Thompson and Charles Reed
This trade is about Zip Madison. The Juggernauts have been re-building for 5 years and they are bringing the youngsters up to the Majors. Wish is filling out his needs with great young prospects like Zip. Wylie picks up 3 really solid players for his "win now season". Great trade for both teams.

Vin Serra
Vin "Number" Serra is out for the year. Check out these numbers. He was signed in the off-season by Nwsheehy for 2 years/10.3 million, 4.9 this year and 5.3 next year. He lasted 2.1 innings , that's  2.3 million per inning. Too bad the Tabaky Farmers are playing good and will miss his experience in the play-offs. 

Ted Brush
This injury probably isn't Ted "Toilet" Brush's fault. With his owner M I A he may have been abused. He is already back off the DL but this years season has been flushed down the Toilet.

Grover Serafini
Grover "Cleveland" Serafini was on the DL with a elbow strain. He is already back trying to impress his boss, Hacker7. He got the call-up this year and wants to stay in office.

Torey Acosta
I can't believe this is the first time Torey "Spelling" Acosta was put on the DL. He has stayed off it even with a low health rating. Can you spell M-C-L  S-P-R-A-I-N . It will only keep him out for 3 weeks. G-O-O-D

Danny Barker
Woof!! Danny "No Bite" Barker was abused by his owner. He will be out 60 days with a shoulder impingement. Someone call the SPCA.

Thom Gates
Thom "Hairlip" Gates will miss the rest of the season with a herniated disk in his neck. Tom was signed in the off-season for 2 years /7.8 million. Noff very good!

Shawn Barfield
Shawn "Fully Stocked" Barfield will be out 2 weeks with a strained shoulder. Shawn has a good mix of hitting ,defense and running. In a nut shell he's got everything to be a solid M L player.

Alexi Hernandez
I didn't give Alexi Hernandez a nickname when he showed up on the DL last year. But seeing how he will probably be a DL Darling I must give him one. He will be known as Alexi "Con" Hernandez. Not for the that term Lexicon (List of words), But for his ability to get Avantael to keep signing him.Con indeed! Oh...he will be out 3 weeks with a sore shoulder

Geronimo Cruz
Geronimo "Cannonball" Cruz jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge when the owner of the Yankees disappeared. He suffered a Strained Groin and will miss 2 weeks. That musta been a hell of a splash!

Vitas Sager
Oh how we missed Vitas "Dust In the Wind" Sager on the DL. He stayed healthy the last 2 years and now will miss 2 weeks with a broken Toe. He likes kicking up dirt on windy days.

Dustin Wood
Dustin "Off His" Wood will miss 3 weeks with a strained MCL. It's been a long time since he used his wood and may want to ease into to speak. 

Cal Baez
Cal " A Fornication" Baez will miss most of the year with a bulging disk in his back. What a little Fucker , just like Duchovny!!

Charlie Lockwood
Two years ago I said Charlie Lockwood was just a temporary player so I didn't give him a nickname . Last year he shoved that post down my throat by going 15-9. Chalie "Sheen" Lockwood is a Winner!!

T.J. Wright
T J "Hooker" Wright will miss 2 months with a elbow strain. He musta got a hold of the wrong Hooker!!

Cesar Roque
Ceasr Roque "ford" will be out 2 months with a elbow strain. Cheese.......he really puts the Ford in Hartford. Yep...pretty Cheesy!

Kordell Madson
Kordell "Dolly" Madson was having a great start of the season. A strained neck will sideline him for 2 weeks. No Zinger here ...but they are yummy!

Alexi Rios
Alexi "Fangoso" Rios is back on the DL. A dislocated shoulder will keep him out 3 weeks. TC just signed Mr Muddy to a 3 year/20.1 million and a 2.5 million bonus in the off-season. Quite a Quagmire for the Blues!

Hick Boucher
Hick "Food" Boucher is out a month with a strained elbow. Time to break out his cardboard sign "will work for food" again.


John Yoon
Tampa Bay
Age: 18B/T: R/R
Born: Kasugai, JP
Position(s): RF/1B/LF/DH
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Loading up the rookie roster early.

Albert Ramirez
Tampa Bay
Age: 20B/T: L/L
Born: Sabana Grande De Boya, DO
Position(s): 2B/1B/LF/CF/DH
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Speed and range in CF is always a must.

Alberto Rios
Tampa Bay
Age: 18B/T: S/R
Born: Boca De Soco, DO
Position(s): DH
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A power bat is always nice.

