Monday, October 10, 2011


The SYRACUSE MOOSE traded Thom Gates and Garry Olsen to the MINNESOTA MISFITS for Davey Gomez and Benny O'Leary
Minnesota gets a nice Set-up/closer and a Good hitting SS that may be a better fit at 3rd. The Moose get a Nice LF prospect and a Waiver claim pitcher.

The SAN DIEGO SALMONBELLIES traded Rex Maxwell to the MADISON MUSKELLUNGES for Tony Hernandez and Dioner Cano
The Salmonbellies get a Nice LF prospect and a AAA pitcher that has control problems. The Musky's get a good young M L Set-up pitcher.

The SANTA FE SERGEIS traded Rudy West and Steven Daniels to the ARIZONA COBRAS for Kimera Oliver and Clarence Christiansen
Arizona gets younger with 2 pitching prospects. Santa Fe gets some ML Pitching with the aquisition of Kimera "The Imposter" Oliver and Clarence 'The Invisible Rabbit" Christiansen.

The BURLINGTON COAT FACTORY traded Scott May to the SANTA FE SERGEIS for Stump Lawson
Santa Fe gets some more M L Pitching with the addition of Scott "Comewhat" May . Burlinton picks up pitching prospect, Stump "I fought the" Lawson.

Santos Mercado
Santos "outdoor" Mercado is on the DL again .This time it's just a strained elbow. Here was what I wrote last year when he went on the 60 day DL...:Ouch!! this 14 million dollar a year pitcher will miss several months with Elbow Tendinitis. He still has another year left on that big contract. Look for him to be traded when he comes off the DL. Well he wasn't traded ...but the Sturgeons did declined their option. He was picked up in free agency by the Crushers for a bargain price of 5.4 million.

Mickey Harville
The Black sox lost Mickey "The Monkey" Harville for Two and a Half Months. It seems he got his arm broken while arm wrestling Dullaghan ,during contract negotiations.  

Trever Goodwin
Trever will not be shouting" Any Win is a Goodwin!! for 3 weeks. He's having ACL trouble.

Brady Sefcik
Frequent DL flyer Brady "Suffering" Sefick is back on the DL. Here is last years DL post: ."Brady "Suffering" Sefcik is on the Major League DL for the 7th time. He will be back eaning his 5 mil in a couple of weeks." Suffering Succotash!!! He's back on the 15 day DL. Tampa may be rethinking that Extension. He should return in a week. But you may see him on the DL again before the year is out. The Suffering continues.

Wilson Standridge
Tough luck for the Bleacher Bums!! Wilson will miss 2 months with a strained Foot....WILSON!!!!! OH .....WILSON.....NO!!!

Emmanuel Soto
Emmanual "D" Soto is out a couple of weeks with Back spasms. It's tough driving a stick!

Nick McConnell
Talk about driving a stick . Someone needs to drive a stake through this kids heart and put him out of his misery. He will be sucking the blood out of the Toyotas with a 25 health rating.This DL darling should rise again in 2 weeks.

Toby Rogers
Little Toby "Mister" Rogers carrys a big bat. Thats probably what strained his shoulder. Should be back in 2 weeks.

Victor Roosevelt
Will someone let this Geezer retire!!! Comon.... Hoopcoach!! A stiff wind will blow him apart. He will be back on his HOVER ROUND in 2 weeks.


Santos Manto
Black Sox
Age: 18B/T: S/R
Born: Fundacion, DO
Position(s): CF
View Hardball Dynasty Profile

Just a defensive rookie league guy.

Jair Vazquez
Age: 18B/T: S/R
Born: San Cristobal, DO
Position(s): 3B/1B/DH
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If he stays healthy he could pich hit in the Majors someday. 2.5 millon gamble

Christian Shin
Age: 18B/T: R/R
Born: Fukuoka, JP
Position(s): C
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Building up some minor league catching.

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