Tuesday, May 22, 2012


My friends this makes 4 seasons we have voted for the Owner of the year. And the participation has been solid with 2/3 of the league voting for the Durocher Award winner.Below are 4 worthy nominees and I hope we have 100% participation.Vote for your favorite to the left of this column and you have 7 days to vote. Thanks for another grand season in Wrigleyville.--MAD

SWISHNEV- This nomination is a no brainer..so to speak. Swish's Arizona Club is leading the A L and he also contributes to the blog occasionally.Swish took a struggling team over 5 seasons ago and has turned them into winners.Here is what a fellow owner had to say about Swish : "He has done a great job building the team back up in that tough AL West".

RBEDWELL- What can I say about our fellow owner Rbedwell. Let me start by saying that he has been a resource to most of us when we have a question about HBD. Thats why I've dubbed him the Professor...well theres that, and he's a teacher too. The Professors San Juan Santurce Crabbers are also the class of the N L and have represented the N L in the last 2 World Series, winning 1 . Here is what a nominating owner had to say: "best record in the league. Finished first again".

MADMULDOON- Well, I usually dont put my name in for the Durocher due to the fact that usually my team really sucks. They still suck but not really suck, so............I will bow to some owners that think I deserve consideration.Heres what a owner had to say: "I nominate Madmuldoon for not only fielding a quality team, but more importantly make the league a better league through all of his contributions. What Madmuldoon brings to this league is clearly more than any other owner does. I vote Madmuldoon"

AARONWAYNE- Lets see...... Aaronwayne took a struggling team 10 seasons ago and now they are going to claim their 6th consecutive division title. Even though he hasn't won the Series yet, his consitancy should be worth something. These Dogs can hunt and its just a matter of time before they win it all. One owner had this to say about Aaronwayne: "I'll go with Fargo/aaronwayne for The Durocher Award because he always kicks my ass."

Others recieving nominations: Sandberg10, Mark3313, Mdymond

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