Friday, June 15, 2012


The KICKAPOOS new team Headquarters

Hello again this is I.B. Lyon back after a harrowing escape from enemy occupied McCabe World. I made my way to the City by the Bay to meet up with Mark3313 the owner of the World Champion San Francisco Kickapoos.We met at Marks favorite resturant "Blowfish Sushi to Die For" in the mission district. I was led to a table where Mark was already devouring several Spider rolls.With one arm he motioned me to sit while wiping his mouth with the other. "Welcome I.B." said he, while sucking up the last bit of Honey Tartar Sauce. I sat in silence while Mark ordered us 2 Stoli Wasabi Martinis and a plate of Blowfish Maki.The Asian Beauty that took our order blushed when Mark swatted her on the rump as she turned to walk away. He winked at me and chuckled "I'd love to take a roll in that sushi. Heh".I replied that I would and we both grinned from ear to ear.
  I took this opportunity to ask Mark " This team has always been the one to beat year after year by winning more than 100 games. But this year the Kickapoos only won 97 and were not as dominate in the regular season. How did this team put it all together in the Playoffs to win the Series?" Mark slurpped down his Martini and said " You know I tried to figure out that myself and I finally came to the realization that it comes down to putting the best team together under the rules and cross your fingers.Perhaps my team was due for some good luck after all the times we should have won the Series and didn't." I nodded in agreement and tackled my plate of Blowfish Sushi.
  After dinner we ordered 2 desserts of Moko-Moko and washed it down with Shirakabegura Kimoto Sake. Our Asian Flower returned with the check. Mark wrote in a generous gratuity after aquiring her phone number and a peck on the cheek. He looked at me and bellowed " I'm gonna swipe some of that like Ignacio Sosa steals bases." We both chuckled and made our way to the street. I congratulated Mark in his World Series win and after a brisk handshake a stretch limo pulled up.Mark clamored in with a whoop and wave goodbye and I was left standing on the curb while the car disappeared around the corner. I couldn't help but think. It's good to be in a World with a class commisioner like Mark3313. Thanks for all you do my friend.

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