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Madison Muskellunges (NL)
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LAST YEARS RECORD:104-58 (Division Winner)

LAST YEARS PREVIEW:  The Muskies did win the division and they won it easily. Daddios Big Fish also had the best record in the N L with #4 pitching staff in Wrigleyville (3.89 ERA-1.33 WHIP). They could hit with the best of them too with a team average of .277 (6th) and 900 runs scored (4th).  The defense was average with 103 errors (21st) and a FPct of .983 (19th). In the post season the Muskellunges did go deep into the playoffs as predicted. They found themselves in the NLCS against the Black Bears were they got swept. All in all it was a very good season for Madison and Daddio will get some playoff cash. I get what Daddio was trying to do by letting Studs Ensberg,Ruth and Torres go to free agency. Pick up some 1st round Type-A picks w comp picks. Then sign some Type-A replacements. This keeps him under the cap and re-loads his prospect cupboard. Well.....didn't go exactly as planned, his prized Type-A free agents only garnered him 3-2nd round picks and 3-comp picks.Bad luck Daddio. Still Reed and James were good pick-ups and the promotion last year of Hector Pena should help fill the void. I don't see this team winning 110+ games this year, but 100 is possible. They will win this division and be trouble for us in the playoffs. PREDICTION:101-61 (Division Winner)

OUT: Aurelio RosaWilliam MateoFelipe Flores , Philip Haney

IN: Robb WyattMichael HenryGill LaffeySteve DavisEdgar Marquez

PREVIEW: It's amazing how Daddio can lose Type-A players to free agency and still win over 100 games. That's how strong his team is and they did win the division easily with the best hitting team in the National League. The Pitching (7th in the N L) and Defense (9th in the N L) was about average but when you can score runs (967 runs-Best in Wrigleyville) like the will win 104 games. In the playoffs ,Daddio's team had a 1st round bye as the #2 seed but for some unknown reason they lost to my Zoids in the DCS. In the off-season Daddio re-signed Sammy SanchezEddie Locke and Yorvit Delgado .He  let Rosa, Mateo and Flores go to free agency and released Haney outright. He filled out the roster with free agents Wyatt, Henry, Laffey, Davis and Marquez. The core of the Muskies are still here with some good free agents added. The N L North is a small pond and Daddio's Muskies are the BIG FISH , they should win it again. Don't know if I could get by them in the playoffs again,but I hope we get to go a second time around. PREDICTION:99-63(Division Winner)

Milwaukee Sturgeon (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: Sandbergs team is sliding into the ditch. They spun their wheels with a 74 win season where they had the second worst FPct (.980). The pitching (4.53 ERA-16th) and hitting (.265 BA-19th) was the middle of the road, so to speak. After 9 years in Trenton Sandberg moved his team back to Tacoma. I'm not saying the fans welcomed him back with open arms. But the hookers did welcome him back with open legs.Tacoma lost some talent to free agency and picked up a few comp picks. They replaced them with some low level prospects from the farm. Looking at their AAA squad , the Toyotas have some good talent ready for the Bigs. Perhaps Sandberg will wait till after 25 games to call em up, and save a year before Arb. Right now they are a sub-.500 team. If he calls up his stashed prospects..... they will be in the wild-card hunt. PREDICTION: 75-87

OUT: Napoleon WallEdgardo RiveraChad CatalanottoClint ConwayDon Hyzdu

IN: Aurelio RosaJulio FernandezEduardo DelgadoVirgil PorterSanto Ugueto , Rob BravoAndruw Bailey

PREVIEW: The Toyotas have been on the decline the last few years and they are finally at the bottom with only 57 wins. The good news is, there is no place to go but up.  Sandberg did pick-up Fausto JohnsonFrank PerezRodrigo Cruz and Fernando Marichal in the first round of last years draft. In the off-season Wall, Rivera, Catalanotto, Conway and Hyzdu went to free agency. Sandberg signed free agents Rosa, Fernandez, Delgado and promoted Porter and Ugueto. Then he grabbed Bravo and Baily in the R-5 draft. The Rookie Porter and the R-5 Bravo look like future stars. But this team has a way to go before they contend. PREDICTION:67-95

Scranton Scrappers (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: Yep...The Chips were just big flat Turds. Jared bolted to the saftey of his sod home on the range where he can scold his prairie dog neighbors and sing "Dust In the Wind". Dajack was good enough to come in and take over this team in need of some direction. When I asked him how hard it was gonna be getting this team competitive again. He told me . "It'll be no harder then I get at a Pussy Riot Concert." Hmmm.....hard indeed!This is a re-build, plain and simple.Chicago will be lucky to win more than 55 games. MWR rule be damned! They do have some tasty prospects in the pipeline. They still need some cooking though. PREDICTION: 55-107

OUT: Brian MartinPete PennySlim ColemanKevin JangSolly Porcello , Albert Sandoval

IN: Brian ByrnesWalter FlynnVic EspinozaFelipe Uribe , Hipolito MaduroAl Zerbe , Howie SweeneyThom ShaveYamil AmaroWillie OchoaPatsy LeonKosuke Wang , Donaldo BalboaYannick Earley

PREVIEW: This poor franchise, they are the orphan of Wrigleyville. Gbuck44 is the latest owner and chief jock washer. He bought a team with a Cupboard full of prospects ,so he may stick around and see this team at it's best?  Gbuck has the #1 pick and the #5 pick in this years draft so he will add some really good prospects to the bunch already there. In the off-season Martin and Penny went to free agency and Gbuck released Coleman, Jang and Porcello. He traded away Sandoval  to Tampa Bay. To re-stock the Scrappers line-up, Gbuck claimed Byrnes, Flynn, Espinoza and Uribe. Then he signed free agents Maduro and Zerbe and promoted Sweeney, Shave, Amaro, Ochoa, Leon and Wang. Finally he picked up Balboa in the R-5 and traded for Earley. To fill out this years roster, Gbuck emptied the minor league cupboard and mostly filled the rest with waiver claims . The trade that brought in Earley will add some power hitting to the line-up. This team is unproven and they may take another year or two before their ready to contend.PREDICTION:70-92

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