Sunday, June 7, 2015

Wrigleyville Power Rankings Edition 30.1

As promised here are the first edition of the Power Rankings. In reality, they mean nothing, so please don't hate me if you think you're in the wrong spot. I want to get this blog going again (although it'll never again reach the level where Mad had it!), and this is the first step. I used current record, recent performance, offensive rank (total runs), pitching rank (ERA), defensive rank (errors made) and gut feeling for these rankings. Without further ado, here they are (feel free to discuss in the chat):

1. San Juan Santurce Crabbers 87-40 (Off Rank:9/Defensive rank: 2/Pitching:4)- With the best record in Wirgleyville, San Juan receives our first #1 ranking! They hit, pitch and field all at a high level. Our defending champs look to be ready to defend their title!

2. Jackson Black Bears 83-44 (11/15/1): The Black Bears contend year in and year out, and this season is no different! They lead the league in pitching, but the Crabbers might have the best top of the rotation guys. I'm sure we'll find out who is has the better staff in the NLCS.

3. Santa Cruz Wildcats 79-48 (3/21/5): The Wildcats sit atop the AL West, the best division in Wrigleyville. Whoever wins that division surely deserves a pat on the back, and a night with one of Madmuldoon's finest hookers (I'd pick Debby, but that's just my preference!)

4.Vancouver Blitz 78-49 (2/4/10): We stay in the AL West for our 4th best team at the moment. There isn't much Vancouver doesn't do well, and they'll give Santa Cruz all they can handle for the division.

5. Texas Lonestars 81-46 (4/5/8): Any team within 5 games in the division of Jackson this late in the season must be doing something right. If the Lonestars don't catch Jackson, they'll surely be a wild card team, and a team no one wants to face come playoffs time.

6. Santa Fe Blues 74-53 (1/19/26): The leaders of the AL South can absolutely rake! They have the strongest lineup from top to down in the league. Question will be, can their offense be enough to overcome some shaky pitching in October (aka the postseason).

7. Arizona Cobras 74-53 (5/13/15)- For the 3rd time already we go to the AL West and find the Cobras. As they should have half the teams in the AL playoffs, I'm going bet the American League representative in the WS will come out of the west. Arizona has lost 4 straight, but they'll be just fine.

8. Nashville Bootleggers 73-54 (16/17/12)- If the AL West is the best division in the league/AL, the NL South currently rules the National League. The Bootleggers currently sit 3rd, but hold the 2nd WC spot. They've won 7 of their last 10, and Joseph Kobayashi is having a fine rookie year. Plus, I hear you can get a nice moonshine postgame.

9. Cleveland Coconuts 71-56 (8/8/14)- The Coconuts lead the AL East, led by Wayne Howard leading the league in hitting at a .350 clip. They've struggled to a 3-7 record in their last 10, but they should see the postseason for the first time in 15 seasons.

10. Syracuse Moose 71-56 (21-3-6)- Unfortunately for Syracuse, they're in the same division as San Juan. They currently sit 2 games back of the final WC spot. Other NL teams should hope they don't find a way in as they can pitch and defend, and we all know what wins series: pitching and defense (and maybe a few prayers to the HBD gods).

11. Louisville Redtails 66-61 (6/9/18)- The Redtails are chasing the Coconuts in the AL East, and possess some of the best bats in Wrigleyvillle.

12. Salt Lake City Utes 71-56 (19/20/2)- The Utes lead the NL West, and possess some quality arms. They've seen their lead in the West cut in half over the last few weeks, largely because of inconsistent offense and defense.

13. Tacoma Toyotas 69-58 (20/15/3)- the Toyotas have driven (get it! Driven! Toyotas! HAHAHA-the blog is officially back to legendary levels!) themselves to the top of the NL North. Like the Utes ahead of them, they can really pitch, but their offense and defense may not be consistent enough to make a deep playoff run.

14. New Britain Bruins 66-61 (18/18/11)- Miguel Blanco is ageless, as the future hall of famer continues to be one of the best arms in Wrigleyville at the age of 36. The Bruins will be in the postseason, but their future is bright too with Hiatt, Urena and Lombard having quality rookie years.

15. Boston Knights 66-61 (12/7/21) -Sonofodin is having a nice first season with Boston. Winners of 7 of their last 10, the Knights sit 5 games back of Cleveland.

16. Colorado Springs Bandits 66-61 (27/24/9)- The Bandits have been 25-11 since the all-star break, and they are looking to steal (give it?? BANDITS! STEAL! Wow, this blog should not be free) the division from the Utes who have seen their 11 game lead dwindle to 5 games.

