Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fargo Prairie Dogs

Welcome aaronwayne and his Fargo Prairie Dogs.Aaron Is another Onion refugee and bought this historic franchise from Rocket90.Because of the economy,Rocket took a job with the Iranian Missile Bureau.And could no longer run this franchise from his home Teheran.So Aaron picked up this team for a couple of airplane tickets and an autographed Bucky Dent Baseball.Aaronwayne moved the Buffalo team to Fargo in the off season and has big plans for the Prairie Dogs.He hired the PR firm of Fudge,Hyde an DeSeeve,and they came up with several great ideas.1)Bring your dogs to the game(Four legged ones only please).2)Sundays Pray with the Prairie Dogs.3)Three Dog Night Fridays ,Where they will have the music of Three Dog Night and you can buy three hot dogs get a fourth for free.
I caught up to Mr Aaronwayne at the Dog House and Asked him how he came to call his team the Prairie Dogs?? He replied."When i first viewed Cash Field There were an enormous amount of Prairie Dog Holes in the outfield.So I hired Bill Murray,famed ground hog hunter to remove all the Prairie Dogs.But instead of Blowing them up with plastic explosives shaped like animals.We trapped and relocated all of them.When the national news did a story on our humane ways.
Everyone referred to us as that Prairie Dog Baseball Team.You can't buy that kind of publicity,so we call ourselves the Fargo Prairie Dogs.
Well Wrgleyville fans looks like all is well in Fargo.And welcome again to a great owner and Animal lover aaronwayne!!

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