Saturday, December 5, 2009

Toledo Christian Beavers

Welcome to bkevin and his Toledo Christian Beavers.Bkevein bought the Atlanta Outlaws from jc44 and has moved the team to beautiful Toledo Ohio.jc44 was in dire financial straits and was forced to sell the team when he was refused a loan from the TARP fund.So when bkevin assumed all debts past and present. jc44 happily walked away from this franchise.I caught up to bkevin at Fifth Third Field on the outskirts of Toledo and I inquired.So what is it? The Fifth or the Third? Or if i remember my Fractions isn't 5 thirds 1 and 2/3? bkevin replied."I really don't have time for such nonsense.We are in a fight to keep the team financially viable.And with the good lords help and a little luck we can make it to the Promised land." he then raised his outstretched palms to the heavens and boomed."Can you hear me lord jesus?I come to you as your most humble servant.And ask that you bless this team and keep them from the 60 day disabled list.Also lord if it's not to much to ask can you bring me a couple juicy free agents this season?" Boy I have said those prayers a few times myself just not so polite.Then i posed one more question to bkevin.What are your plans to bring in added revenue? he paused for a momoment and replied."I plan to pass a collection plate around during the 7th inning stretch .But I have faith that the good lord will provide.Well Wriglyville fans it seems that the Faith is strong with the Toledo Christian Beavers.

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