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San Juan
San Juan Santurce Crabbers (NL)
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The Crabbers tore thru the regular season like Oprah in a Twinkie factory. Then in the post season he won the NL pennant and lost game 7 in the series to the Shock Squad. The Crabbers are a tough bunch. No matter how much you shave and scrub they just keep coming back. You all know what I mean!Ralph also extended the contracts of Che Cho and Sam Gray and still has two more slots open. This is the same ol Crabs that we know and lament. They will continue to be the bane of our existence. PREDICTION:105-57


IN:  Miguel Martinez

PREVIEW: Yep ,Them Crabs are a pesky bunch. They won this division and the best record in Wrigleyville with the #1 hitting squad(.283 BA) and the 3rd best pitching team(3.22 ERA). Needless to say fellas.... the Crabbers are here to stay and you can't get RID of them. As the #1 seed in the post season ,Ralphs Crustations sidestepped all the way to the LCS. Then they were quick boiled by the Champs.In the offseason Ralph promoted Martinez from the minors and he may move Pascual Marichal or Miguel Martinez to the DH. At least until inter-league play is over. These are the same resilient Santurce Crabbers that won't go away no matter how often you shave and scrub. And they are the best in the NL and will be again this year. They are my World Series pick , Sorry Ralph no jinx intended! PREDICTION:107-55

Burlington Coat Factory (NL)
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The Coat Factories have a Crab problem . As do we all. Ehull has the unenviable position of playing in the same division as Ralph and his Rum drinking Crabs. But the Coat Factories had a great year winning 101 games and I would be kicking up my heels with that success. I think Ehull needs a tweak or two and this team will be a Crab Free team.Looks like the Coat Factories Are going for it.The Talent level has risen in Burlington and this may get rid of them pesky Crabs! Its gonna be a Battle in the N L East. If they dont win the division they will surly be a wild card. And pitching always is a premium in the post season.The Coats are Sporty! PREDICTION:105-57

OUT: Matty Cruz

IN: Kris Glauber

PREVIEW: Ehulls Burlington team almost reached last years prediction.They won 101 games for the second consecutive year with the second best pitching staff in Wrigleyville(3.09 team ERA).Because they play in the division of death the Coat Factories went into the post season as the #5 seed. They swept Durham in the first round and lost a heartbreaking game 5 to Ralphs Crustations. In the offseason ,Ehull re- signed Oswaldo Silva and released Cruz outright. Then he signed free agent Glauber to fill the only open roster spot. This is a easy preview!! Same team as last year, with stellar pitching they should battle for the division and if not......................Wild Card Baby!!PREDICTION:102-60

Cincinnati Red Light District (NL)
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You would think the Peachfuzz would have the best chance to get Rid of the Crabs. But you would be wrong. They took a step back and finished with only 78 wins and that was all it took for desanders. He snuck out in the dead of night and hasn't been seen since. It's rumored he joined Chaz Bonos Dancing Dikes and is touring the U.S."He got dem Happy Feet". Jeff2106 was picked by Mark3313 to take over the abandoned Peachfuzz. "Choosy commish's Choose Jeff!" Jeff  the Peanut Butter kid  moved the team to Cincinnati's Red Light District. So he could walk across the street to What If Sports headquarters and rap them on the skull whenever one of his superstars gets injured.You know I really like this team now. They have a ton of talent and the Coaching staff is good except for a weak fielding coach.If this team wasn't in such a tough division I would say they were a shoe in to make the playoffs. But getting thru the Crabs and Coat Factories will be a challenge. This is my Dark horse pick.I have a penchant for whorehouses. It could be 3 teams from the N L East in the post season.PREDICTION:93-69

OUT: Hiram Sweeney , Flash Reimold , Kris Karros , Ruben Reyes , Pat Clark , Carson Bailey , Frank Vanguri , Shin-Soo Wan

IN: Nicholas Bevil , Claudio Schmidt , William Mateo , Bryan Greisinger , Garry Olsen , Thom Gates , Adam Hamilton

