Thursday, December 22, 2011


Santa Fe
Santa Fe Sergeis (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:90-72  It looks like Santa Fe is going with last years squad with a few tweaks. And with another year together, they may gel. With the decline of the Stars this could be their chance at the division pennant.

OUT: Randy Finley , Emmanuel Caseres , Travis Hocking , George Cordova , Scott May , Hiram Sweeney, Stuart Mench

IN: Alex Mateo , Apollo West , Brandon Thomson , Nash Newson , Fernando Santiago

PREVIEW: The Sergeis Did exactly as predicted. They surged past the falling Stars and grabbed their first division Pennant. In the playoffs the Sergeis lost in the DCS to the Champs. They have come a long way from a perennial loser. With their heads held high, the Sergeies went into the offseason looking to take the next step. First in the offseason, Sergei lost Finley and Caseres to free agency but did resign Alex Mateo. Then he released Hocking, Cordova, May and Sweeney which were scooped up by various teams. Finally he waived The Menchster and Lousville snatched him up by the short hairs. With some holes to fill Sergie signed free agents Mateo, West and Thompson . He then promoted Newson and picked up Santiago in the R-5. The Sergeis lost a little talent but brought in some nice veteran players. This division is still theirs to lose . PREDICTION:92-70

Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay Stars (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:90-72  With the loss of talent in the free agent market. The Stars will have a tougher time in the regular season. But if they pick up some key pieces. They may win the division again. Right now it looks like a step back year.

OUT: Tripp Kent , Apollo West , Braden Duffy , Ivan Sierra , Cal Chiasson , Matt Dransfeldt

IN: R.A. Ward , Jose Gonzalez , Gail Phillips , Tom Hutton , Tim Saunders

PREVIEW: It was a step back year for the falling Stars. but the news isn't all bad for sophmore owner nelig. He picked up a ton of talent in last years draft and has several picks in the first round this year.The Stars look like they're reloading and in the offseason they lost Kent , West, Duffy, Sierra, Chiasson and Dransfeldt to free agency .But the Stars were able to resign Brady Sefcik and J.T. Nichols . To fill some holes Neilg first signed free agents Ward ,Gonzalez, Phillips and Hutton. Then he picked up Saunders in the R-5 draft. I was a little optomistic in last years prediction, so I think the Stars will finish about .500 this year. PREDICTION:81-81

Jackson Black Bears (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:65-97  Olemiss was dealt a bad hand. But he's making the best of it. Look for a fire sale soon.

OUT: Stan Fassero , Ben Davis , Chien-Ming Dong , Odalis Oropesa , Miguel Melo , Dicky Wilson , Phil Satou , Carlos Estrada , Tony Rosado

IN: Oscar Li , Derrin Price , Jamie Miyakazi , Louie Elcano , Ricardo Jacquez

PREVIEW: It was predicted that olemiss33 would have a rough first year. And they did. They continue to collect nice prospects so it won't be bad for long. If I could give him one bit of advice...Don't skimp on the training. Your prospects need a high training budget to meet their projections. With that said. Olemiss went into free agency and lost Fassero, Davis, Dong and Oropesa. Then he released Melo, Wilson and Satou when they took the team to Arbitration. Finally he traded away 2 SuperStars to Madison(Estrada and Rosado). To plug some gaps. Olemiss33 signed free agents Li and Price then promoted Miyakazi , Elcano and Jacquez. It's obvious with the ousting of top talent that the Black Bears are freeing up money for prospects.Looks like a rebuild in progress here. PREDICTION:62-100

Austin City Limits (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:88-74  This team is very young and talented. This may be the season of the City Limits. I think if they don't win the division now, it will be soon. My guess is... at least a wild card.

OUT: Trot Borders , Darron Fullmer , Tomas Cruz , Allen Garcia , Frank Cook , Renyel Guerrero , Jim Roundtree , Shawn Terry

IN: Michael Gardner

PREVIEW: Man!! what happened?? I'm like Wylie WTF??. I'm at a loss why these guys laid a big turd.This bunch has talent to burn. Perhaps it's their youth that hurt them. They are a very young bunch with only 2 players above 30.I just hope Wylie doesn't panic and blow this team up. In the offseason he released 8 players due to there suckiness. You know who you are. After Wylie vented his frustrations he picked up Gardner in the R-5 draft. Last season, after the start of the season. Wylie promoted some of his youngsters in hopes of 1)Getting his team going and 2) Giving them some M L experience(Eduardo Valdes , Fausto Santayana , J.P. Mendez , Cedrick Meyers , Jackson Reed , J.P. Mendez). This Team is Very,Very young and that may be why they are so streaky. But after a down year the odds are they will be good this year.PREDICTION:86-76

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