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San Francisco
San Francisco Kickapoos (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:110-52   Its number 3 for Marks guys. With another trophy in his case. Mark will want to keep most of these guys around for next season. Marks team lost a tad due to free agency. But still they are the class of the NL.

OUT: Billy Tenbrink , Fernando Park , Arthur Griffiths , Julian Navarro , Justin Cust , Orber Dotel , Oscar Li

IN: Macbeth Lofton , Henry Wells , Andre Scanlan

PREVIEW: Marks guys had a great regular season as expected . But they were upset by a very good Burlington team in the post season. This bunch of superstars can hear the clock ticking but they have only a couple of more great years left. With that in mind I'm sure Mark will be trading some veterans for youth soon. Like Sosa to the Totems.LOL All fun aside, Mark lost Tenbrink,Park,Griffiths,Navarro,Cust,Dotel and Li to free agency. Then he signed free agents Lofton,Wells(On the waiver wire) and Scanlan.As of this writing the Kickapoos have 4 open roster spots. They have 2 R-5's yet assigned and about 4 million in cap space. Looks like Mark will either go after a few bullpen pitchers and some bench help when free agent prices fall.Or promote some Nice AAA prospects. But its still the same core bunch of super stars. This team will definatly win the division and go far in the playoffs.PREDICTION:108-54


LAST YEARS PREDICTION:81-81   Last year  I brought up youngsters Padilla ,Hughes ,Damon and Blake. I also traded for Fernandez during the playoffs. I hope this team can at least get to 500. Then I will bring up some more talent from the farm system next season.

OUT: P.T. Peron , Rex Harrelson

IN: Rolando Valenzuela , Peter Okajima , Corey O'Brien

PREVIEW: My youngsters did well last season and got my team back in the post season after a long drought. It was probably due to a down year in the NL. No way a 83 win team wins a wild card in seasons past. But I'm grateful just the same. In the offseason I let Peron and Harrelson head to free agency. Then I promoted Valenzuela and Okajima . Finally I traded for O'Brien to shore up my bullpen. I'm excited about the additions of Rolando and Peter. They will add some pop to my anemic lineup. Hopfully they will start out strong.PREDICTION:85-77


LAST YEARS PREDICTION:85-67  Maybe it was to much to ask a new owner to hit the ground a running. I still think this team has potential and so does Soxfan 9. It looks like Soxfan has increased the talent.....again. They will have to show me before I go out on a limb again.

OUT: Happy Wengert , Rico Mateo , Napoleon Ledee , Kevin Martin

IN: Louie Bottenfield

PREVIEW: The Brownsox finished about the same as last year. Soxfan probably is scratching his noggin trying to get his guys to play like a 84 million dollar team.Nothing is more frustrating than signing guys and they play like crap. On the upside Soxfan9 did pick up some nice prospects in the draft. In the offseason Soxfan released Happy and traded away Napoleon. looks like Martin has cleared waivers so who knows whats gonna happen there. The only player added so far is Bottenfield. He was brought in via a trade.There were 2 players added late last year(Cesar Melendez and Al Vincente). So as of this writing the Brown sox have 1 roster spot open. This is a very young team with talent. Will they get on a roll?? Only time will tell. PREDICTION:81-81


LAST YEARS PREDICTION:70-92  The wind has about 20 players on the M L roster. So some late pickups are soon to come. Hoopcoach still has 17 million in cap space so he can go several directions. With what he has now it's safe to say he's still rebuilding.

OUT: Diego Mercedes , Cesar Gonzales , Chick Small , Neil Averill , Dutch Moore , Fernando Rijo , Alan Dunston , Diego Crespo

IN: Felix Guerrero , Bo Mercedes , Yank Hill , Johnny Shunick , Kyle Romero

PREVIEW: The great Witchita rebuild continues . And while the play on the diamond reeks of Chimp poo for the 3rd consecutive year. The prospects are piling up and that is a great deodorant for losing.That means the Wind fans can take the clothspins off their noses and stand down wind again. First Hoopcoach resigned Old Man Victor Roosevelt and J.J. Melhuse. Then he let Mercedes and Gonzales head to free agency. He released Small,Averill andMoore then waived Rijo,Dunston and Crespo. With some holes to fill Hoopcoach first Signed free agent Guerrero then promoted Mercedes , Yank (Hank) Hill and Shunick.Finally he picked up 3 R-5 players assigning only Romero. This team definatly got better with the promotions and the luck of landing Romero.But the Wind needs pitching badly. Until they address that problem they will finish in the basemaent. But if they make a trade or two for some good pitching .Add 20 wins to my prediction. PREDICTION:68-94

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