Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rookie Review - Draft Edition


I was unable to get the stats page to sort for rookies only this week but with the draft happening recently I figured I’d run through the Season 14-16 First Round picks (non-compensatory picks) and see who had made it to the Majors and what they were up to.
Season 14:
Pick 1 – Khalil McNamara – Scottsdale – McNamara is now kicking it in San Francisco and while he hasn’t shown the slugging potential he had in the minors, he is showing quite a bit of speed with 14 stolen bases already in his first season in the Majors. His excellent 210/207 bb/k ratio in the minor leagues shows that as he matures he’s going to see his OB% rise and with that his slugging should follow.
Pick 2 – J.P. Mendez – Austin – Mendez is actually in his second full season in the Majors for Austin and continues to impress with the bat and the glove. I don’t know if he’ll ever reach the 30 HR mark but he will definitely be helping his team with an onslaught of doubles and runs scored in the future.
Pick 5 – Albert Perez – Tacoma/Trenton - In his first full season in the Majors, Perez is running into adversity for the first time in his career. That’s not unexpected as he made the jump from AA straight to the Majors but he seems to be turning things around with four solid outings in the last month.
Pick 11 – Jose Martinez – Wichita – Also in his second season in the Majors, Martinez is the cause of his own demise as he’s walking the world. He is the kind of player that I wish the DITR Gods would help out but as long as his walk rate is extremely high he is going to struggle.
Pick 14Dom Woods – Trenton – Now with the Chicago Black Sox, Woods also made the jump from AA to the Majors this season and is seeing some success. He has 13 home runs in only 74 games to go with 21 stolen bases and his minor league numbers indicate that his ceiling is fairly high. Woods is also playing a solid third base for the Black Sox.
Pick 16 – Carlton Sheets – Fargo – Sheets saw some time in the Bigs last season but this is his first year getting the per-diem full-time and he’s earned it with a .314 batting average and .377 on-base% while playing a very good left field for Fargo. Sheets is going to play a big role if Fargo is to make up some ground in the AL North in the second half.
Pick 28 – Chun-Lim Yang – Sante Fe – Traded to Arizona last season, Yang now sits on the disabled list. Prior to that he struggled in his first stint in the Majors and Arizona will have to decide if they can afford to let him learn on the job in the second half as they push for the playoffs.
Pick 30 – Adrian James – Indianapolis/Pittsburgh – At 21 years old James is one of the youngest players in the Majors this season. After making the huge jump from HiA ball to the Majors he has been an excellent bullpen contributor for Pittsburgh this season after being a starting pitcher throughout the minor leagues. If James can cut down on his walks then he might become one of the top bullpen arms in the Majors if he stays in that role.
Season 15:
Pick 1 – Ollie Greenwood –CH2 – As covered in the last Rookie Review, Greenwood has been fantastic this season and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.
Pick 9 – Clint Conway – Santa Fe – Now with Austin, Conway has had a decent rookie season thus far with a .271/.356/.763 line. Conway isn’t going to provide much power but he’s going to get on base and score some runs.
Season 16:
Pick 1 – Rich Piper – CH2 – The first and only member of the Season 16 draft class to reach the Majors so far, Piper is holding his own. A top shelf talent that is the youngest player in the Majors this season (19 yrs old), Piper has 11 home runs in only 64 games. He’s not exactly tearing up the league but that should not diminish the high expectations for this young slugger

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