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Charleston Tobacco Farmers (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: The Tabaky were smoking hot when they lost the tie-breaker in the division battle. And with the tough A L West gobbling up the wild cards. The Tabaky Farmers were left without a chair when the playoff  music stopped. Nwsheehys youngsters got another year of expierience under their belts and that is a good thing. Once the smoke cleared, Nwsheehy went into the offseason to make some tweaks to this good team.The Tabaky Farmers still like to hit the long ball but they're batting average needs improvment. The additions should help with that and this team will be battling for the Division, again. PREDICTION:87-75

OUT: Vicente Rodriguez , Herman White , Phil Satou , Clarence Christiansen , Virgil Siqueiros

IN: Jim Caufield , Shane Ryal , Arthur Phillips , Daniel Suppan

PREVIEW: The Tabaky Farmers are back on top of the A L South and they finished close to predictions. This year when the rest of the division faltered, Nwsheehy didn't have to play musical playoff chairs . Charleston is built on pitching(3.94 team ERA) and they hoped it would bring them a second Wrigleyville World Series.But they were smoked in the first round by a very good Scottsdale team, and thus ended the dream. In the offseason Nwsheehy let Rodriguez,White,Satou,Christiansen and Sisqueros go to free agency.To replace the departed Caufield, Ryal and Phillips were signed in free agency and Suppan was snatched in the R-5 draft. The loss of some good pitching may hurt the Tabaky Farmers but he plugged the holes with some competent free agents.They are still a good pitching club and the Tabaky Farmers should win the division title. PREDICTION:87-75


LAST YEARS PREVIEW: It's happy days in Memphis. Tchagnon threw away his Muddy waters CD's and flushed his Zoloft down the toilet.The Memphis Blues won another Division crown due to a tie breaker(21-9 division record).The jubilation was short lived, when in the playoffs, they were beaten in the first round.The Blues lost only a couple of players and with a upgrade at catching and Josh Parker stepping back in the Closer position. This should be another good year.The Blues will be near the top of the Division again. PREDICTION:87-75

OUT: Jared Hermansen , Ivan Cortez , Willie Gonzales , Bailey Gil

IN: Glen Hughes , Dixie Stankiewicz , Billy Connor , Harry Paz , Al Astacio

PREVIEW: It's was a sad, sad year for Tchagnon and his Memphis Blues. They finished below .500 and my prediction was very sad indeed.When I look at last years statistics its obvious that the average hitting(.265 team BA) and average pitching(4.38 team ERA) and average fielding(100 team errors) makes for a average team record.TC did pick up Vitas Sager in last years draft and he should be a big defensive help in 3 years. In the offseason Tchagnon let Hermansen,Cortez,Gonzales and Gil go to free agency. And now that TC has several spots open, he signed free agents Hughes,Stankiewicz,Connor,Paz and Astacio to fill them. The fans hope that the sweet music will return this season. Tchagnon signed some free agents with short contracts to see if his core players will do better this year. If this team falters look for a fire sale. Playing in this weak division will help them but they will have to win the division to make the playoffs.PREDICTION:85-77

Charlotte Sometimes (AL)
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The Sometimes never even sniffed 500. Sometimes you lay a egg and this time I laid a big one with my prediction..With only 65 wins it seems this franchise is in disarray and needs some help with a poor pitching staff (5.15 ERA,1.49WHIP) and poor defense(118 errors, .981 FPct).The Sometimes were a decent hitting team (.270 BA) and its something to build on. Hatton upgraded his pitching staff but never addressed the defense. Perhaps the hitting and pitching may overcome. Usually this isn't the case.PREDICTION:76-86

OUT:  Victor Volquez


Hattons Sometimes did get close to .500 last year. And his team was much better defensively(85 team errors,.986 FPct) and the pitching was good(3.91 team ERA). The culprit seems to be the offense.They hit below last years .270 team batting average and finished with a team .260 average. Charlotte added Louis Ramirez in last years draft and David Hernandez in the IFA market. And these two prospects will be great additions in a few years. In the offseason Hatton re-signed Scott May and let Volquez go to free agency. Pretty much the same team as last year. Hatton did promote Al Carrasco last year after 30 games, which makes him a rookie this year. And Hatton could do the same thing this year with all that talent in AAA. Right now Charlotte is a .500 team. If he brings in some minor league talent or makes some trades this team could win the division. PREDICTION:81-81 as of now

Nashville Posse (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: Oh Dear! The Posse have hit the 100 million rock bottom.The Nashville Posse had the worst pitching in Wrigleyville with a 5.60 ERA and a 1.55 WHIP.They gave up a mind boggling 989 runs with 241 Taters...Egads! You can say the Posse were good at Hanging Sliders and Curves.And Illicit could be heard in the clubhouse screaming."Get a Rope"! The good news is. The season is over and the slate is clean.The Posse improved in pitching and fielding in the offseason. But can these young Buckarroos get the Posse back on the right trail? Time will tell. PREDICTION:75-87

OUT: Eswalin Benavente , Marco Shouse , J.D. Gregg , Ted Hunt

IN: Julio Colon , Kenny Moreno , Vicente Azocar , Ted Brush

PREVIEW: The 100 million dollar Posse rode hard but came up on the short end of the rope. It was an improvement on last years finish but not where illicit had hoped. It seems the Posse pitching staff is still hanging curveballs with the second worst team ERA(5.23).  Illicit may be ready to string up a pitcher or two........just sayin. On the good side, Nashville picked up  Grant Ventura  in last years draft and he should be deputized in 3-4 years. In the offseason Illicit let Benavente go to free agency and released the trio of Shouse,Gregg and Hunt. Illicit then signed free agents Colon,Moreno,Azocar and promoted Brush. Posse pitching is still weak as a kitten and this makes for another down year. Hanging out in the A L basement is the only hanging going on here.PREDICTION:70-92

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