Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Award Winners Season 8

MVP A. L. ,RF Ricardo Torres-- Chicago Aztecs , This player is the Taylor Swift of Wrigleyville .In addition to his MVP hardware he walked away with ROY honors and a Silver Slugger to boot. Torres hit 50 homers and knocked in 133 runs while hitting 321.Oh and he swiped 29 bases just to rub it in .

MVP N L ,RF Vic Benitez--Aneheim 49ers, Benitez now has a MVP trophy to add to his All Star MVP Award. Benitez hit 320 ,blasted66 homers and drove in 160 runs.

CY YOUNG A L , Ramon LO--St Louis Browns, This pitcher won his second CY-Young honor (5TH Year) with a record of 20-5 . Lo also struck out 153 while posting a 1.09 WHIP and 2.80 ERA.

CY YOUNG N L ,Don Dixon--San Fransisco Kickapoos ,This former ROY winner(1ST Year)won his first CY-YOUNG and probably not his last. Dixon won the award by posting a record of 21-4 with 192 Strikeouts . He also boasts a 1.02 WHIP and 2.59 ERA.

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR A L ,RF Ricardo Torres--Chicago Aztecs, Like I said above Kumbia has a great player here .He has a good start to the HOF with this award.

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR N L ,C JJ(Good Times) Clark--Tampa Bay Stars, After his first full in the majors .Clark rewarded jmas410's trust by bringing home the Bling. He Hit 318 with 45 homers and drove in 109 Ribbies.

FIREMAN OF THE YEAR A L ,Oswaldo Castilla--Cincinatti Howlers, Castilla won his first award after his second year as the Howlers closer. The former setup pitcher saved 45 out of 50 appearances with a eye popping 0.90 WHIP and a 2.85 ERA.

FIREMAN OF THE YEAR N L ,Apollo West--Tacoma Toyotas, This former ROY(5TH Year) won his 3RD FOY award(5th,7th Year) .This fireballer saved 52 out of 58 appearances while posting an outstanding 0.95 WHIP and a ERA of 2.95.


DH- Sammy Estrada --Longshots

C- Mike Hayes--Tobacco Farmers

1B- Rich Rando--Justice

2B- Robin(The) King--Associates

3B- Rich(re) Ward --Associates

SS- Toby Rogers--Posse

LF- Mo Swann--Browns

CF- John(My friend) Daniels--Aztecs

RF- Ricardo Torres--Aztecs


P- Seth Rando--Toyotas

C- JJ Clark --Stars

1B- Arthur Griffiths --Kickapoos

2B- Wayne Snyder-- Kickapoos

3B- Willie(or wont he) Mercado-- Santurce Crabbers

SS- Benito(save the) Ozuna-- Kickapoos

LF- Vic Valazquez-- Ectoplasm

CF- Lonny Carpenter-- Hip Waders

RF- Dale(NASCAR LOVE CHILD) Gordon-- Ectoplasm


P- Jae Yamaguchi--Long Shots

C- Lee(miscon) Stroud -- Pandemonium

1B- Bill(money) Green-- Indians

2B- Russ Newhouser--Browns

3B- Rich(RE) Ward-- Associates

SS- Earnest Maxwell-- Justice

LF- Don Oliver-- Blues

CF- Ivan Bautista-- Sun devils

RF- Dennis Langston-- Browns


P- Bill(The OCTO) McCracken-- Tripods

C- Bob(hung) Lowe--49ers

1B- Kenny Hart-- Totems

2B- Todd Tanner-- Toyotas

3b- Ignacio Sosa-- Kickapoos

SS- Charlie Christiansen-- Toyotas

LF- Freddie(no) Mohr-- Sturgeon

CF- Lonny Carpenter-- Hip Waders

RF- Mack Manning --Highlanders

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