Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wrigleyville Power Rankings S12.1

The power rankings are making their first appearance of season 12 fashionably late this season, mainly a result of my forgetting about them. My apologies the Ville's owners. Monumental surprise in the first edition this season.....

1. Tampa Bay (1st NL South)
The Stars have unseated the mighty Kickapoos despite three less wins than mark's bunch. The 11 straight that jmas's guys have wrung up recently puts them atop the league.
Record: 69-33

2. Helena (1st AL West)
No Kickapoos here either. sordie and his Moonbats are competing for the title of the class of the AL. Much like Tampa, the Moonbats are riding an extreme win streak to the top of the Ville's power rankings.
Record: 68-34

3. San Francisco (1st NL West)
You didn't think that mark's crew would really be too far down, did you? The Kickapoos seem to have had a somewhat down season, but you couldn't tell it since they're the winningest team in baseball.....again.
Record: 72-30

4. Hartford (1st AL East)
The, Crushers appear to have recovered from their fall from grace in the East last season, when they finished 3rd. aromano's boys currently have the second best record in the AL, and the distance between them and the next is not even close.
Record: 67-35

5. Kansas City (1st NL North)
The Spittoons have ridden the big bats of Vic Velasquez and Tyrone Beck to a 9 game lead over their North brethren. The sweep of Milwaukee they just wrapped up certainly helped.
Record: 63-39

6. Syracuse (1st NL East)
The MOOSEN haven't had to deal with rbedwell's Crabbers this season....or any of the rest of the NL East. Barring a collapse the likes of which we haven't seen since the Mets of a few years ago, rugby should be coasting to the division championship.
Record: 66-36

7. Indianapolis (2nd AL East)
Just when ardthomp thought he was going to have a clear path to the division championship (thanks to Boston's amazing collapse), Hartford jumps back into the picture and thwarts the Indians' clear path.
Record: 59-43

8. Tucson (2nd NL West)
Even in a rebuilding season, snowedin's guys are second in the division. You have to wonder if he owns the deed to that position since he's been there each of the last six seasons.
Record: 54-48

9. Memphis (1st AL South)
The reigning world champs have a slim lead over the AL South, but until tchagnon is unseated, can't count the Blues out. It must be good to be the champ...
Record: 53-49

10. Jacksonville (2nd NL South)
The fightin' Manatees appear to be in the midst of a resurgence this season. Sure, they're 17 back in the division race, but sandleaguer is a mere two games out of one of those coveted Wild Card spot.
Record: 52-50

11. San Juan (2nd NL East)
A somewhat puzzling season so far for the Santurce Crabbers. This team competed with Syracuse for the East title right down to the last game in season 11. But they're currently 14 games back and are two out of a Wild Card spot.
Record: 52-50

12. Cincinnati (3rd AL East)
jmuthoff has his Howlers in third in the AL East currently, which is good enough for a Wild Card spot. But now is not the time to rest for the Howlers hold that spot by only four games.
Record: 55-47

13. Boston (4th AL East)
The Knights round out what may be the best division in the Ville. avantrael's boys are the highest ranked cellar dwellers, and they're not far from playoff contention.
Record: 52-50

14. Portland (1st AL North)
The Pandemonium are the lowest ranked division leader and are just hanging on to a .500 record. pbsilver may want to put his foot on the gas though since Chicago is a mere one game back.
Record: 51-51

15. Nashville (3rd AL South)
illicit's Posse is within pouncing distance of the division lead, but they shouldn't wait too long to make their move since the team the Posse is chasing happens to be the champs.
Record: 48-54

16. Chicago (2nd AL North)
kumbiakings is hanging tough with the defending North champs at only one game back. Luckily for the Aztecs, while the AL East may be the best division in the Ville, the AL North may be the worst, meaning a better chance at the lead.
Record: 50-52

17. Milwaukee (2nd NL North)
What a difference a season makes. The Sturgeon were the butt of jokes by this writer last season. But in season 12, pat's guys have led the North for most of the season and were just recently jumped by the Spittoons.
Record: 54-48

18. Vancouver (3rd NL West)
Record: 49-53

19. Charleston (4th AL South)
Record: 48-54

20. Jackson (2nd AL South)
Record: 51-51

21. San Diego (2nd AL West)
Record: 48-54

22. Fargo (3rd AL North)
Record: 45-57

23. Wichita (4th NL West)
Record: 49 - 53

24. St. Louis (4th AL North)
Record: 40-62

25. Albuquerque (3rd AL West)
Record: 42-60

26. New Orleans (4th NL South)
Record: 44-58

27. Toledo (3rd NL East)
Record: 41-59

28. Seattle (3rd NL North)
Record: 38-64

29. Charlotte (3rd NL South)
Record: 45-57

30. Trenton (4th NL East)
Record: 38-64

31. Salem (4th AL West)
Record: 36-66

32. Tacoma (4th NL North)
Record: 33-69

My apologies for not providing analysis on the last 15. Ran out of time. Will get 'em all next time around.

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