Yamaico Kim
Bagwell Bashers
Age: 20B/T: R/R
Born: Tokyo, JP
Position(s): 2B
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Good signing for 7 million.

Pablo Owen
Age: 18B/T: R/R
Born: Higuey, DO
Position(s): RF/CIF/DH
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The Blitz get a early IFA for 3.2 million

Gerardo Furcal
Colorado Springs
Age: 18B/T: L/L
Born: Loma de Cabrera, DO
Position(s): P (SuB)
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Looks like the Bandits needed some pitching in the farm system.

Del Almanzar
Colorado Springs
Age: 18B/T: S/R
Born: La Romana, DO
Position(s): P (none)
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They got a nice prospect for 1.3 million

Thursday, April 10, 2014



The choice is yours Wrigleyville owners. Send me your picks for this years division winners and wild card teams. Why should I have all the fun, but if you would rather enjoy picking your crack ...well then....maybe you will strike black gold. I will post your picks on the Blog and at the end of the year we will see who wins the Best Picker Award (we need a better name, Anyone???)
  I will be adding this Award and a playoff bracket challenge at the end of the year. I will still be writing a weekly update and a All-star break post. I wanted to write a draft review but my scouting is shit and I can't see most off them or their projections. This will also hamper my take on trades and Internationals. I will just be commenting on generalities for that reason. Sorry guys, the lame nicknames will still be there.
  So without further adieu here are my picks . You have until Saturday Night to get your Picks in. Hoop quit picking that.......:)


WEST- UTES                                                               



Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Cincinnati Red Light District (NL)
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LAST YEARS RECORD:100-62 (Division Winner)

LAST YEARS PREVIEW: My Neighbor Jeff is back on top of the N L East.His RLD's battled the tired and old Coat Factories up to the last week and finished with a  92-70 record. They accomplished this with great hitting (.279 BA-5th, 809 runs-16th) and great pitching (4.07 ERA-8th, 1.29 WHIP-3rd) . Not sure why a such a good hitting team only scored 809 runs,go figure!. The defense was in the middle (97 errors-17th, .984 FPct-16th) of the pack. They went into the post-season as the #3 seed where they bounced a young Ute team in the first round. Then got bounced themselves in the DCS by the eventual World Champs.Look out fellas!! The RLD's are greatly improved with quality free agents and savy trades. Jeff did a great job picking up talent from the old Coat Factories and others. This team will win the division easily and will go deep in the playoffs.PREDICTION: 102-60 (Div Winner)

OUT: Jorge FernandezBuzz PersonYank HillVin SerraGene Weston , Robb WyattHector Ruth

IN: Garry OlsenLivan MercadoSal LushRico GutierrezCarlos EstradaDiego Arredondo , Gary SternRamiro Pena

PREVIEW: I picked the Red Light Districts to win the division because even though the Moose are a improved squad. I have a affinity for brothels and everything sewn from debauchery. Jeffs team won 100 games with great hitting , pitching and defense. All 3 were ranked 2nd in the N L. He went into the playoffs as the #3 seed and my Zoids got lucky and beat them in 4 games. In the off-season Jeff re-signed Omar Bonilla and let Fernandez, Person, Hill, Serra and Weston go to free agency. He traded away Wyatt and Ruth to Pitts and NY. Jeff had several roster spots open and he signed free agents Olsen, Mercado, Lush, Gutierrez, Estrada and Arredondo. He traded for Stern and Pena  to complete this years RLD's. Cincy is getting long in the tooth and Jeff brought in some more old farts in free agency. They still have good pitching both in the rotation and bullpen. At the plate they have a power problem but can hit with contact. I think this years team takes a step back with the emergence of Syracuse.PREDICTION:87-75(Wild Card)

LAST YEARS RECORD:93-69 (Wild Card)

LAST YEARS PREVIEW: Looks like I was overly optimistic in my prediction of a 95 win season. It's hard projecting a team that has a incomplete roster. But the Moose did win 84 games and it was a step back from last years 94 win season. They had the number 3 ranked pitching staff with a 3.86 ERA and a WHIP of 1.31. It couldn't overcome the bad hitting (.261 BA-23rd , 778 runs-18th) and defense (111 errors-25th, .982 FPct-25th).At the time of this writing Rugby has only 22 guys on his M L roster. And the AAA Cupboard is still full of tasty little Meese's such as Daniel Marshall , Charles Yamamoto , Ugueth DuranLance Bailey and Javier Megias. He didn't call them up last year and I would like to think he will call some up this year. Until I see it, I'm not ready to go out on a limb like last year and pick them to maybe win the division.When all his kids come of age ....look out! PREDICTION:89-73

OUT: Rock HayesDomingo PujolsMichael GreenRonald Carter

IN: Daniel MarshallYunesky EthierTaylor Allen

RUGBY'S PREVIEW: The trade for Taylor Allen and the full time insertion into the lineup of Charles Yamamoto and Daniel Marshall may give us the best offensive lineup we have ever had.We are probably a year away from bringing up some really good SPs but the current staff should keep us in most games. I am expecting a lot of high scoring games this season.

