Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Durocher Award Nominees Season 16

This year we have another Great Batch of Nominees. Voting Will take place on the Blog sidebar. And will be completed in 7 days. Good luck To all the nominees and thankyou for all those that participated in the nomination process.

MARK3313  This nomination is a No brainer. Mark has not only been a force in Wrigleyville . He also is our Grand Puba and Commish. Mark has been effective in bringing in good owners year after year, while maintaining the best record in the league (most years).And if that isn't enough, he won the World Series last year. We are very lucky to have him lead our World.

RBEDWELL  This is another no brainer. Rbedwell is always near the top in overall wins. And he is the one most of us go to, when we have a  question in HBD. His knowledge of the game is paramount and thats why I've nicknamed him "The Proffesor". Well that and he's an English teacher. Anyways, Ralph is a great HBD player and active on the chats with advice and insight.A worthy nominee.

COACH34 This is a great nomination. And Sordie said it best :My nomination for the Durocher is coach34. He's revived a team set adrift in a sea of mediocrity and goosed it into contention with more gusto than Herman Cain at a 'Woman of Food Management' convention. LOL Thats a hell of a Goose!! Anyways... Coach has brought this team back from the Abyss, that a former Owner about drove over. Now in his 4th season .Coach is in a dogfight for the division pennant and should make the post season.Good job Coach.

SORDIE The only thing more impressive than Sordies record is his Wit and Sense of Humor. He is always quick with a great comment. I've learned throughout the years, not have a mouthfull of bourbon when reading Sordies comments. OK now back to the serious stats. Sordie has won his division 9 consecutive years and 3 World Series.And in his 12 seasons. Sordie has been to the Post season every time. Thats some serious Moonbat Fever!

OTHER OWNERS THAT RECIEVED NOMINATIONS: Mdymond, Madmuldoon, Aaronwayne and Tchagnon.

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