JEFF2106's PREVIEW: The Red Lights made it to the playoffs under their new owner but thats all that they can say. We went up 2-0 on the Toyotas, got back to Cinci and stayed out too late in the red light district and lost the next 3.This year will be harder to make the playoffs again with the loss of Kris Karros. He was a little bit older than the rest and could not take being a father figure trying to keep his boys away from the party scene.Cinci has traded away a couple relievers and and let Reyes, Flash and Hiram all go to FA to get draft picks out of them. Cinci released Carson Dawley as fast as they could. Cinci traded away a Pena for Gary Olsen to help the pen out.Still needing some SP they signed Bevil to hold down the fort till next year when a few guys will be ready for the bigs. This season is going to come down to SP or the lack there of at the moment.Maybe a trade midseason will put them back in the playoffs but it looks like were playing for next season. Prediction: 86-76 good for 3rd again Out: Flash Reimold Kris Karros , Ruben Reyes , Hiram Sweeney , Jimmie Pena , Pat Clark , Carson Bailey , In: Garry Olsen , Jair Seneca , Nicholas Bevil
P.S I guess i wrote that a lil too early. ive trade away Frank Vanguri and added Thom Gates and Adam Hamilton

PREVIEW: My Dark Horse pick came thru and the N L East did get 3 teams in the post-season. Lucky guess, I guess?? The real hero is jeff2106 and the Red Light District Team. Jeff did a great job with this team trading many prospects for key players throughout the season. It looks like we have another quality owner in a quality league fellas.The Cininnati RLD's won 90 games with great pitching(3.90 team ERA) and free whorehouse passes to WIS senior management. The magic season was over when Jeffs guys lost to the Toyotas in 5. In the offseason ,Jeff let Sweeny,Reimold,Karros and Reyes go to free agency and he released Dawley outright. Then Jeff went a trading, gone are Clark,Bailey,Vanguri and Wan. Then with a few roster spots open ,Jeff signed free agent Bevil and promoted Schmidt,Mateo and Greisinger. The earlier trades added Olsen,Gates and Hamilton to complete this years roster. I'm amazed at the trading prowess of Jeff. Not only has he strengthened the M L squad but he will have 4 extra first round picks and 3 extra second round picks in this years draft. The Red Light District will battle the Crabbers and Coat Factories for the division.Not sure if there will be 3 teams again in the playoffs again, but its a possibility.PREDICTION:88-74


LAST YEARS PREVIEW: The Moose were the dominate team in this division of death for many,many moons. I thought the Moose would make 500 even though they are re-tooling. But they finished well below 500. Last season the Moose did promote Jorge Fernandez and Jair Arias but also added Dude Long. Which should help them this season after last years lack of Runs Scored (626). In the offseason Rugby had a bunch of guys clamoring for money.This leaves a couple spots open on his M L roster and he could fill them with several AAA prospects that are ready. (Davey Gomez , Jose Sanchez). Or with a 12 million dollar surplus he could choose some late free agent signings. Either way the Re-tooling is close to completion and the Moose are about ready to get back to them winning ways. PREDICTION:81-81

OUT:  Ebenezer Daniels , Gene Robinson , Benny O'Leary , Posiedon Borders , Fred Lemke


PREVIEW:Poor Rugby and his Moose. Normally a 87 win season would put them near the top of any division but this is not ANY division.Still them Moose are a loose bunch and they can be proud of a good season. Not sure if the great divisional pitching contributed to their woeful offense(.247 team BA-2nd worst). But it's a good bet that they will have to improve at the dish if they want to compete in this division. In the offseason Rugby let Daniels go to free agency and he released Robinson,O'Leary,Borders and Lemke. So far no players have been added, but from what I can see.......Rugby has alot of talent in AAA. That could mean that the Moose will be turned Loose on Wrigleyville. This division just became a 4 Moose race with the development of the Moose calves.PREDICTION:90-72

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