Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm gonna Miss ya "OLD FART"

  My friend from Clutch Racing Dynasty (itsamiracle) has left the world. After WIS shut down our racing league several months ago . Several of my gearhead brothers inquired about using their points towards HBD. Only itsamiracle had the guts to try it.  I also warned him that this simulation is many times more complex and time consuming than old CRD.  I spent many, many hours on the sitemail instructing him on the basics. All the while he kept trying to get it right. He made some boner moves ,yes. But I remember how I screwed up them first years .And i told him so. This season I let him try it on his own and I think he didn't care for it. When he ran into trouble I offered my help several times but he was determined to play it on his own. Then for some reason he just up and quit on us. I am disapointed that he left the way he did . But I still consider him a Cyber-friend .
  So when Coach(a.k.a "the Sommelier") took over , and said "the guy was a dumb*ss" Then he said "  just saying this is a rare occurance that some idiot just blindly releases one of the franchises best players" . Then several other Owners piled on and berated itsamiracle. I don't mind saying that I was pissed off.  It has taken several days before I wrote this article. And cooler heads have prevailed . I understand the frustration of taking over a team that was mismanaged, so when Coach uncorked a few bottles of his favorite Whine. So be it . What i don't understand is the meaness and the pack mentality of some long time Owners. For some reason I thought our make believe World was above Poo Flinging. Well....since the Chimps changed their name.
For what its worth department. Itsamiracle had nothing but good things to say about everyone here. And this is his departing note that he sent me after Mark the commish asked if he was O.K:

Actually, not O.K.

But first I really need to thank Doon for all his help in assisting me understanding and "working" this game. After 1 1/2 seasons I've come to the conclusion that even after 5, 6, or 8 seasons I could never compete with Sordie (in my division). He is WIS version of the N.Y. Yankees and I'm sure it took him a long time to get where he is. I don't have that kind of time, therefore I'm (sadly) done with wrigleyville.

Y'all seem like a great bunch of guys and I wish you well.


Naples, Fl.

Is Itsamiracle a quitter? YES ........ Is he a  Whiner? Aren't We all........... Is he an Dumbass or Idiot? Not in my Book.

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