17. Charlotte Sometimes 61-66 (7/23/27)- Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose as seen in their 5-5 record in their last 10.  Pat Chong has been impressive in the closers role in his rookie season.

18. Portland Mist Monsters 58-69 (29/12/7)- Losers of their last 6, the Mist Monsters have seen some good pitching this season let down by quiet bats. Ardthomp has some pieces to build on though, and a few guys who can really flash the leather.

19. Houston Devil Ducks 57-70 (15/1/28)-Speaking of flashing leather, the Devil Ducks are owners of the best defense in the league. Mysticrain took over this franchise after nwsheehy owned them for the first 29 seasons, and it'll take a few seasons for mystic to put his stamp on the franchise but the Devil Ducks are happy to have him leading their quack pack.

20. Fargo Prairie Dogs 59-68 (10/29/25)- Winners of 4 in a row, the Prairie Dogs remain in striking distance of New Britain. After a 98 win season last year, Fargo looks to find some of last years mojo down the stretch.

21. New York Life Model Decoys 59-68 (13/27/20)- NYLMD continue to get better each season. Fencer has his franchise on the right path. Barrett and Amaral are two players any club would love to build around.

22. Wichita Wind Sizzlers 56-71 (17/26/19)- The Wind Sizzlers have played better baseball as of late.They have the tough task of being in the same division three of our best franchises, Darrryl Moore has 60 home runs in AAA and is going be more than a hand full to deal with for years to come. As will the arm of Kazuhiro Donald. They have all the pieces to compete in the East.

23. St. Louis Spirits 54-73 (26/16/25)- St. Louis has not produced many wins this season, but they do produce a mighty fine vodka among other spirits. Another franchise just waiting for their youth to age like a fine bourbon. Walker and Fletcher both made this years Futures team.

24. Milwaukee Sturgeons 58-69 (25/22/13)- Milwaukee has been struggling of late. Losers of 9 of their last 10 seeing the Sturgeons quickly falling out of the NL North race. Pat is a Wrigleyville original owner and drafted a fine player in Flip Ranaudo.

25. Chicago Black Hawks 52-75 (14/32/32)- Fortunately for the Black Hawks, the city is focused on their hockey team and the Stanley Cup, unfortunately it looks like their pitching and defense is too. Dick Sadler is fun to watch though!

26. Madison Muskellunges 53-74 (24/25/24)- After a world series title and a few 100 win seasons, Madison is restocking the talent pond (get it?? RESTOCKING! MUSKELLUNGES (look it up, I know I did!)! Jamie Bradley is still a beast, and at 29 still has enough good season left to be around when the Muskellunges are fully fertile again.

27. Seattle BOO-YAHS 52-75 (31/31/16) BOO-YAH! Don't ya just love saying that! Unfortunately for Seattle there have not been many BOO-YAH moments this season. Louie Cook should be able to provide plenty of BOO-YAHS in a few seasons however. So lets say it again...BOO-YAH!!

28. Salem Salmonbellies 52-75 (22/28/29)- Salem is also restocking their talent pond (get it?!?!? AGAIN!). Another franchise who won over 100 games just a few years back, so there's no doubt they'll be back to a top team soon. Just what the AL West needs...another quality team! The rich get richer!

29.  New Orleans Canjun Critters 53-74 (28/6/17)- It's always a good to have a solid defense to build around, and New Orleans clearly has that. They just need to lay off the muffuletta's, Tony Hernandez is 43 home runs away from 500. Wylie will have the Critters back towards the top soon, it shouldn't take's not like there's many good players in the NL South....

30. Scottsdale Schizoids 47-80 (32/30/23)- Is all the hookers and booze finally catching up to the Schizoids?? Probably not, but things have not been all that pleasant in Scottsdale this season. However, if the Schizoids don't reach the 60 win mark, Mad has vowed to abstain from sex, booze and drugs for the entire 31st season of Wrigleyville. No pressure boys!

31. Philadelphia Cream Cheese 45-82 (23/10/30)-Mmmmm cream cheese....okay I'm getting a little tired, and judging by the record, I believe Philly can relate. That said, Philly has lived in no man's land  (aka 75-80 win seasons) the last few years. It isn't the worst thing to get a high draft pick next season to add to the likes of Ted McNamara and Javier Lopez.

32. Cincinnati Red Light Districts 41-86 (30/11/31) And here we are, finally in the Red Light District, and I need it after this. Cincy is in rebuild mode after a WS title 10 seasons ago.They continue to gather quality prospects (who wouldn't want to play in the Red Light District??), making them a team folks are going love going to see more reasons than just the X-rated entertainment.

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