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San Francisco
San Francisco Kickapoos (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: Just my luck (or Marks) that I predicted the decline of the Kickapoos.  It was a given on the division crown and tho I thought they would go far in the post season. I figured they would be beaten by one of the N L East teams.And in classic Kickapoo fashion, they turn around and win the whole darn thing!The Champion Kickapoos are not as strong as before, but Mark will make some moves during the season, like last year. San Francisco will win this division and the mid-season adjustments will have them primed for a repeat.PREDICTION:99-63

OUT: Sammy Gandarillas , Rico Morales , B.C. McMillan , Fred Lee , Andre Scanlan , Pablo Mairena

IN: Miguel Martis , Rodrigo Merced , Benito Franco , Stuart Hausmann , Alexei Quinones , Christian Shin , Alfredo Herrera

PREVIEW: The Kickapoos were still strong enough to win 109 games and the division. They went into the playoffs with the #2 rated pitching staff (2.97 ERA) a good defense (.985 FPct-8th) and good hitting (.273 BA-9th). With a first round bye, Marks boys faced the Coat Factories in the DCS and lost 3 games to 1. In the offseason Mark re-signed Quinton Sauer then let Gandarillas,Morales,McMillan,Lee,Scanlan and Mairena go to free agency. Now Mark has a few holes to plug up, so he first signed free agents Martis,Merced,Franco,Hausmann and promoted Quinones. Then he picked up Shin and Herrera in the R-5 draft. Marks team is growing old and he let many senior citizens walk the free agent plank. They also freed uo some money, so Mark spent 13.5 million on free agent replacements. From what I can see the replacements are solid players that will help the ageing Kickapoos vie for the Division crown...again. PREDICTION:98-64


LAST YEARS PREVIEW: I have a young team here and they play that way. The win streaks were followed by losing streaks and repeated over and over.It kind of reminded me of bungie jumping. It's fun for a while, but to much will make you throw up.I hope that the signing of Sting(You Two) Hansen will keep other teams from pitching around Peter Okajima. Most of my team is coming into their prime and I hope they will play consistant ball. I'm optomistic about this year but were still not good enough to supplant the Kickapoos.PREDICTION:88-74

OUT: Chien-Ming Dong

IN: Steven Daniels

PREVIEW: My team beat my expectation of 88 wins and the Vancouver fans took the paper sacks off their heads. All the credit goes to the 5th ranked pitching staff (3.63 ERA) and the 13th ranked defense (.984 FPct). If the woeful offense (.257 BA-24th) could have got their act together.Who knows what could have been?? Regardless, the Totems went into the post-season as the #6 seed and beat the Bullshippers 3 games to 1. Then they were summarily swept by the eventual champs in the DCS. In the offseason I let the Dongster go to free agency and I replaced him by promoting Daniels. I'm gonna give this bunch another try after they made the playoffs hoping the Kickapoos slip a little. Most of my team is home grown and should be coming into their prime. We will see how well my farm system worked! PREDICTION:95-67

Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs Bandits (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: Ressda and Polly Esther have gone their seperate ways. She was deflated after Brownsox blew town. The Colorado Spring Bandits also were left behind by most of the league with only 68 wins. This team took a step back from the previous seasons mainly due to a porous defense(110 team errors,.982 fielding percentage).As expected, the catching core was tied for the worst caught stealing percentage (.186 ). They threw out only 27 base stealers in 188 attempts.The Bandits still need a defensive catcher and have a slot open with 8 million in cap space.Ressda added some good pitching and a nice RF'er and that should help. But this team still not ready for the post season.PREDICTION:75-87

OUT: Herman White , Nicholas Jamison , Jerome Floyd , Lucas Myers , Dean Hayes , Taylor Riggs

IN: Jacob Kwon , John Bland , Chien-Ming Dong , Hong-Chih Tamura , Ricardo Johnson

PREVIEW: The Bandits finished near my prediction last year. This was a step in the right direction mainly due to a upgrade in pitching. Ressdas hurlers went from a 4.40 ERA-18th best in season 18 to a 4.19 ERA-11th best last year. Now if he can upgrade the hitting (.264 BA-16th) and fielding (.982 FPct-27th) we may have a contender. In the offseason Ressda re-signed Carson Bailey and let White,Jamison,Floyd,and Myers go to free agency. Then he released Hayes and Riggs outright to finish the housecleaning. With a couple gaps to plug Ressda signed free agents Kwon,Bland and Dong. The he promoted Tamura and grabbed Johnson in the R-5. The additions of Bland,Johnson and Tamura will help the offense but the defense may still need some work. Still it's a step in the right direction for Colorado springs. Right now they are a .500 team and could do better with some breaks. PREDICTION:81-81


LAST YEARS PREVIEW: Yep, Hoopcoach's Defense was the worst ..again. They outdid last years error total by 15. With 160 total errors and a fielding percentage of .974 this team never had a chance. But on the bright side the Witcita Wind picked up Felipe Baez and Diego Sanches in the draft and the # 4 pick in this years draft.Hoopcoach still has 3 spots open and the season starts in a few hours. So I have no idea how this team will fare?? And he only has 200k in cap space so he may have to promote some talent from AAA. PREDICTION:70-92???

OUT: Darren McCorley , Cesar Gomez , Emmanuel Busby , Larry Stratton , Chip Wilson

IN: Jae Kojima , Christopher McBride , Art Desmond , Antonio Wells

PREVIEW: The Witchita Wind is just a breeze no with yet another 100 loss season.Last years doldrum of a season was mainly due to the 2nd worst hitting team (.246 BA) and the worst fielding team (.975 FPct) in Wrigleyville.Add a below average pitching squad (4.67 ERA-19th) and Hoopcoachs kite will no longer fly. In the offseason Hoopcoach let McCorley go to free agency and he released Gomez,Busby,Stratton and Wilson. With a few empty roster spots Hoopcoach signed free agent Kojima and promoted Mcbride. Then he grabbed Desmond and Wells in the R-5 draft. There was many questions and answers on the Chat about Witchitas defensive players. And Hoopcoach seems to be going in the right direction with the promotion of Mcbride.The 3 pitchers added will also upgrade the pitching but The Wind still has a ways to go. PREDICTION: 70-92

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