Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Every year i recieve a Fruit Cake from my dear old Aunt Mattie. Seeing how i have plenty of paper weights,door stoppers and book ends, I have no use for this delicious Fruit Cake. So i would like to donate Aunt Matties Masterpiece as a prize. For whomever can correctly pick all the Division Winners and the wildcard teams. As I'm sure to get another useless presant like Sea Monkeys or a Chia Pet I will sweeten the pot.If any of you would like to contribute,Feel free .You can sitemail me your predictions by 12-29-09 12;00 noon.Here is my prediction.

NL NORTH-Millwaukee
NL EAST-Syracuse
NL SOUTH-Tampa Bay
NL WEST-San Fransisco
NL W/C-San Juan
NL W/C-Anehiem
AL EAST-Hartford
AL SOUTH-Jackson
AL WEST-Helena
AL W/C-Chicago
AL W/C-Albuquerque

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