Thursday, November 19, 2009


< WOW what a series!!! The burlington Moose are wrigleyville World Champs.After losing in the NLCS last season Rugby Decided just a few more players will put him over the Hump(Moose Humor).I caught up to Rugby1 at the Dennys next to Mustain stadium.He motioned me over while stuffing what was left of a All-American Slam Breakfast into his piehole.As the Demure but mysteriously sexy waitress poured my coffee rugby spoke."Boy what a series we had .And to win it infront of our homecrowd was a dream come true. That Cincinatti Team gave us a go. But my guys pulled it out by winning the last three games." Rugby paused while the waitress served Rugby's Moons over Hammy sandwhich.I took the opportunity to inquire about the Celebration last night.Rugby gulped down a forkfull and said."Boy what a Barnburner that was .We all headed over to the Moose Caboose Dance Hall and the Beer and liqour was flowing like bailout money to the banks.It was all going fine till Moose Turd, the teams mascot.Got caught Bopping one of the players wife in the Caboose. Well the fur went a flying And the entire bullpen and Moose Turd are in the Hoosegow." With that we

both downed our coffee and rugby peeled a wad of cash from his thick roll of bills and handed them to the young cutie.We said our goodbyes and i went downtown where the victory parade was just begining.What a festive time in Burlington.And they deserve it with the coat factory laying off workers every month.But thats another story .Well Congratulations to Rugby1 and his Burlington Moose .World Champs at last.And who does'nt Like MOOSE. MOOOOOOOOSSSSE!!!

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