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Louisville Howlers (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:84-78  Jmuhtoff moved his team from Cincy to Louisville thinking that Slugger Field fit his squad better.Perhaps Louisville will be kinder to Jmuhtoffs club . But with the pickup of some superstars in a trade , will definatly help.

OUT: Tracy Gardner , Harry Pena , Tyrone Beck , Vic Velazquez , R.A. Ward , Raul Veras

IN: Freddie Mohr , Kevin Holmes , Stuart Mench , Tomas Cruz , Billy Tenbrink , Philip Schultz

PREVIEW: The Howlers have blossomed in Slugger Field. They bested my predicition by 8 games and won the division. But in the post season they were ousted in the first round by the A L Champs. Bad luck for Jmuhtoff. In the offseason he let Gardner,Pena,Beck,Velazquez,Ward and Veras go to free agency. To fill the holes of the departed Jmuhtoff claimed Mohr,Holmes and Mench off the waiver wire.Then he signed free agents Cruz, Tenbrink and Schultz. It's very unusual to fill your holes with waiver wire pickups. But these 3 wire players are decent players and Jmuhtoff didn't have to give up anything but salary to sign them. So cudos to him! One thing for sure the Howlers have plenty of Power bats now. And with some bullpen help they will try and outscore everyone. They should battle for the division.PREDICTION:90-72


  Boston has almost 30 million in cap space to wheel and deal this year. This makes predictions a little tough but they made the playoffs the last 2 years i'll have to bet they will this year .

OUT: Henry Wells , Jesse Buhner , Yorvit Nunez , Glen Marte , Philip Schultz

IN: Tomas Alvarez , Shawn Terry , Bernard Wilson , Jimmie Nieves

PREVIEW: Avantrael and his Knights had a great year. But they missed the playoffs with 91 games. Its frustrating after making it last year with only 88 wins.I've been there! So the Boston Nocturnals went gently into that good night of the offseason. And let Wells,Buhner,Nunez, Marte and Schultz go to free agency. Then they signed free agents Alvarez, Terry,Wilson and Nieves to plug the gaps. Boston always hits for a high average, steals bases and plays good D. But their starting rotation can be eratic at times. So with the addition of a trio of pitchers it looks like Avantrael is trying to fix that. This team should fight for the division and may get a wild card if they fall short.PREDICTION:90-72

Pittsburgh Pirates (AL)
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  Ardthomp moved his team to thier new HQ in Pittsburgh ,complete with a cement pond. Now that the Injuns morphed into Pirates they will be raping ,pillaging and plundering in the offseason. Basically what they did as Injuns!Not sure if this team will win now that they're in Pittsburgh. They will have to show me something before I jump on the Ship!!

OUT: Al Harding , Sammy Estrada , Enrique Cordero , Mario Hunter , Ed Norman , Charles Ramsey , Corey O'Brien , Albert Coleridge

IN: Cesar Gonzales , Carlos Gomez , Brent Ganzel , Milt Knepper , Clark Bierbrodt , Dean Matusz , Adrian James , Esmerling Suarez , Don Hyzdu

ARDTHOMP'S PREVIEW: The Pirates didn't have much in the way of ML pitching coming back, so they decided to bring up some youth. This could backfire in a big way or it could be a pleasant surprise.
The Pirates also decided to bring up Carlos Gomez to play Right Field this season. Don Hyzdu was brought in via a trade to help add some power to the lineup.

PREVIEW: The Pirates scuttled the ship on a reef early in the season.And Ardthomps buccaneers finished 11 games below .500. So it looks like there will be some players walking the plank if they dont shape up. First Ardthomp resigned Hugh Wells and Lloyd Marshall .Then he let Harding,Estrada, Cordero,Hunter,Norman and Ramsey file for free agency.Finally he traded away O'Brien and Coleridge. Then with many holes to fill Ardthomp Signed free agent Gonzales and promoted Gomez,Ganzel,Knepper,Bierbrodt,Matusz and James.And finally he traded for Suarez and Hyzdu . The Pirates completely revamped this team from the farm system and sprinkled in a couple of players here and there. Youth is great but they are unpredictable in the Bigs. Right now its hard to tell how this team will do.PREDICTION: 81-81 with O/U of 12

Hartford Crushers (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION:90-72  The Crushers finished pretty close to my prediction. And they won this division in spite of my Chicken bones. In the playoffs they went all the way to the LCS losing in 6 to a Good Charleston team.The main core of this good team is still in tact. But Crushers play in one of the toughest divisions in Wrigleyville so its not a lock that they win the Pennant.

OUT: Jay Glanville , Deivi Tavarez , Enrique Mangual , Santos Mercado

IN: Ed Norman , Rico Mateo , Michael Henry , Louie Rodriguez

PREVIEW: What we have here is a good owner going on vacation. I understand!! I need a break from the make-believe world occasionally. Especially when I get outbid on a tasty IFA. The Crushers and ARomano are no way this bad so they should rebound in the offseason. ARomano let Glanville,Tavarez,Mangual and Mercado flee to free agency.Then he signed free agents Norman and Mateo and promoted Henry and Rodriguez. If ARomano goes on vacation this team will finish at the bottom. but if he sticks around they will finish about .500. PREDICTION: 81-81

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