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LAST YEARS RECORD:104-58 (American League Champion)

LAST YEARS PREVIEW:  Tough division and Swish's Cobras were up to the task. Arizona won 97 games and went into the post-season as the #6 seed where they slithered all the way to the ALCS. They met up with the division champ Salem Salmonbellies and were swept in 4 games. It seems the Salmonbellies have a little Mongoose in them. Last season Swish's- Naja naja's- had the #1 ranked hitting squad (.291 BA) and the #1 ranked fielding team (60 errors, .990 FPct) in Wrigleyville.  With a decent pitching staff (4.49 ERA-15th) , I'm not suprised that they went far into the playoffs.The Cobras had a couple roster spots open and signed Free agents Telemaco, Catalanotto, Cordova, and traded for Wesson and Pena. Swish brought in a couple really good pitchers and still has a good hitting and fielding club. Arizona may have enough to take the division. If not, they should make the playoffs. PREDICTION:95-67

OUT:  Carlos Estrada , Jarrod Mann , Gus Grossman , Tony Wood , John Suzuki , William Mateo , Jumbo MacFarlane , Tommy Peterman , Brad Cogan , Slick Allen , Alexi Rios , Harry Padilla , Jose Pena

IN:  Rafael Pimentel , Bernie Richard , Cesar Morales , Larry Walker , Juan Marmol , David Bocachica , Eduardo Delgado , Clint Conway , Scott Cookson , Ed Corbin , Christian Shin , Mule Crawford , Louis Little

PREVIEW:  Swish's Cobras beat my prediction easily with 104 wins. They did this with the #1 ranked hitting team (.290 BA), the #2 defensive squad (69 errors,.989 FPct) and the 4th ranked pitching team (3.46 ERA, 1.22 WHIP). This is why they had the best record in the American League and why they won the A L league Championship. In the Series they met up with the Coat Factories and lost in 5 games. In the off-season Swish re-signed Corey O'Brien and let Estrada, Mann, Grossman and Wood leave for free agency. Then he released Suzuki and traded away Mateo, MacFarlane, Peterman, Cogan, Allen, Rios, Padilla and Pena. With a bunch of holes to fill Swish signed free agents Pimental, Richard, Morales, Walker, Marmol, Bocachia, Delgado, Conway, Cookson and Corbin. He promoted Shin and traded for Crawford and Little. Swish kept a core of key players and got rid of the rest. With a bunch of Shrewed trades, Swish re-loaded the farm system with tasty prospects. He had some cash and signed several bargain players to keep the Cobras in the mix. I think Arizona took a little step back in talent but set themselves up for the future. PREDICTION:96-66

Salem Salmonbellies (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW:  Mdymond is on to something folks! Start with enough players to meet the Minimum requirment, then wait and see what players in AAA are playing well. Bring them up and..Wallah!! Best team in the regular season with 112 wins. Well done Mdymond. The Salmonbellies bucked their way as the #1 seed in the playoffs and just about won the Series. It came down to game 7 against last years champion Burlington Coat Factories. Salem lost a heartbreaker but I'm sure they will be heard from next year. Last year the Salmonbellies had great hitting (.282 BA-5th)  pitching (3.86 ERA-3rd) and fielding.In the off-season Mdymond let Day, Mendoza, Phillips, Goldman and Richard go to free agency. And thats it ...so far. Salem is a young team with the average age of 28.3 and they only have one spot open. Mdymond still has 3 or 4 players at the AAA level waiting for the phone to ring. So this team is one of the best in Wrigleyville and has depth in the minors.......Big Trouble for us!!!The Salmonbellies play in the rough tough A L West and it is always tough to win the division. They will be in the Playoffs....that is certain. PREDICTION:100-62

OUT:  Torey Acosta , Bert McKnight , Albert Mendoza , Lawrence Taylor , Corey Quinn

IN: Al Flores

PREVIEW:  Mdymonds Salmonbellies finished with the best record in season 23. But they they lost a little ground last year with 99 wins. I wish my team had that problem.....LOL. Last year Salem still had great hitting (.281 BA-5th) , pitching (3.97 ERA, 1.31 WHIP-6th) and defense (79 errors, .987 FPct-5th). The Salmonbellies scored more runs (1,011) and hit more homers (320) than any team last year. They went into the playoffs as the 1st wildcard team and lost in 5 to the up-and-coming Redtails. In the off-season Mdymond let Acosta, Mcknight and Mendoza file for free agency and released Taylor. Then he traded Qiunn. The only player added was Flores. He was promoted from AAA. Salem doesn't have good contact hitter but they have power.Defensively the Salmonbellies are solid and won't embarass. The pitching rotation has the best splits in the AL but the bullpen is much weaker. This means the Salmon bellies will be a strong team and may give up some leads late. PREDICTION:97-65

