Saturday, June 11, 2016

MWR Penalty Voting Results

Voting has closed for the MWR penalty issue. We had a good turn out but not everyone chose to vote. 27 of 32 owners voted, and in the end the league decided to NOT add a penalty to an owner who missed the MWR for two seasons and is voted to stay. The final tally was 16 NO votes and 11 YES votes. Here's the breakdown:

NO (16)- Hoopcoach, carseneau, ajaxx, detsports, reds, zmoty, nosirrommij, jmuhtoff, pat, wylie, rbedwell, madmuldoon, hawkeye, rlb, kujhawker, hacker

YES (11)- Hatton, ressda, aaronwayne, wishlist, fence, jahu, bkevin, donmossi, sandberg, rugby, leotrex

Thank you to all the owners who took the time to vote. Also, thanks to those who debated each side of the issue and did so in a civil way. It was very much appreciated.

Now that the issue have been decided upon, I will say that voting on whether an owner should stay or go should be looked at more closely. As someone said in the chat or TC (sorry your name eludes me at the moment) we should look very closely at the owner in question. As hard as it may be, we need to put all personal feelings aside for an owner when we cast a vote. We need to vote soley on how the owner ran their team, not whether he's been a long time owner, is an awesome guy, or that it's hard to fill open positions.

This I will say though, I don't think tanking is really worth it anymore nor do owners in any league really try to tank as much as they used to because of the fact that the draft and international prospects are such a crap shoot these days with the changes made by WIS.

Lastly, while I know some will be disappointed by this result, I hope everyone will accept it and we can move forward as a league. Again. thank you to everyone who voted.