Thursday, December 3, 2009

Albuquerque Turkeys

Welcome back Kotter......Er Jaredparventi.Jared makes his second appearance in Wrigleyville after the mysterious disappearance of Elgman.It seems that Elgman was involved in a covert mission in Moonbat territory.The last sighting was several months ago outside Boulder Montana.It was reported he was in the company of a shadowy figure with batlike wings.Since elgman may not be able to run his team the Commish invoked an emergency seizure of the team.Mark3313 brought in jaredparventi from Wailing Onion World to take over daily operations of this franchise.
Jared who is always willing to help out the Commish. Accepted this task with reluctance and stated."I'll take this Turkey and turn it around.I see sordie and his Moonbats are up to their dark ways again.I think there moto is If you can't beat them curse them".Boy I had no idea that the A L West was Little Transylvania.
Now that the team has relocated to Albuquerque and are settling in nicely.Jared has big plans for the Turkeys this season.Like an occasional Turkey Hop Night. And Stuff The Turkey contests(Don't Ask).His only concern is the consumption of to much turkey during games.
It seems Turkey has a natural Chemical which puts people to sleep after digestion.The last thing jared wants is a bunch of sleepy fans in the stands.Well a lot of females can relate,they have been sleeping with Turkeys for years.
Well good luck to Jared and his Albuquerque Turkeys .Welcome back to this place that we laughed about!!!

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