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San Diego
San Diego Salmonbellies (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:74-88  The Salmonbellies finished way better than I predicted. And they missed the playoffs by a Cunt hair. For this feat  Mdymond was voted as the Durocher Award Winner.At the time of writing this the mdymond has yet to plug the holes of departing players.  The Slamonbellies did pick up several 1st round comp picks in this years draft and also get a D-pick for a unsigned pick last year. So with 6 first round picks the future looks bright for the Salmonbellies. 

OUT: Jimmie Guerrero , Ivan Ortiz , Wayne Zerbe , P.T. James , Mac Wagner , Miguel Lind

IN: Edgard James , Harry Johnson , Glenallen Brower

PREVIEW: I'm gonna quit doubting the Salmonbellies. They won their first division crown and absolutely demolished my prediction finishing with 99 wins. The Salmonbellies had a great run in the post season but were beaten in the ALCS by the Moonbats. This off season Mdymond first let Guerrero, Ortiz and Zerbe file for free agency. Then Mdymond released James, Wagner, Lind and Myers, Choosing to resign Lucas Myers. With some roster slots to fill Mdymond signed free agent James and picked up Johnson and Brower in the R-5 draft.This team continues to suprise me. With a Payroll under 30 million they keep winning like 100 million dollar team. I think its good for the league that a low budget team has success.While winning the Salmonbellies keep adding studley prospects to the farm system (Glenallen Brower ). I'm becoming a believer!! PREDICTION:92-70

Helena Barking Moonbats (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:102-60  The Moonbats finished near what I predicted. But they fell short in the playoffs in the DCS. A tough 5th game loss to the Hartford finished the dreams of a repeat. Sordie replaced the Big Bats lost in Free Agency. But didn't replace the defensive skills of Canseco. This team will score more runs and that could be trouble for the rest of us .

OUT: Gabe Kent , Rene Jensen

IN: Rick Cashman

SORDIES PREVIEW: The pride of Helena, the Barking Moonbats (named for Ralph Bedwell's political leanings),remain a potent force though a little older and a little staler. This is essentially the same team that snuck into the season 16 Series as a wild card team from the increasingly dominant AL West.The 'Bats did lose Gabe Kent, the southpaw workhouse of the bullpen, to free agency, but are looking to its own free agent pickup, Charlotte castoff Rick Cashman,as well as under-utilized leftie, Peter Hodges, to pick up the slack. While Helena is optimistically reserving room in its trophy case, the dramatically improving competition, particularly in its own division, makes for dicey post-season prospects.

PREVIEW: Sordie may not have won the division last year but he got revenge on the Salmonbellies in the playoffs. The Vaunted Moonbats made it all the way to the World Series, but lost in 6 games. Not a bad year! In the offseason Sordie resigned Hub Taguchi and David Martin ,then let Kent and Jensen go to free agency.He picked up Cashman in the free agent market to shore up the bullpen.The Moonbats still have plenty of cap space to make some moves. It's nice to have options but it looks like they're standing pat with last years group. Look for the Moonbats in the post season . PREDICTION:100-62

Scottsdale Shock Squad (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:89-73  The Shock Squad finished exactly as predicted. Finishing with a respectable 85 win season. This team went in the offseason ready to take the next step.With the improvment of defense and the bullpen look for this team to vie for a wild card berth.

OUT: Edgard James , Harry Saberhagen , Felipe Navarro , Kevin Holmes

IN:  B.C. McMillan , Chien-Ming Dong , Harry Suarez

COACH34'S  PREVIEW: The Shock Squad enter S17 with lots of hope and excitement. Coming off their best season in 10 seasons,the Shock Squad decided to keep their offense intact. Led by "bash brothers" Marty Allen and Ricky Mann , the SS hope for another 50+ HR's from each player. All-Star and Silver Slugger Torey Acosta ,Walt Nation , Jack Shave , and Ewell Morris also help provide offense. On the mound, the SS also keeps its bullpen intact. Fireman of the Year Yorvit Delgado returns as Closer.But the SS made some changes to the rotation, signing Harry Suarez , B.C. McMillan , and Chien-Ming Dong in hopes of strengthening its starting 5. Look for another good season in Scottsdale

PREVIEW: I knew this team was ready for the post season and they did grab the final wild card slot. This is the toughest division in Wrigleyville so I have to commend Coach on a great job with the Shock Squad.In the post season Coach won his first round match but in the DCS he was edged in 5 games by division foe San Diego. Now with a good thing going in Scottsdale. Coach went into the offseason by Resigning Jerome Floyd after refusing to pick up his option. Then he let James and Saberhagen go to free agency and released Navarro. Finally he waived Holmes and he was scooped up by the Howlers. To fill the holes in the rotation, Coach signed free agents McMillan, Dong and Suarez. Coach Knew his team has firepower and a good pen. It was his Starting rotation that needed fixing up. If the 3 new arms pan out it could be trouble for the rest of this division. The Shock Squad has a decent chance of making the playoffs,  Again!!.PREDICTION:90-72


LAST YEARS PREDICTION:70-92  Swish improved his Pitching with Bellhorn and "Whoda" Stankiewicz. And he also improved his defense with Christiansen and Mieses. But this team still has a few years before the farm Hands grow up. Then they will be contenders.

OUT: Tom Hutton , Vic Bellhorn , Daniel Seneca , Logan Brock

IN: Ricardo Torres

SWISH"S PREVIEW:  With the other three teams in the AL West making the playoffs last season the Cobras pushed hard in the offseason to trade for a top of the line starting pitcher and sign a franchise impact bat and fell short in both categories.Arizona did sign veteran OF Ricardo Torres to provide some protection for DH Johnny Stone this season as Rico Trevino's seemingly annual trip to the disabled list has put the team in a bind offensively the past few seasons.The pitching staff has seven members under the age of 27 this season and it will be their improvement/impact that will either take the Cobras to the next level or force them to go to Plan B.The Cobras front office is going to push for a .500 record this season and the fans should be disappointment if that's not reached.

PREVIEW: Its a tough Division to play in but Swishnevs guys are making some noise in the A L West. They finished a little better than predicted and that is an improvment from the previous year. In the offseason Swishnev let Hutton , Bellhorn, Seneca and Brock go to free agency.Then he signed free agent Torres for 9 mil a year.The Cobras got younger after a flurry of trades last year. Swish tried to pick up some high dollar free agents.So he transfered money from his Prospect budget to snag some. But now after being outbid in the Market.He has a ton of cap space available to trade for one. As of now the Cobras are a .500 team but if he picks up some talent from a fire sale mid season. They could vie for a playoff spot. GL Swish. PREDICTION:81-81

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