Saturday, January 9, 2016

Season 32 Durocher Award Winner is............


For the 2nd time in three season svick39 has been voted out Durocher Award winner! It is a well deserved honor as svick has built quite the powerhouse in Nashville. It's a good time to be a Bootlegger (when is it not?!?!)!! Not only is svick doing well on the field but his Bootleggers have partnered nicely with Madmuldoon's whore's and moonshine business!! And that is good news for all!

This is how voting broke down:

1. svick39- 7 votes: Wishlist, Sandberg, Ardthomp, Detsports, Hoopcoach, Sonofodin, Rugby

2. Detsports- 5 votes: Tomcecil, Mark, Ressda, Fencer, Svick

3. Fencer- 3 votes: jmuhtoff, Donmossi, Wylie

4. Swish- 2 votes: Dodger, carsneau

t5.Ressda- 1 vote: madmuldoon

t5. Rbedwell- 1 write-in vote: Pbsilver

1 voter abstained from voting.

Unfortunately, voting was down this season compared to the last few years with just 20 of 32 replying. Not a terrible number, and I'll continue to try to raise participation each year.

Congrats to all who received votes.You are doing something right if you received votes from your fellow owners!

Also, good luck to carseneau and rbedwell as they prepare to battle it out in the World Series! Going be fun to watch these two powerhouse teams slug it out in what will hopefully be a 7 game series!!

Lastly, please remember to re-up for next season as soon as you can, if you have not already done so. And again, if you've changed your mind about coming back next season,please let me know. We always roll quick, and I hope season 33 is no different!!!


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