PREVIEW: I've been foretelling of the emergence of  the Moose for a couple years now. Last year they finally came of age and won 93 games and a wild card berth. Rugby's team did this with good hitting (6th in the N L) and pitching (4th in the N L). The defense (8th in the N L) was about average. Syracuse went into the playoffs as the #5 seed and got by the Utes in the first round. Then they met the defending Champs in the DCS and lost in 4 games. In the off-season Rugby let Khiry Allen go to free agency then re-signed him. He then released Hayes and Pujols and traded away Green and Carter. Rugby promoted Marshall and Ethier and the earlier trade brought in T. Allen. The pipeline to the prospect talent has been opened. and with the addition of T Allen, This team is ready to win this division. It won't be easy, the old farts in Cincinnati will give them a battle . PREDICTION:98-64(Division Winner)

San Juan
San Juan Santurce Crabbers (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: It's still a re-build on fantasy island and Ralph's Crabbers finished with 52 wins. He picked up Juan Chavez in last years draft and will add him to the pool of tasty prospects.Meanwhile Ralph will be on the beach in his speedo scoping out the Honeys. What a life !! PREDICTION:55-107

OUT: Pat ShelleyKimera OliverLuis Gil , Brian DickinsonAlbert SantosCarlos Bolivar

IN: Russ JohnsJason PerezGuy PorterDon HyzduHersh Paul

PREVIEW: The San Juan Crabbers came out of the gate on fire and led this division for much of the first half of the season. They won 80 games this year with good pitching (6th in the N L) and defense (6th in the N L). The hitting (9th in the N L) was average in the National League This may the beginnings of good things to come for Ralphs team. In the off-season Ralph "the professor" let future HOF'er Juan Parra to free agency then signed him back for his 17th major league season. He let Shelly , Oliver and Gil go to free agency and  released Dickinson, Santos and Bolivar. Ralph claimed Johns, Perez and Porter off the waiver wire and signed free agent Hyzdu. He promoted Paul to make the opening day roster count at 24. Ralph still has talent in the farm system cooking. It looks as if the Crabbers are a year or 2 away from another run at greatness. Right now this team looks like a .500 team. PREDICTION:83-79

Wichita Wind Sizzlers (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: Not only were the Coat Factories worn out so was Ehull. After winning 3 Series in a row, Burlington missed the playoffs completely. Ehull left Wrigleyville to chase pussy on Sordies Feline Ranch. Zsiegri bought the team for a Pony, a pair of Chaps and a roping lessons from Waltzing Matilda's S + M Emporium and Riding Stable. This should ensure success in Ehulls new endeavor. Last year this team had the # 1 (73 errors, .988 FPct) defensive team and the #2 pitching team (3.77 ERA, 1.29 WHIP). The hitting was atrocious  with a .244 BA-31st and only 723 runs-25th. This is the end of a dynasty. The Burlington Coat Factories are the only team to go back-to back-to back in Wrigleyville. And all the key players have been scattered to the Wind and have been replaced by so-so players.  Witchita has many first round picks in the draft and will stock the farm system. Thus starts a re-build and they should finish with a 70'ish win total.PREDICTION: 75-87

OUT: Chien-Ming ChangCedrick MeyersRob McNamaraJohan Sullivan , Tomas AlvarezTim OliverLouis RekarDon LimRyan VaughnRichard DuplerJuan MotaWilliam TabakaJ.J. Lansing

IN: Felipe FloresRafael PimentelYank HillThom GatesGiomar MolinaEbenezer WashingtonMorgan HebertKoji MartinVance KendallMickey HarvilleCorky WalterMax PrietoEdgardo Rivera

Mr Z's PREVIEW: i don't have much of a preview. still building. Many young pieces last year, have nice draft pick this season.Signed some decent pieces in FA that i will now slowly start to weed thru next few seasons . 80 wins probably. will get a couple prospects this year, then go big in international next once i have some of these younger guys ready to play in the MLs.

