Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wrigleyville Power Rankings S12.2

Another week down. Another week closer to the playoffs. And here is that week's Wrigleyville power rankings.

1. San Franciscio (1st NL West)
They're baaaaaack. Apparently last week's power rankings pissed the 'poos off. Since press time of those rankings, mark's bunch ran off a 13-7 record and stormed back to the top of the rankings.
Record: 85-37
Previous: 3 (+2)

2. Helena (1st AL West)
The Moonbats continue to click off win after win after win. They're currently battling San Francisco for the top record in all of the Ville.
Record: 82-40 (0)
Previous: 2

3. Tampa Bay (1st NL South)
All they do is win. Much like the Moonbats, jmas's Stars continue to win despite the massive gap between themselves and the second place Manatees
Record: 82-40 (-2)
Previous: 1

4. Hartford (1st AL East)
The Crushers maintained their spot from last week's power rankings and are hanging tough with Helena for that coveted top playoff spot in the AL.
Record: 78-44
Previous: 4 (0)

5. Syracuse (1st NL East)
The NL East leaders still have their comfortable lead over their nemesis in San Juan. If I recall correctly, they were down about two games at this point last season, so a 13 game lead has kept rugby's blood pressure down this time around.
Record: 77-45
Previous: 6 (+1)

6. Wichita (4th NL West)
No that's not a misprint. hoopcoach's Wind has rode an 8 game win streak (9-1 in the last ten) all the way up the power rankings. A wildcard spot isn't out of reach for the NL West cellar dwellers.
Record: 62-60
Previous: 23 (+17)

7. Portland (1st AL North)
Last week, I gave pbsilver the advice of stepping on the gas to put some distance between himself and Chicago in the race for the division. He heeded that advice and opened up a seven game lead.
Record: 64-58
Previous: 14 (+7)

8. Memphis (1st AL South)
The Blues didn't do anything to increase their lead on the South, but they still have that lead. Jackson and Charleston are still very much in the race, so the champs should probably wake up.
Record: 65-57
Previous: 9 (+1)

9. Jackson (2nd AL South)
Any questions on how close the race for the AL South crown is? The Blues can't outrun Justice (ba-bum-psh), as atprasad's gang is still hanging a mere two games back.
Record: 63-59
Previous: 20 (+11)

10. Tucson (2nd NL West)
The NL West is very well represented in the top ten of the power rankings, as the Ectoplasm is representative number three from the division. snowedin is riding the ROY-caliber season of Phillip Maloney (I definitely shouldn't have traded that guy) to what may be the 407th straight Tucson wild card spot.
Record: 64-58
Previous: 8 (-2)

11. San Juan (2nd NL East)
rbedwell's Santurce (call me ignorant, but what does that mean?) Crabbers have picked up the pace in the East. The odds are against them, but making up 13 games in the remaining 40 isn't impossible. If it doesn't happen though, they're should be able to fall back on a wild card berth.
Record: 64-58
Previous: 11 (0)

12. Vancouver (3rd NL West)
All four NL West members in the top 12. Wow. Mad's Totems can't seem to get over the hump and into second place in the West. Sure it's mostly irrelevant since they won't be getting to first until the records are reset for next season, but jumping Tucson would go a long way towards a wild card berth.
Record: 63-59
Previous: 18 (+6)

13. Kansas City (1st NL North)
Three DL-worthy injuries to the pitching staff (and a fourth for a day) have sent the Spittoons in a free fall. Luckily, the Sturgeon have been polite enough to not gain much ground on the leaders.
Record: 71-51
Previous: 5 (-8)

14. Indianapolis (2nd AL East)
The Indians haven't written off their chances for the East crown, but chasing down the Crushers is much easier said than done.
Record: 67-55
Previous: 7 (-7)

15. Boston (4th AL East)
avantrael's Knights are one spot ahead of the team they look up towards in the standings due to a slightly better record recently. Perhaps jumping the Howlers in the power rankings can lead to jumping them in the wild card rankings...
Record: 62-60
Previous: 13 (-2)

16. Cincinnati (3rd AL East)
Things have gotten a bit precarious in the Queen City. Last week at press time, the Howlers had a wild card spot. This week, they're tied for the final playoff spot. Might want to pick up the pace, jmuhtoff.
Record: 63-59
Previous: 12 (-4)

