Friday, December 11, 2009


Ivan James
Age: 33B/T: R/R
Born: Quivican, CU
Position(s): 1B/DH
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Lookout Wrigleyville!!!! The Tacoma Toyotas released this press release.

"I've been shopping James for two seasons now and nobody has even expressed interest. I just don't want him anymore. Take his contract and his .220 average he's put up in Tacoma."

Sandberg10: Owner of the Tacoma Toyotas

I caught up with Ivan's Agent Ira Tate, at a hastily convened news conference at the Renton Holiday Inn Express.He read from a prepared statement saying ." This is the great Ivan James they are talking about. He was blindsided by an owner who has no regard for the feelings of my client. We are still owed 8.6 mil on the rest of Mr James contract.And we expect Sandberg10 to honor his commitment.Ivan was traded from New Orleans two years ago and he wanted to be part of a Championship Team in Tacoma.We are saddened that Mr Sandberg was not willing to stay the course.And we know there are alot of other teams out there that would love to have Ivan play for them."

When I asked," which teams were interested in Ivan". Mr Tate replied,"I'm not at liberty to discuss ongoing negotiations at this time ."so i asked, "Can you tell me what Ivan is doing at this time?" Tate shot back, " Ivan is still in Cuba with family and friends.And is working out at the Fidel Castro training facility." With that Mr Tate picked up his papers and left the podium.

Well sports fans i think Sandberg is serious about trimming his payroll.And this move speaks volumes about his resolve. Look for sanberg to make more cuts then go after some juicy Free Agents next year.

Hugh Largasse, Reporting

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