PREVIEW: Z as we call him is in a re-build and 71 wins was about where I figured they would finish. He had ten 1st round (incuding comp picks) picks in the draft last year. And he picked up Hugh ThomasRobert McMichaelFelipe LeeAl BennettRobin HenryJhoulys RodriguezMarquis SimpsonTracy BurnsSteven Webb with the picks leaving one on the table. He also grabbed a bunch of mid-level IFA's with Jose Martinez being the highest priced of the bunch.In the off-season Chang thru Lansing left for free agency, that's 13 players if your counting along. Now with half the team gone, Z signed free agents Flores thru Rivera that's 13 new players if your counting along. Z had a shopping spree, spending 40.5 million on the 13 new free agents. That's 3.12 million per player, if your counting. With this many new players, I can't count on past performance to make my prediction. I have to go to the franchise rankings to make my prediction. Defensively and Offensively they aren't that good ,The Rotation is average and the Bullpen also. The Wind Sizzlers will finish about the same as last year and thats ok with Z. He has a cupboard full of tasty prospects. Too numerous to count!! If your counting?? PREDICTION: 71-91


LAST YEARS RECORD:80-82(Division Winner)

LAST YEARS PREVIEW: O K Richmond proved it. They eked out a division win with 88 wins 10 games above my prediction. In last years preview, I wondered if this years offense could overcome this years porous defense (108 errors-23rd, .983 FPct -23rd) and this years below average pitching (4.63 ERA-20th, 1.44 WHIP-21st). They did ,and the Revolutionaries finished with the #2 hitting club with a .287 BA and 922 runs (3rd highest) while giving up 825 runs (12th highest). Ihateunc took his team into the post-season as the #3 seed and were upset by the Misfits in 3. Still it was a good first season for Ihateunc and I look forward to seeing what he does in the off-season.With the signing of Pena , Franco was the odd man out . Pena has averaged 12 wins the past 3 seasons,  he also has averaged close to 10 losses in the same 3 seasons. It's a tad better than Francos 8-10 season last year.Padilla is a career .319 hitter and will be a good replacement for Baez. With the tweaks, the Revolutionaries got a little better,but I think the improved Pirates will edge Richmond for the division. PREDICTION:89-73

OUT: Bo MercedesDiego ArredondoMichael HenryBump TysonKen FlairJimmie NievesWade HarrisMule CrawfordEmil Aguilar , Ramiro Pena

IN: Robert MurphyRigo DuranHector Ruth

PREVIEW: I predicted it would be a 2 team race for the division,( Richmond and Pittsburgh). And it was a toss-up which would prevail. I chose Pittsburgh and of course it was Richmond that won it in the end. They went into the playoffs as the #4 seed and the only sub .500 team in the playoffs. So it's no surprise they lost in the first round to Salem. This was too much for Ihateunc to take and he packed his bags and entered a Anger Management facility to work on his hate issues. Ramonsfan bought the team and moved them to New York and named them the Yankees.....What?? Talk about Hate! In the off-season Mercedes, Arredondo, Henry, Tyson, Flair, Nieves, Harris, Crawford and Aguilar went to free agency. He traded away Pena to complete the purge. To field a team this year , Ramonsfan promoted Murphy and Duran and Ruth was acquired tru a earlier trade. Ramonsfan has disappeared and his M L roster is only at 15 . Not sure what happened but I hope he comes back soon. This team is in Dire Straits. PREDICTION: Money for nothing and the chicks for free.

Pittsburgh Pirates (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: Ards Pirates finished close to my prediction and was in the division race right up to the end. They came up a game short in that race and missed the wild-card by 2 games. Arrrggghhh Matey! Last year Pittsburgh had the #2 defense with only 75 errors committed and a FPct of  .988. The pitching was good (4.32 ERA-11th, 1.36 WHIP-11th) and the hitting was about average (.267 BA-14th, 826 runs-13th).The Pirates got younger with several players going to free agency and retirement. He promoted some mid-level prospects that are ready for the bigs. Ard has done a great job here and this team is my pick for the division win. But it will be close with Richmond playing well. PREDICTION:90-72(Division Winner)

