Wednesday, December 2, 2009

San Diego Salmonbellies

Welcome Mdymon and his San Diego Salmonbellies to Wrigleyville.Mdymon traded his entire collection of Boxcar Willie Albums and a Shinny Zippo Lighter to ajwalton for this franchise.Ajwalton had to go back to Walton Mountain To take care of his ailing mother Mary-Ellen.Goodnight Ajwalton!!Mdymon moved the team from the dry Arizona Desert to the Beautiful seaside city of San Diego.
When I caught up to Mdymon at the We Got Crabs Resort.I asked him how he came up with the name Salmonbellies? He laughed and replied."To make a long story short.I made a fortune trading Salomonbelly Futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.The cat food industry has exploded now that all the female baby boomers have become old ladies with cats." Wow that's a great reason to call them The Salmonbellies.What are your plans now that you have relocated to San Diego?" I have a lot of great Ideas for marketing this team.We have already scheduled several Belly Bucking Contests.
With a years supply of Fancy Feast Cat Food as a grand prize.Then we will have Belly Dancers on the weekends.And last but not least we will promote Bare your Belly Tuesdays.Where you will receive 50% off your first Belly Piercing with a purchase of a Salmon Burger." Mmmmm..Sounds delicious!!!
There you have it Salmonbellie looks like a Lip Smacking good time in San Diego.Meeowwww!!

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