Monday, December 5, 2011


This years Owner of the Year is Rbedwell. It was a very close vote.27 owners cast a vote in this years election. With 10 votes for Rbedwell,9 for Coach34, 5 for Mark3313 and 3 for Sordie .Nice turnout thankyou all. But were here to celebrate Rbedwells deserving award.Ralph came to Wrigleyville in season 5 and right away he started building for the future . He kept overall player salaries low and picked up nice prospects for 6 years . This built his base team with a trade here or there. He has a core of great players and plays the free agent game adding a piece or two . Now that his team is in his first Wrigleyville World Series. Its  easy to see why he's this years Durocher Award Winner. Congrats Professor Ralph.

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