Monday, November 30, 2009

Wylie Moves to Charlotte

Wylie715 has uprooted his team and moved from Sleepy Wichita to the Thriving Metropolis of Charlotte.Charlotte is Known for its great Pro franchises like the Hornets ,Bobcats and Panthers.So in order to follow the Animal theme. Wylie named his team the "Chimps".When I caught up to Wylie at the new team headquarters.I asked him "what prompted the move." Amicable Wylie replied."Money, and i wanted to be closer to the family business.But mostly it was the Money".
I followed with the question.Whats your families business? He said "Well my father was a professional Primate Trainer and after he retired I took over the business and now we provide trained monkeys for all the Movie Studios ,Circus's and Organ Grinders."He paused opened a Beer then continued.
"My father trained all the great ones .Bonzo,BJ,Clyde,and Bubbles." Wow i can see why you named your team the Chimps."Yes"Wylie said emphatically."And i intend to take it a step further.I plan to implement Primate training procedures for all my players.The Banana reward system seems to work best.Hit a home run and here's a Banana.Make an error,no Banana for you."
Well Wrigleyville Fans it looks like Baseball in Charlotte will be a Swinging Good Time!!!

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