Saturday, August 6, 2016

Season 34 Durocher Winner!!!

For the first time in the history of the Durocher we have co-winners as rbedwell and mdymond are this years Durocher Award winners!!! Congrats gentlemen, it is well deserved!

As for the voting, 21 of 32 owners voted, which is better than previous years and going in the right direction! I'll continue to hope for 90% next year, although I really hope we can get to 32 for 32 some year. If there are any suggestions, to improve voting or the award, please let me know!

Here is how the voting broke down:

1. rbedwell (6)- wishlist, carsneau, madmuldoon, jahu, pat, rugby

1. mdymond (6)- kujayhawk, sandberg, pbsilver, bkevin, sonofodin, donmossi

3. hawkeye (4)- hoopcoach, hacker, redsfan, detsports

4. svick (3)- ressda, aaronwayne, wylie

5. sonofodin (1)- jmuhtoff

As you can see there are 20 votes above, but I said 21. That is because rebwell abstained form the vote because he wanted to vote for himself, but chose not vote instead of doing so.

Congrats to everyone who was nominated, you are all great owners.

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