Thursday, April 14, 2016



 Don ran away with the award this year taking the majority of the vote! Well deserved as his team won 30 more games this year than last, and they are still alive for a World Series title!! Congratulations Don!!!!

The voting broke down this way:

1. Donmossi- 11 votes (Sandberg, pbsilver, bkevin, pat, nosirrommij, ressda, kujhawker, fencer, aaronwayne, redsfan, jmuhtoff)

2. rbedwell- 3 votes (carseneau, madmuldoon, wylie)

t3. bkevin- 1 vote (donmossi)

t3. wishlist- 1 vote (detsports)

t3. dodger- 1 vote (hoopcoach)

Congrats to all nominees as it was well deserved. For those wondering why I nominated dodger, it was for his years od dedication to the league and being part of what makes this league great. Season 33 is his last.

On a down note, only 17 owners decided to vote (1 owner abstained from voting) which is down over the last few years. That is disappointing to me as I think it's a great award and is one of the special things about our league. I'll continue to push for over 90% participation with the dream of having all 32 owners vote someday.

That said, congrats to DONMOSSI! And best of luck to those who are lucky enough to still be alive for the World Series title!

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