Sunday, December 6, 2009

Las Vegas Dealers

Welcome purplehaze54 and the Las Vegas Dealers.Purple is another Onion import and has purchased the Las vegas franchise from jying98.It is reported that purple paid jying with 1,000 shares of AIG stock and a rare 10 pack of Michael Jackson Thriller Condoms.A Very steep price indeed!!! That said ,this team is no slouch. They have a long tradition of winning. And with purple at helm, this team has a bright future.I caught up to purple at the Show Me Your Money Casino in Sparks Nevada.He was planted in front of a slot machine and i pulled a stool up next to him .Purple smiled and said . "Far out ,I love doing interviews.What do you want to know?' I asked ,You have a great stadium and a good team to work with .What are your plans this season? he replied,"We have alot of Groovy promotions planned.My favorite is Jimi Hendrix Thursday's.Dress up as Jimi and you get into the park for free.Thats Outa Site!!!!
just then purple got distracted when a Beautiful young lady walked by.He glided off his stool and was gone singing." The Wind Cries Mary." I think that Las vegas will still be a force in Wrigleyville for many moons to come .Groovy!!!

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