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The COLORADO SPRINGS BANDITS traded Cesar Melendez to the PITTSBURGH PIRATES for Hong-Chih Tamura and Tim Powell
Ardthomp was shopping for a good starting pitcher and he landed one. Melendez is young and healthy and is just coming up on his Arb years. The Bandits got 2 very nice prospects for the rebuild. Nice trade for both teams.


Luther White
Luther "Vandross" White will miss 2 weeks with a strained pectoral muscle. He may have done the Knights a favor by going on the DL. Hitting only .245 usually isn't going to fly for a 1st baseman. How deep is your Love ..Avantrael??

Dan Walker
My pitcher Dan "Sky" Walker will miss 2 weeks with a strained shoulder. May the force be with him! By the way: I'm your father Dan!

Cedrick Meyers
Cedrick "The Entertainer" Meyers will miss 2 weeks with a tight quad. Jmuhtoff and his Howlers aren't amused.

Magglio Rodriguez
This Prairie Dog wandered out on the freeway and was run over. Magglio "Maggot Food" Rodriguez suffered a shoulder aneurysm and will be out a YEAR. Aaronwayne needs to fence in them Dogs.

Joseph Hyun
Joseph "Damn I'm so" Hyun has been smokin again. This very solid Bullpen guy will only miss 2 weeks with a strained shoulder. And it's the first time on the DL in his long career. Smoke up dude, you deserve it!

Brady Sefcik
Several years ago I blasted Tampa for re-signing this D L Darling. I wrote in Season 16-- Frequent DL flyer Brady "Suffering" Sefick is back on the DL. Here is last years DL post: ."Brady "Suffering" Sefcik is on the Major League DL for the 7th time. He will be back eaning his 5 mil in a couple of weeks." Suffering Succotash!!! He's back on the 15 day DL. Tampa may be rethinking that Extension. He should return in a week. But you may see him on the DL again before the year is out. The Suffering continues.  --Well.....i was wrong about the year. And he has come thru for Nelig and the Stars these last few years.But this injury may be the proverbial Final Nail. He will miss the rest of the year with elbow surgery(3rd time). At age 39 he will most likley retire and the Suffering will be over.


Albert Rosales
Age: 18B/T: R/R
Born: Palenque, DO
Position(s): 2B/CIF/OF/DH
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I handed this career minor leaguer a S/T invite.

Eugenio Espinoza
Red Light District
Age: 18B/T: R/R
Born: Los Llanos, DO
Position(s): P (SP1)
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At 1.5 million this kids a steal. He should make a great Mop-up guy.

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