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San Juan
San Juan Santurce Crabbers (NL)
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LAST YEARS RECORD:112-50  World Series Champ

LAST YEARS PREDICTION:107-57   Rbedwells guys easily won this division and beat my prediction by 16 wins.With the signing of Dodd,  Ralph kept his crabbers together. With another year together this bunch can win it all.

OUT: Fernando Javier , Henry Dodd , J.J. Clark

IN: None

PREVIEW: This bunch of Crabbers did win it all. And it could be trouble for the rest of us, as this team is in their prime. Rbedwell also was the Durocher award winner and you could say it was a dream season for him. In the offseason Javier , Dodd and Clark went to free agency. But Ralph did resign Terrence Munoz . With the same 127 million dollar group returning . It could be curtains for the rest of us. This team could easily repeat. PREDICTION:107-57

Burlington Coat Factory (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:88-74  He replaced ageing Closer Stull with Hyun and brought in some good free agent position players. So this team looks good to go again.Could win this division but Probably a Wild Card.

OUT: Willie Buckley , Felix Guerrero

IN: Polin Pineiro

PREVIEW: The Coat factories finished second in the division. But they battled in the playoffs as a wild card. And made it all the way to the NLCS only to lose a game 7 to guessed it. Crabbers!!. But the fans in Burlington are proud of their team and they could be heard in the pubs across the land." We'll be RID of them crabs soon!!" Ehull11 first let Buckley and Alex Tarasco file for free agency, but resigned Tarasco. Then he released Guerrero outright. After clearing some cap space ,Ehull blew the whole wad on Pineiro. I for one have never paid a player a max contract (20 mil a year). I just don't like putting all my budget eggs in one player. But we shall see if this is what it takes to get rid of the Crabs dominance. It's gonna be real ineresting in the N L East.PREDICTION:90-72

Atlanta Peachfuzz (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:85-77  Man I blew last years prediction. No W/C  and no 92 win season. Must a been some rose clored glasses or whiskey. Probably a combo of both.I still like this team talent wise. But maybe they are to young (Only 1 player over 30) and inexperienced. Not sure if that matters in HBD. But if they catch fire look out Wrigleyville. To keep from being burned this year I will have to come down on this years prediction.

OUT: Chad Frazier , Tomas Alvarez , Hi Rice , Don Hyzdu , Matt Milligan

IN: Shep Hunt , Hiram Sweeney , Harry Vega , Larry Turner , Albert Coleridge

PREVIEW: Thank god I laid off the Whiskey when I wrote last years preview. The Peachfuzz finished right at .500 and they never caught fire. I know how they feel playing in a tough division . But they have talent, so they could make a run anytime. In the offseason the Peachfuzz lost Frazier to free agency and released Alvarez and Rice. Desanders traded away Hyzdu and waived Milligan. He then signed free agents Hunt and Sweeny and promoted Vega. Finally he got Turner in the R-5 and traded for Coleridge.Desanders is making some good moves bringing in some pitching and bats. Turner concerns me a tad but in all, they have improved. It's not easy playing in this division.PREDICTION:85-77


LAST YEARS PREDICTION:88-74  The Moose had a down year . It would have been a good year for my Totems.Rugby has 3or 4 players in AAA ready to be promoted. So with 2 roster spots to fill look for them soon. This team is better than they finished last season. They will fight for the division or grab a wild card spot.

OUT: Jimmy Chambers , Javier Lopez , Lonny Carpenter , Bernie Leary , Polin Pineiro , Carlos Alvarez

IN: None yet

PREVIEW: Rugby and the Moose took a step back and is in the reload mode.It was a disapointing year for him and with 17 million of cap room . He could sign some left over free agents or make a couple trades for firesale players. The Moose lost Chambers , Lopez, Carpenter, Leary and Pineiro to free agency. Then they released Alvarez. As of writing this, the Moose have yet to promote young studs Jorge Fernandez and Jair Arias .Who are waiting in AAA with others. When they are added to the bigs( which should be this year) this team will be better.Right now its hard to predict but they will be about .500 or above. PREDICTION:85-77

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