Monday, December 7, 2009

St Louis Silverhawks

Welcome to the Shynet and his St Louis Silverhawks.Shynet is yet another Onion Owner that has made the jump to Wrigleyville. he take over for jdbkaput who could no longer fulfill his duties as owner. His business the Kaput Saurkraut and Shcnitzengrubben Food Company got the contract to feed Oprah Winfrey in her retirement.And we know she can chomp a lot of Shcnitzegrubben.So seeing how Jdbkaput was a willing seller. He accepted shynets offer of a 1975 Ford Pinto Wagon and a Klingon Batlet.I caught up to Shynet at the Broke back Sausage Barn.He was sawing on an enormous Polish Sausage when i arrived so i quietly slid into his booth and sat directly across from him.Shynet looked me in the eyes and said."Well Mad we meet again.Last time i saw you. Your team in Wailing Onions. Wupped my team in the DCS playoffs." well I'm not one to Gloat so i cast my eyes downward and replied." Yea I caught your Northstars at the right time." then he said "That may be the case but at least in this league i won't have to meet you until the WS." I switched gears and asked while the waitress served both of us a foot long Knockwurst."So Shy what do you think of this Club?" He wiped the mustard from his lips and said."That cat Kaput could spend money faster than all my ex-wives put together.A 100 million dollar payroll is unbelieveable.I'm gonna have to come up with some non conventional ways to bring in some revenue."he paused as Strudal arrived ."I was thinking of having some commercials like that Sally Struthers.And i would be asking people to sponsor a player.Their $100 dollar contribution can Help pay a players salary for about 5 minutes.And you can say you owned a baseball player once." he stopped and asked for the check, and we parted with a handshake.I hope Shy can get this team financially viable soon .Because I'm not sure the fund raising method is the way to go.But its good to have shynet in Wrigleyville.

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