Monday, December 12, 2011


Hello again this is I B Lyon reporting for MadNews Corp. Rbedwell and his Santurce Crabbers team won this years world series in fine fashion.And I was dispatched to San Juan to interview the intrepid Rbedwell. I caught up to him in a nice litle joint calle "Mammasitas House of Pinoche". After being frisked for weapons and was liberated of my watch. The doorman was kind enough to lead me to Rbedwells table. He was surrounded by dark skin beauties and was getting busy instructing one in the fine points of Lap dancing. It took several moments for the Rascal to notice me and he leaped forward and shook my hand with great abandon. "Please sit" he said while slapping the bottom of the dancer. Which moved her to one side. But as soon as I was seated. A Sea of Mammary returned and I was forced to start the interview while Tits and Ass girated all around.It's a tough job I know. I asked Rbedwell how he felt about winning the Series. he replied. "Great my man . My youngsters really took on the Challenge and came thru. Now its my turn . I don't know if I can handle all these Beautiful Babes but I'm sure, I too will come thru ." With that he downed a rum drink of some sort and placed a dancer on his lap.Then I said. I remember when you arrived in season 5 and cleaned house. You built this squad from the ground up. Will this bunch stay together? Ralph positioned himself where we could see eye to eye and he said. "Yes this team is young and they still are a few years before they will break the bank. So I see this team winning several Rings in Wrigleyville. "  The Sea of Mammary then enveloped Rbedwell and swept him away. Ahoy matey!! were the words I heard as he was swept out to that beautiful sea. I left Mamasitas House of Pinoche at dawn. Minus a few cells, Brain and Sperm. And as I watched the sun rise over San Juan Harbor . It occured to me that the Santurce Crabbers are for real. Well.......that and my crotch was itching.

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