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Milwaukee Sturgeon (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:86-76  Pat went out and spent 27 million on free agent Toby "Mister" Rogers. Then with the change left over he signed a bunch of Old farts to fill out the roster. Pat is betting that Toby will spark this Veteran team. But will the smell of Ben Gay and Geritol be to much for him to handle. It's my guess that these Old Dogs can Hunt.

OUT: P.T. Armas , Peter Dong , Ronnie Jones , Raymond Clapp , Ricardo Torres , Wes Richardson , Shep Hunt , Harry Suarez

IN: Vic Benitez , Wayne Zerbe , Jimmie Guerrero , Javier Lopez , Dick Collins , Rafael Bennett , Chris Yacko , Napoleon Ledee

PREVIEW: The Old dogs hunted for the first 80 games or so then took a Nap.And by the time they woke up. The Sturgeons were champs of the division of Illrepute. This team was in the post season with only 79 wins. And Pat007ohmss was not apologetic . "Hey man if you can get in who cares how!" So this offseason The Sturgeons lost about 8 players to free agency. Among them were Peter Dong and Clapp . I hope Pat007ohmss didn't cut the Dongster to get rid of the Clappster. That would smart!! Then Pat went shopping in the free agent market and landed a big fish in Zerbe. And finally he picked up 2 players in the R-5 draft. Milwaukee picked up several Comp picks in the draft. But with no scouts it may not matter. By replacing Dong with Dick Collins this team is free of disease. And if Patrick can get his revamped pitching staff up to snuff. They may bring this Division back to respectability. PREDICTION : 87-75


LAST YEARS PREDICTION:81-81  Sandberg moved the Toyotas across the country to beautiful scenic Trenton. It's now been 6 years since Sandberg won the division and he went into the off season hoping to win it next year.The Toyotas improved with the addition of the Farm Hands. But can they win the Division??

OUT: Jose Jimenez , Andre Scanlan , Jose Gonzalez , Ryne Bryant , Vic Benitez, Livan Bonilla , Willie Gonzales

IN: Arthur Griffiths , Nigel Hasegawa , Ben Davis , Gabe Kent , Tyrone Beck , Randy Finley, Johan Sullivan , Kazuya Tazawa , Freddie Long , Jimmie Ortiz , Eduardo Delgado

PREVIEW: Sandbergs Toyotas ran out off gas at the finish and just missed the division, and my prediction. It's the second consecutive second place finish in the Division of Illrepute. Pizza Pizza! Trenton let Jiminez, Scanlan , Gonzalez , Bryant and Benitez file for free agency.Then they released Bonilla and Gonzales. He went a shopping and signed free agents Griffiths thru Finley above . Then Sandberg promoted Sullivan , Tazawa , Long, Ortiz and Delgado from the minors. It looks like the Toyotas are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. After 7 years of rebuilding, and the influx of young talent with a few free agent additions. This team could break .500. But as we know, young players can be fickle. This team talent wise is better than before. PREDICTION:83-79

Madison Muskellunges (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:77-85  Last seasons Fire Sale was good for Madison. They now have a nice core of youngsters. And with 44 million in cap space they will be outbidding the world on IFA's. Pretty soon they may be a perrenial playoff team.

OUT: Dick Collins , Tom Henley , Charlie Holt , Joel Crane

IN: Carlos Estrada , Tony Rosado

PREVIEW:It has been a year since the Muskies burned down the house. And they finished about where I predicted. Also as predicted they spent a small fortune in the IFA Market. Picking up players like Carlos Sierra for 21 million. The Muskies lost Collins (he was a Dick), Henley( he went back to the Eagles), Holt and Crane to free agency. Daddio then traded for Estrada and Rosado. I look at this young bunch of potential super stars and wonder if they will mesh into a winner. With the last years promotion of Billy Ensberg and this years additions. The Muskies team is making its move. This team is my sleeper pick for season 17. PREDICTION: 90-72

Chicago Bleacher Bums (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:84-78  This team finsihed ten games below my prediction. And they won the division of Illrepute with a Sub 500 record.  Hshack went into the postseason and gained some respectability by beating the Coat Factories in the first round.he spent around 27 million on six free agents above. Being in this division is nice for all. And with the flood of new free agents, Hshack could win it again.

OUT: Albert Mateo , Willie Sanchez , B.C. McMillan , Carlos Santos ,

IN: Jim Roundtree , Tony Sherman , Junior Maeda

PREVIEW: I thought the Bleacher Bums would win this division . But they finished in the bottom 6 games short. I had High hopes after they did well in the playoffs. And they picked up some nice free agents. But such is life in this division. You can predict every team about or below 500, But picking which will win ...........Thats the perdicament! In the offseason hshack let Mateo, Sanchez, McMillan and Santos go to free agency. He signed free agent Roundtree and picked up R-5 Sherman and Maeda. This team has a 84 million payroll and still has 11 million to spend on free agents. Maybe they will get a win for every million spent. That would be Hshacks christmas wish! PREDICTION:81-81

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