Sunday, December 25, 2011


Fargo Prairie Dogs (AL)
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  This team lost a couple superstars in Nunnally and Holder . But heres the question ...Is Ordonez worth 20 mil...Time will tell. Don't bet against the P Dogs they should contend for the division again.

OUT: Bryan Buckley , Brandon Thomson , Fernando Urbina , Javier Manzanillo , Freddie Mohr

IN:  Phil Satou , Vic Bellhorn , Ryne Bryant , Joel Crane

PREVIEW: It looks like Ordonez was worth every penny. And the P-dogs won this division running away. They were 24 games up on the second place Chicago at seasons end. Then in the playoffs the P-Dogs were swept by the A L champs. In the offseason Aaronwayne let Buckley and Thomson go to free agency. Then he traded away Urbina and Manzanillo and waived Mohr. Aaron signed free agents Satou, Bellhorn,Bryant and Crane to fill the holes.The P-dogs were 3rd overall in batting average last season and they were the second best defensive squad. So I'm not suprised that they went after pitching in the offseason.Look for Aarons P-Dogs to take the division again. And perhaps the pitching will help in the post season.PREDICTION:96-66

Chicago Black Sox (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:65-97  It looks like Dullaghan is starting to mold this team his way. With a few more free agents than last year they will improve. But not a 500 team yet.Oh and they have the #1 overall pick this year!!

OUT: Christopher Locke , Jimmie Nieves

IN:  Wandy Matos , Juan Guerrero , Ollie Greenwood , Dom Woods , Max Cubillan , Will Bradshaw , Matt Milligan , Rafael Sanchez

PREVIEW: The Black Sox finished above my prediction. That could mean they are ready to contend soon. Dullaghan did Pick up #1 pick Rich Piper and filled the farm with IFA's. So with the future looking bright and the #15 pick in the draft(Big Improvement). Dullaghan first let Locke and Nieves file for free agency. Then he spent 24 million on Matos and Guerrero. He promoted #1 pick overall Greenwood, Wood and Cubillan.Finally he picked up R-5 players Bradshaw, Milligan and Sanchez.This team is new and improved with Free agents and youngsters from the farm. Sprinkled with a few R-5 cast offs. They may be ready for primetime.And while the youngsters will add more pop to the lineup. They still need more cooking before they are able to field their positions(Greenwood). So this team will only reach about.500 due to the lack of a great defensive CF'er. PREDICTION:85-77

Minnesota Misfits (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:90-72 Though this team is better they finshed just short of making the post season. With the core of this team intact and with the nice additions. The rest of the league should lookout for the Misfits. They will battle for the Division this year.

OUT: Billy Savage , Joseph Maeda , Harry Paz, Vicente Rodriguez

IN: Raul Castillo

PREVIEW: The Misfits pulled the plug around last years Amatuer draft. So its not suprising they finished way below my prediction. First he let Savage, Maeda, Paz and Rodriguez go to free agency. Then he signed free agent Castillo. Like I said ,Pbsilver traded for several youngsters last year . And some were put in the bigs right away (Willie Alonso,Thom Gates). And he also promoted Jon Edwards early last year.So its hard to tell how this young team will fare. My magic 8 ball said "Decidedly So" PREDICTION:83-79


LAST YEARS PREDICTION:72-90  Unlike last season I have a clear picture of this team. The Rios aren't going to wow anyone. They are in the 4th year of a rebuild and with a 40 million dollar payroll . They will be adding IFA's and Draft prospects to the Minors. Perhaps next year they will make a move for the division??

OUT: Vince Tipton , David Nunez , Paul Ryan , Jacque Li , Charles Fox , Geronimo Candelaria , Francisco Sanchez , Lance Jeffcoat , Ebenezer Daniels , Vance Schilling , Juan Guerrero

IN: Dennys Webster , Danny Hidalgo , Mario Hunter , Ronnie Bradley , Ross Bush , Vic Meadows , Juan Mujica , Cory LaRocca

PREVIEW: The Rios finished about were I predicted. And they did pick up tons of draft prospects. While Kumbia will not have as many draft picks this year he will be shopping in the IFA market. In the offseason Kumbia let Tipton,Nunez,Ryan,Li,Fox and Candelaria go to free agency.He then released Sanchez,Jeffcoat,Daniels,Schilling and Guerrero. With the entire team to fill. Kumbia claimed Webster and Hidalgo and signed free agents Hunter,Bradley and Bush. Then he promoted Meadows,Mujica and LaRocca. Looks like another Good draft pick for next year. Meanwhile Kumbia will pick up prospects. PREDICTION:70-92

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