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The LOUISVILLE REDTAILS traded Walt Henry and 3.5 million to the ARIZONA COBRAS for Bob Harding , Jung Masaoka and Khalil Pryce
The Redtails are throwing in the towel for season 24 and he advertised Henry on the chat room. Henry is a good pitcher who signed for a vey economical 5.5 million a year.The Cobras always looking for a bargain grabbed him with and 3.5 million to boot. Jmuhtoff gets 3 good position prospects and they will be ready for the bigs in a couple years. Swish probably didn't need more pitching but the talent for the price was hard to pass up.The Redtails build for the future. 

The LOUISVILLE REDTAILS traded Ollie Greenwood and 2 million to the SCOTTSDALE SCHIZOIDS for Antone Teagarden , Gene Murphy and Jose Gutierrez
I let Jmuhtoff know I was interested in Greenwood and asked what he needed. days passed and i got a offer from him of Murphy,Guiterrez and Teagarden . After asking him to sign Greenwood to a contract extension I hit accept. I needed more offense badly and Greenwood should help that.In a Nutshell , we both got what we wanted and are happy with the trade. Kumbaya!

The JACKSON BLACKBEARS traded J.J. Lansing and Javier Lopez to the ARIZONA COBRAS for Christian Shin , Walt Henry , Marc Dean and 5 million.
Jackson lost a very nice starting pitcher due to a injury. Olemiss sounded the alarm that he was in the market for another. So he shipped off one of his prized IFA prospects and a offensive Catcher that he traded for earlier.  The Cobras shipped off the previous talked about Henry a defensive Catcher and good looking pitching prospect. This trade was triggered by a injury to a starting pitcher and everyone knows that starting pitching is way more expensive than position players. 

The CINCINATTI RED LIGHT DISTRICTS traded Ryan Vaughn , Yannick Earley , Skip Lawrence and 2 million to the NEW BRITAIN BRUINS for Bing Cepeda and Jorge Fernandez 
Dodger's chat read: "Looking for Bing Cepeda and/or Gerardo Martinez identical LEFT HANDED twins.Does anyone have a player that can go straight up without increasing payroll too much? My team is right handed heavy and it's KILLING my offense. Please TC me. Near a computer all day and the Bruins are in LAST PLACE. HELP!!!!!..............Jeff came to the rescue and took Cepeda off of Dodgers hands. But instead of Martinez , It looks like Fernandez fit into the RLD's team philosophy. Fernandez likes Hookers and he can play any position.Or was it? he likes Hookers in any position? Can't remember which. Anyways the Bruins got 2 really good left handed bats in Earley and Vaughn with 2 million and a young catcher with upside. Jeff is my Hero!!

The ARIZONA COBRAS traded Rafael Pimentel to the AUSTIN CITY LIMITS for Collin Davis and 800k
Swish signed Pimentel in the off-season to help his bullpen and he did well in Cincy. But he was seldom used and tradeable. Austin needed some bullpen help because David Villalona was a pothole that continued to plague the City limits playoff hopes. So the only question was, What did Swish want for Pimentel. The answer was , A nice CF/2nd base prospect with speed and contact. Good trade for both guys.


Jumbo MacFarlane
Jumbo "Big Mac" MacFarlane will miss 3 months with Elbow Surgery. The Black Bears traded for the injury prone Big Mac who still has a 4 year/6.8 million contract. Theres a Angry Bear in the Jackson front office. 

Scott Cookson
The Cobras signed  Scott "Short Order" Cookson in free agency to 2 years /3.3 million. Now he will miss a short time on the DL with a bad Hammy. Would you like Fries with that? 

Brad Cogan
Brad Cogan "Bluff" has been healthy in his major league career. So it was a suprise when he sprained his MCL. It's true...Really!

Aurelio Rosa
Bad news guys! The Nipple is on the DL again.Aurelio "Nipple" Rosa has a bone spur in his shoulder and will miss a month. Hmm...... seems some buckaroo has been riding the nipple hard!

Adam Hamilton
Adam "Ant" Hamilton has been kicked around from team to team while never landing on the DL. Until now! He will miss 2 weeks with a strained shoulder. He's a underated pitcher who when healthy can "Stand and Deliver"


Jorge Beltran
Colorado Springs
Age: 18B/T: R/R
Born: Manoguayabo, DO
Position(s): P (P)
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This guy has a low LH split but he has 2 great pitches. Worth a million dollar gamble.

Alex Tejada
Little Rock
Age: 19B/T: S/R
Born: San Jose, CR
Position(s): P (P)
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could make it to AAA.

Jumbo Martin
San Francisco
Age: 21B/T: R/R
Born: Cotui, DO
Position(s): 1B
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Great Eye and Power. But  yeessh that Contact...P yew!

Jeurys Torres
Salt Lake City
Age: 24B/T: R/R
Born: Barahona, DO
Position(s): 2B
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Hoop bought this guy for 3.1 million and a S/T invite. He won't be great but he will be solid.

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