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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:88-74  With a payroll of 106 million the Blues are High on Big Time free Agents. With the departure of aging stars the Blues should end up on a High Note.

OUT: Terry Lewis , Herman White

IN: Ivan Gimenez

PREVIEW: The Blues were a singing all the way to a division championship. But they were silenced in the first round of the playoffs by a tough Scottsdale team. That made Tchagnon real sad and he went into the offseason looking for some harmony. First Tchagnon resigned Edgard Torres and let Lewis and White head to free agency. With only one hole to fill he promoted Gimenez to the bigs. This is the same team but with more experience. They still are the favorites to win this division and maybe they can go further in the post season.PREDICTION:92-70

Charleston Tobacco Farmers (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:100-62  With 2 American League Pennants in 3 years. You can never count out the Power of the Tabaky!! With the call up of some young studs this team is as good or better than last years.

OUT: Brent Reuschel , Al Hackman , Al Astacio , Alfredo Stull , Mel Bennett

IN: Herman White , Enrique Mangual , Emmanuel Caseres , Carlos Velazquez

NWSHEEHY'S PREVIEW: My self-evaluation of the Tobacco Farmers is a touch pesssimistic. We are the same team, just a little older. I reserved 27 million to play the FA game,and did not get the SP1 and the RF I wanted. I compromised with Mangual (SP) and Caseres (RF). I do have a young Catcher in the wings ready to be the catalyst (much like Buster Posey in the Giants's magical run two years ago).My strength is definately hitting with Sanches, Coleman, Serrano in the middle of the lineup.

PREVIEW: After winning the division last season I thought the Tabaky Farmers added more youth to the lineup. But maybe I was optomistic in my thinking that the youngsters could hit the ground running. But they still had a decent year by any standards. In the offseason Nwsheehy resigned William Tabaka and let Ruechel, Hackman,Astacio and Stull go to free agency. Then he released Bennett outright. With some gaps to plug the Tabaky farmers signed free agents White, Mangual and Caseras and picked up Velazquez in the R-5 draft. Like I said above "you can never count out the Power of the Tabacky". Thats their game ,Power Baseball. With the addition of some good pitching this team may be in the postseason. Regardless the hitting will be there and I think they will at least vie for a wild card berth.PREDICTION:90-72

Nashville Posse (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:81-81   Looks like the same for these High-priced under achievers. But who knows in this game?? They may take exception to this preview and start playing like thier paychecks.

OUT: Mack Manning , Roberto Cedeno , Mo Huff , Peter Meng , Jared Hermansen

IN: Julio Fernandez , George Cordova , Bryan Buckley , Jesse Buhner , Miguel Baez

PREVIEW: The Posse Still are overpaid for their play. But they did improve by 3 games.So in the offseason, Illicit will look to jettison some slackers. And he cleared up 23 million by letting Manning, Cedeno, Huff,Meng and Hemansen go to free agency. With a pocket full of cash Illicit signed free agents Fernandez, Cordova, Buckley, Buhner and promoted Baez. The posse are built in the free agent market. But they did promote a vey nice prospect this year. Sometimes the free agents are hit and miss so perhaps the Posse will hit it, this time. Still they will have to convince me first. PREDICTION:78-84

Charlotte Sometimes (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:70-92  With all the R-5 players and cast-offs of a few teams. This team resembles the Bad News Bears. But with the right coach and a little luck they may reach .500. This team is looking more towards the draft after picking up Scottsdales #21 pick. Sometimes your the Hammer..Sometimes your the Nail. This team is the Nail..for now.

OUT: Ronnie Bradley , Gail Phillips , Eddie Whitehill , Rick Cashman , Nigel Hasegawa , Ross Bush , Jerome Stevenson , Cam Jones , Vin Brooks , Ken Walton , Wandy Matos

IN: Scott May , Harry Paz , Terry Lewis , Harry Saberhagen , Raul Veras , Miguel Lind , Orber Dotel , Sean Beckett , Guillermo Mateo

PREVIEW: The Sometimes were nailed to the bottom again last year. And I'm sure thats by design. They restocked the Farm system with alot of Draft prospects. In the offseason Hatton98 let a bunch of players go to free agency . He did pick up a couple comp picks for Cashman and Phillips. Then he released Walton and Matos. Not sure why he let Matos go Hatton could have traded him for some prospects easy. With alot of holes to fill Charlotte spent 36 million by signing free agents May,Paz,Lewis,Saberhagen,Veras,Lind and Dotel. Hatton then picked up Beckett and Mateo in the R-5 draft. With the farm system replenished Hatton went out and spent some cash on some nice free agents. They have improved the pitching staff with all the new free agents and picked up a defensive player. They may be a .500 team for now and will pick up some more prospects for the future. PREDICTION:76-86

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