Thursday, April 17, 2014


The AUSTIN CITY LIMITS traded Johnny Mitre and Zip Madson to the JACKSONVILLE JUGGERNAUTS for Cristobal CastroAaron Thompson and Charles Reed
This trade is about Zip Madison. The Juggernauts have been re-building for 5 years and they are bringing the youngsters up to the Majors. Wish is filling out his needs with great young prospects like Zip. Wylie picks up 3 really solid players for his "win now season". Great trade for both teams.

Vin Serra
Vin "Number" Serra is out for the year. Check out these numbers. He was signed in the off-season by Nwsheehy for 2 years/10.3 million, 4.9 this year and 5.3 next year. He lasted 2.1 innings , that's  2.3 million per inning. Too bad the Tabaky Farmers are playing good and will miss his experience in the play-offs. 

Ted Brush
This injury probably isn't Ted "Toilet" Brush's fault. With his owner M I A he may have been abused. He is already back off the DL but this years season has been flushed down the Toilet.

Grover Serafini
Grover "Cleveland" Serafini was on the DL with a elbow strain. He is already back trying to impress his boss, Hacker7. He got the call-up this year and wants to stay in office.

Torey Acosta
I can't believe this is the first time Torey "Spelling" Acosta was put on the DL. He has stayed off it even with a low health rating. Can you spell M-C-L  S-P-R-A-I-N . It will only keep him out for 3 weeks. G-O-O-D

Danny Barker
Woof!! Danny "No Bite" Barker was abused by his owner. He will be out 60 days with a shoulder impingement. Someone call the SPCA.

Thom Gates
Thom "Hairlip" Gates will miss the rest of the season with a herniated disk in his neck. Tom was signed in the off-season for 2 years /7.8 million. Noff very good!

Shawn Barfield
Shawn "Fully Stocked" Barfield will be out 2 weeks with a strained shoulder. Shawn has a good mix of hitting ,defense and running. In a nut shell he's got everything to be a solid M L player.

Alexi Hernandez
I didn't give Alexi Hernandez a nickname when he showed up on the DL last year. But seeing how he will probably be a DL Darling I must give him one. He will be known as Alexi "Con" Hernandez. Not for the that term Lexicon (List of words), But for his ability to get Avantael to keep signing him.Con indeed! Oh...he will be out 3 weeks with a sore shoulder

Geronimo Cruz
Geronimo "Cannonball" Cruz jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge when the owner of the Yankees disappeared. He suffered a Strained Groin and will miss 2 weeks. That musta been a hell of a splash!

Vitas Sager
Oh how we missed Vitas "Dust In the Wind" Sager on the DL. He stayed healthy the last 2 years and now will miss 2 weeks with a broken Toe. He likes kicking up dirt on windy days.

Dustin Wood
Dustin "Off His" Wood will miss 3 weeks with a strained MCL. It's been a long time since he used his wood and may want to ease into to speak. 

Cal Baez
Cal " A Fornication" Baez will miss most of the year with a bulging disk in his back. What a little Fucker , just like Duchovny!!

Charlie Lockwood
Two years ago I said Charlie Lockwood was just a temporary player so I didn't give him a nickname . Last year he shoved that post down my throat by going 15-9. Chalie "Sheen" Lockwood is a Winner!!

T.J. Wright
T J "Hooker" Wright will miss 2 months with a elbow strain. He musta got a hold of the wrong Hooker!!

Cesar Roque
Ceasr Roque "ford" will be out 2 months with a elbow strain. Cheese.......he really puts the Ford in Hartford. Yep...pretty Cheesy!

Kordell Madson
Kordell "Dolly" Madson was having a great start of the season. A strained neck will sideline him for 2 weeks. No Zinger here ...but they are yummy!

Alexi Rios
Alexi "Fangoso" Rios is back on the DL. A dislocated shoulder will keep him out 3 weeks. TC just signed Mr Muddy to a 3 year/20.1 million and a 2.5 million bonus in the off-season. Quite a Quagmire for the Blues!

Hick Boucher
Hick "Food" Boucher is out a month with a strained elbow. Time to break out his cardboard sign "will work for food" again.


John Yoon
Tampa Bay
Age: 18B/T: R/R
Born: Kasugai, JP
Position(s): RF/1B/LF/DH
View Hardball Dynasty Profile

Loading up the rookie roster early.

Albert Ramirez
Tampa Bay
Age: 20B/T: L/L
Born: Sabana Grande De Boya, DO
Position(s): 2B/1B/LF/CF/DH
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Speed and range in CF is always a must.

Alberto Rios
Tampa Bay
Age: 18B/T: S/R
Born: Boca De Soco, DO
Position(s): DH
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A power bat is always nice.

Yamaico Kim
Bagwell Bashers
Age: 20B/T: R/R
Born: Tokyo, JP
Position(s): 2B
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Good signing for 7 million.

Pablo Owen
Age: 18B/T: R/R
Born: Higuey, DO
Position(s): RF/CIF/DH
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The Blitz get a early IFA for 3.2 million

Gerardo Furcal
Colorado Springs
Age: 18B/T: L/L
Born: Loma de Cabrera, DO
Position(s): P (SuB)
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Looks like the Bandits needed some pitching in the farm system.

Del Almanzar
Colorado Springs
Age: 18B/T: S/R
Born: La Romana, DO
Position(s): P (none)
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They got a nice prospect for 1.3 million

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