Helena Barking Moonbats (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW:  Yep Sordie is a late callup guy also and his Barking Moonbats won 101 games. If playoff seeds were handed out by winning records, Helena would be the #2 seed. But they had to settle for a #5 wildcard berth.In the playoffs they got a second crack at the division winning Salem Salmonbellies in the DCS, but lost 3 games to 1. Last season Sordies Moonbats had fantastic hitting (.288 BA-3rd) great pitching (4.39 ERA-10th) and great fielding (91 errors, .985 FPct-10th).In the off-season Sordie re-signed Victor Paulino , Fernando Urbina , Buster O'Connor and let Pineda and Bonilla go to free agency. He released Walker and traded away Pena and White. Sordie signed free agents Burnett, Lieberthal, Kreuter and traded for Strickland. Starting pitchers Pineda and Bonilla got old and were not re-signed . Sordie grabbed the best available pitching for the price and sacrificed White to bring in a young SP with a bright future. The Moonbats still can hit with the best of them but can the new pitchers keep them in the game. Regardless the Moonbats will be in the playoffs and they will battle the Salmonbellies and Cobras for the division. PREDICTION:90-72

OUT:  Scott Cookson , Randy Rogers

IN:  Bob Hines , J.T. Stevenson

PREVIEW:  Yep...it was a three team race and the Moonbats won 98 games with #2 offense in Wrigleyville (.286 BA). Sordies Mashers were second only to Salem with 308 homers. Helena had good pitching (4.16 ERA, 1.38 WHIP-10th) and average defense (93 errors, .985FPct-14th) last year. The sum total gave them the 2nd wildcard spot and they wnet all the way to the DCS. There they lost a tough 5th game to the Bruins. In the off-season Sordie let Cookson file for free agency and traded away Rodgers. He signed free agent Hines and traded for Stevenson. This is the same Sordies mashers with a couple tweaks. And Sordie Knows Tweakers. The Barking Monnbats wil hit the ball very well and Win at least a wildcard berth.PREDICTION:95-67

Cheyenne Bagwell Bashers (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW:  I'm not going to revisit the Groger scandal of last season. But I would like to welcome back Sonneboy to the toughest division in Wrigleyville. Your gonna need alot of Pepto and some patience , but with your experience, I'm sure you will have Cheyenne back to respectability. Last year the Bagwell Bashers had average hitting (.272 BA-16th) and fielding (110 errors, .982 FPct-20th). The problem with Cheyenne was the pitching (5.22 ERA-28th), and pitching aint cheap in Wrigleyvilles free agent market.Whew!! these changing of the guard teams are alot of work. When a team has such a large turnover. I have to go to the Franchise Ranking page to make my prediction. It looks like the pitching will be decent but the lack of defense and hitting will keep this team in the basement. PREDICTION: 60-100

OUT: Vasco Morales , Aurelio Mercado , Stu Elder , Sal Obermueller , Corey Rodgers , Felix Gao , Orlando Lee , David Terry , Bernie MacDougal , Leo Charles , Toby Rogers ,

IN:  Dante Swindell , Wiki Serra , James Gonzales , Harry Vega , Mark Davis , Rico Mateo , Tori Ramsey , Ed Carlson

PREVIEW:  Groger totally dismantled this team then disappeared into the Wyoming wilderness. There has been an occasional sighting of a man deep in the Wind River Range. One Dubois resident said that he came upon a dirty hairy man dressed in animal hides chewing on a rotting elk carcass. The witness also stated that the man ran away screaming.."Coach hiring...coach hiring bad!!!"  Whether or not it's Groger hasn't been established but it sounds like the mysterious person was exposed to some of the seedier sides of What If sports. Sonneboy was good enough to come back to Wrigleyville and pick up the pieces of the Bagwell Bashers. Sorry about what I wrote when you left Sonneboy. Good to have you back. In the off-season Sonneboy re-signed Ricky Mann , Thom Gates the rest of the departures were free agents. All the additions were low level free agents and waiver wire pick-ups. The promotion of  Ramsey is the only addition of note. The Bagwell Bashers are looking to the draft and IFA  to re-build this team. PREDICTION: 60-100

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