Thursday, August 23, 2012


This will be the 5th year that we award one of our own with thw Durocher Award. All 4 are worthy of mention and I hope all owners will participate in the voting process. Thankyou all.

MARK3313 - Mark is a worthy nominee just for his tireless work keeping this world filled. Add his juggenaut of a team and he has to be considered one of the favorites.Marks Kickapoos won their 4th Wrigleyville World Series last season and will have the top seed in this years N L playoff bracket.Here is what one owner had to say while nominating Mark: "I nominate mark3313 for The Durocher Award this season because he once again put an amazing team on the field and for his continued excellence in this world."

SWISHNEV23 - Looks like Swish will win the tough A L West and grab the top seed in this years AL playoff bracket. Swish's Cobras are among the best Hitting,Pitching and Fielding teams in Wrigleyville.They are a sound team and are a favorite to make it back to the World Series.Here is a comment from one nomination: " I nominate swishnev23 (Arizona). He has created a monster of a team in the AL West."

RBEDWELL - Not only is Ralph one of the most successful owners in Wrigleyville, he is also the one I go to for answers. His knowledge of this "game of ours" is extensive and can be a great resource when you have a head scratching problem. While his Crabbers will make you scratch in other places, they usually are a top seed in the playoffs.And this year is no different, with a 100+ win team and the #2 seed in the NL bracket.Ralph is a worthy nominee.Here is what one owner had to say: " My nomination is rbedwell. He gets the most out of his players and teams. In one word: Winner."

SORDIE- For the first time EVER, Sordies Moonbats missed the playoffs last year. That was 14 consecutive years and BABY they are BACK!They sport the 2nd best record in the A L and will be a force in the playoffs. Sordie is a worthy nominee just for the ability to get back off the canvas and the Moonbats are a wild card in name only.  This comment sums it up best. "I nominate sordie. He's a funny guy. Give that man a pony."

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