OUT: Carlos EstradaWally Clark , Don CamilliDomingo LiraGary Stern

IN: Bob LivermanBert Stevenson , Ryan LeeJerry Rollins

PREVIEW: Oh ...the Pirates . Just when you think it's gonna be smooth sailing all the way to the playoffs. They hit a reef and have to bail out the bilge tanks to make it to the end of the season. In fairness Ard lost several players to free agency and retirement, so maybe it's just a hiccup until he can whip the replacements into shape. Last year this team won only 79 games with decent pitching ,ranked 5th in the A L. But the hitting (13th in the A L) and defense (9th in the A L) was the barnacle on the butt of the Pirates, and was the reason they floundered. In the off-season Ard re-signed Patrick MillerCarlos GomezJuan PenaJimmie James after they became free agents. Estrada and Clark were lost to free agency and Camilli and Lira were released. Stern was traded to the Red Light Districts. With a couple holes to fill, Ard signed free agents Liverman and Stevenson and promoted Lee and Rollins. Veteran SP Liverman will help the pitching problem but Rollins is way too wild to be in the majors. Youngster Lee will be a solid hitter but lacks range and glove for 2nd base. Right now the P-dogs look like a .500 team.PREDICTION: 81-81

Louisville RedTails (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW:  Jmuhtoff Waved the white flag early last year. Check out his trades in last years update. The Week In Wrigleyville Season 24 #2 . So my prediction was way off due to Louisville's re-tool. What direction will the Redtails take in the future remains a mystery.Jmuhtoff lowered his overall salaries by 29 million. He also traded away some nice prospects for Allen,Romero and Ramirez, and they are solid players. Looking at the franchise rankings they will give up alot of fly balls but won't walk many. Defensively they have the worst arm strength and accuracy, Offensively they have the best hitting eye with the other categories about average.  Looks like a average year. PREDICTION:81-81

OUT: Vern ColemanAsdrubal MoralesCorey O'BrienAlbert Sierra , Lonny BlackTim Perry , Del Lee

IN: Mark Gipson , Don CamilliWally ClarkBump TysonFreddie LongDarron MosesJohan SullivanBenny KershawIvan Troncoso , Brennan MarsonMatt Fedroff

PREVIEW: Jmuhtoff's team was in a re-tool year last year and they aren't in a full re-build. And they did pretty well by winning 74 games with good hitting (6th in the A L). The pitching (14th in the A L) and defense (12th in the A L) need work, but he did pick up Artie Ward ,Wayne Lo DucaTony Spence and Cookie Armas in the draft. In the off-season Jmuhtoff re-signed Edgar Guzman after he left for free agency and Coleman, Morales , O'Brien and Sierra were lost to free agency. He released Black and Perry and traded away Lee. With a bunch off holes to fill, Jmuhtoff claimed Gipson off the wire and signed free agents Camilli, Clark, Tyson, Long, Moses,Sullivan, Kershaw and Troncoso. Finally he traded for Marson and Fedroff. Everyone the new Red Tails. There is only one super-star on this team (Kyle Romero) and the rest are mid-level M L players. They are in the middle of the pack defensively and offensively they will hit some homers without allot of strikeouts. The pitching will be the middle of the road. All signs point to a 80 ish win team.PREDICTION:84-78(Division Winner)


LAST YEARS PREVIEW: Avantrael's Northmen finished just a tad south of my 77 win prediction. Augusta won 75 games with good pitching (4.31 ERA-10th, 1.37 WHIP-13th) and good defense (91 errors-11th, .985 FPct-12th). They did however sport the third worst offensive club (.247 BA-30th, 666 runs-30th) and it was their downfall.Avantrael still has a couple roster spots open as I write this. He has some players in AAA he may call up or maybe he will play the waiver wire game. But I do know that the free agent pitchers he picked up will improve a already good pitching staff. He will need some offense to be a contender.PREDICTION: 80-82

OUT: Randy PalmerJose BrognaJose LeeDomingo DelgadoAnibal TavarezGraeme Quinn , Ebenezer WashingtonBrennan Marson

IN: Emil AguilarWilliam TabakaJoakim ManuelPat ShelleyClint Conway , Junior SanoArtie GallowayDuane GreinkeDel Lee

PREVIEW: Last year Avantrael added some new pitching and I predicted a sub .500 year for lack of offense. And they ended up as the worst offensive team in the A L by scoring only by scoring only 634 runs. It's a shame because Augusta has good pitching (4th in the A L) and defense (6th in the A L). In the off-season Palmer, Brogna, Lee, Delgado, Tavarez and Quinn left for free agency. Washington was released and Marson was traded away. Avantrael had to build a new team so he signed free agents Aguilar, Tabaka, Manuel, Shelly and Conway. He promoted Sano and picked up Galloway and Greinke from the R-5. Finally he traded for Del Lee to fill out this years roster. The only exciting new player here is Sano. He will be a star on the mound for the Northmen. This team will be lucky to reach last years 71 wins. PREDICTION:68-94