17. Milwaukee (2nd NL North)
pat has to be frustrated with his $111 million baby. Kansas City swung the door wide open for them and the big money fish have only managed to make up two games. Al Pineda's only out for a few more cycles, boys....
Record: 62-60
Previous: 17

18. Jacksonville (2nd NL South)
Life's gotta be rough as a Manatee. You're in second in your division, but you're long out of that race. Then you spend your time looking up at super teams San Juan and Tucson (among others) in the wild card. sandleaguer's going to be hitting the whiskey soon (if he hasn't already).
Record: 62-60
Previous: 10 (-8)

19. Charleston (3rd AL South)
Much like the Manatees above them, the Tobacco Farmers are mired in the muck of the AL South and stuck looking up at perennial playoff contenders in the wild card. If they cut back on the smoking, they might be able to make a run...
Record: 58-64
Previous: 19 (0)

20. Fargo (3rd AL North)
It's all downhill from here. I don't see the Dawks poking their heads into the playoffs this season. They can at least take solace in the fact that they've made slight advances in the power rankings from last week.
Record: 56-66
Previous: 22 (+2)

21. St. Louis (4th AL North)
Things may be looking up the gateway city. Actually, I know they are. It took all of last season for the Hawks to get to 52 wins. They're already there this season and they still have 40 games left.
Record: 52-70
Previous: 24 (+3)

22. Albuquerque (3rd AL West)
What happened in the New Mexico deserts this season? The Turkeys flew (yes, flew) their way to a second place division finish and a wild card spot last season. Neither look to be happening this time around.
Record: 54-68
Previous: 25 (+3)

23. New Orleans (3rd NL South)
lag, you can only blame Katrina for the Waders' ineptitude for so long. It's been five years man, time to move on and start winning more.
Record: 53-69
Previous: 26 (+3)

24. Chicago (2nd AL North)
The Aztecs are still within shouting distance of division leader Portland, but it's about time for them to make their move. Of course, if things go like they did last season, kumbia may need to just keep the pace since the Pandemonium crashed at the end of the season and backed in to the playoffs.
Record: 57-65
Previous: 16 (-8)

25. San Diego (2nd AL West)
The lowest ranked of the second place teams, the Salmonbellies are three games from matching last season's record. They hosted the playoff viewing party last season, but the league rules for that require the host be in last. Sorry mdymond, no hosting the party this season.
Record: 57-65
Previous: 21 (-4)

26. Charlotte (4th NL South)
Monkeys unite! The Coyote and his primates are only 4 games from matching last season's win total. See what happens when the poo stops flying?
Record: 52-70
Previous: 29 (+3)

27. Nashville (4th AL South)
This is what happens when you spend too much time hanging around listening to country music: you end up crying in your beer with your dog and your shotgun at your side as you sit in the bed of your pickup. Most country music mourns the singer's significant other's leaving them. illicit's country music mourns going from 2nd in the South to last in one season.
Record: 54-68
Previous: 15 (-12)

28. Seattle (3rd NL North)
The Supersonics are performing about as well this season as their basketball brethren did before moving to Oklahoma City. Perhaps a change of scenery is needed in the offseason. It worked for the Thunder....(they also had Kevin Durant. Might want to see if he plays baseball before making the move)
Record: 46-76
Previous: 28 (0)

29. Trenton (4th NL East)
boehnerm thought he was fielding a team of baseball players. Turns out that it's really a team of Snooki and her family. Downside of playing in Jersey, apparently.
Record: 46-76
Previous: 30 (+1)

30. Toledo (3rd NL East)
Going 2-8 in their last ten has the Beavers looking for something, anything that could be a message from the man above. Even in tough times, these guys stick to their moniker, well done.
Record: 49-73
Previous: 27 (-3)

31. Tacoma (4th NL North)
The Toyotas may have finally hit rock bottom in their quest to rebuild. Hey sandberg, care to send Parra out to KC?
Record: 41-81
Previous: 32 (+1)

32. Salem (4th AL West)
The Miracle currently has the inside track for hosting the playoff viewing party from the clubhouse of volatile Volcanoes Stadium. Been a long painful path from winning the division for the first six seasons down to last in the division (and power rankings) in season 12.
Record: 41-81
Previous: 31 (-1)

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