Wednesday, December 23, 2009


TACOMA traded J.T. Nichols and Apollo West to TAMPA BAY for Jung Kim and Luis Rodriguez , Frank Vanguri
This was just the begining of a big week of Trades!!

TACOMA traded Charlie Christensen to CHICAGO for Ronn Carpenter , Livan Bonilla and John Hubbard
Tacoma continued to shed Ml talent for juicy prospects.Tacoma is building for future seasons and shedding payroll .Nice

SAN FRANSISCO traded Lloyd Terrell to BOSTON for Trenidad Walls
This trade was very even.Looks like Boston needed Middle infield help and S F added a big bat. Good trade!!

SAN FRANSISCO TRADES Willie Gonzales and Juan Parra to TACOMA for Jung Kim
Now the trade with Boston makes more sense .San Fran now had an extra Big Bat at 1B and used their surplus to aquire a nice young Pitcher in Kim.Tacoma picks up an extra prospect .I wonder if the Boston trade had not been made. Would S F make this one???

CINCINATTI TRADED Don Collins to PORTLAND for Miguel Perez
Portland needed some firepower and Cincinatti got a younger player with power.

SAN FRANSISCO TRADED Miguel Piedra to TRENTON for Fernando Park
San Fransisco gets defensive bench help and Trenton picks up a very nice future Closer. Nice pickup Trenton!!


Jesse Webber

Lawrence Simon

Bobby Bush

Ryan Leiter

Wiki Arias

The big injury was to Arias. But ask the owners of the other guys and they will say ouch also!!


Santos Alfonzo
This Dominican 18 year old 1st baseman has an uphill battle to make a ML squad.He has great defensive numbers but with so many hard hitting 1B .He may lack the pop for the Bigs.
Rico Trevino
This 20 year old is from AW(Where The Hell IS THAT?).This 1B will be a SS and will hit a lot of Homers .If He can stay away from injury.With his low defensive and health numbers he may be suited to DHing on a NL team.Where he doesn't have to play as much.
Karim Posada
This 18 year old from Venezuala has a low overall number. But as most of us old timers know,That don't mean shit. He has great control.RH split and a high 80's pitch.Definatly worth the chance.
Jung Ming
This Japanese 20 year old has such low glove numbers he will have to play 1st Base.His High Contact numbers and speed are nice but that RH split will kill him.Odds are against a long ML career.
Miguel Melo
This 21 year old from PA will get his shot in the majors soon.But with his best pitch in the mid 60's he will be a mop up or an innings eater.
Cesar Morales
This 18 year old from Dominica is every thing I like in a SS.Great Range ,Glove and Speed.He will also hit for average .His low contact numbers will probably keep him from leading off but now I'm nitpickin.
Antonio Martin
This player from Kabul is just happy to be in a country with Trees. His low range and glove make him a 1st baseman .but really hes a longshot to make the Majors.
Willie Martinez
Man I can't believe i got this guy.Its the Blind Squirrel thing.Willie is only a season away from becoming my everyday CF .And with outstanding Range and glove he will be a GG .He has great contact ,Speed and Baserunning .So I will probably have him as a leadoff hitter.

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  1. Tacoma owner, Sandberg when asked about the three-way trade replied ,"(J.T.) Nichols was moving no matter what. We don't appreciate wife beaters on our team. His temper and mentality did not contribute to the future we see in Tacoma. Tampa Bay first approached us about acquiring Nichols but would not budge on throwing in (Apollo) West. When the Kickapoos made an offer of (Juan) Parra and Willie Gonzales for J.T. we all but jumped at the opportunity. The only roadblock was the salary cap down the line. Mark was willing to work with us after finding out the deal with Tampa Bay and with our new hole at first, we thought swinging Jung Kim out to the Bay was the best option for us.