Thursday, January 24, 2013


The TRENTON TOYOTAS traded Vic Santana , Cozy Saipe and Taylor Towers to the DURHAM BULLSHIPPERS for Chad Catalanotto , Nolan O'Leary , Peter Yamamoto and 5,000,000
Big trade here. Trenton pick up 3 very nice players and give their playoff hopes a big boost. Durham gets 3 very tasty prospects for the future. Win for both teams...trouble for us in the NL.

The WASHINGTON D C WINGDINGS traded Harry Jensen , Carlos Seneca , Joaquin Pena and 700,000 to the MADISON MUSKELLUNGES for Charlie McCartney , Danny Barker and Ariel Cerda
The Wingdings begin a busy trade week with 3 good pitchers sent to Madison. They picked up 2 good pitchers and a corner infielder who will be traded later.

The WASHINGTON D C WINGDINGS traded Yuniesky Trevino and Geovany Gardel to the MINNESOTA MISFITS for Enrique Alfonseca and 900,000
Washington then ships a couple of prospects to Minnesota and get a good hitting RF'er in his prime.

The HELENA BARKING MOONBATS traded Sammy Mercedes to the MINNESOTA MISFITS for Randy Rogers and 1,000,000
The Misfits get a really nice closing prospect.The Barking Moonbats get a really nice closing prospect. Pizza! Pizza!

The WASHINGTON D C WINGDINGS traded Charlie McCartney to the DURHAM BULLSHIPPERS for Dioner Redondo
Like I said above Washington traded the corner infielder from Madison to Durham. Durham traded away a pitcher that they got in a earlier trade with Louisville. Pizza! Pizza! squared.

The WASHINTON D C WINGDINGS traded Byron Weathers and 4,000,000 to the LOUISVILLE HOWLERS for Ted Smith
The Wingdings traded away the often injured Byron "Stormy" Weathers to the Howlers. Howlers also get Stormy's Salary paid and send a nice pitching prospect to the Wingdings for the privlege.

Wilton Martin
Wilton "Lettuce" Martin will miss 60 days with a 2 week injury. Looks like the Moose will clear a spot on 40 man roster with this move.This will also let Lettuice rest and get crispy.

Emmanuel Caseres
I'm suprised we haven't seen Caseres on the DL in 4 years.This MCL strain will keep him out for 4 weeks.  

Victor Medrano
Victor "Medavic" Medrano pitched 5.1 innings last year and missed the rest of the season with Elbow surgery. This year its 37 innings and he has a shoulder impingment. He'll be back in 2 weeks to try again. Can you say MEDIC!!

Taylor Riggs
Taylor "The Game is" Riggs is back on the DL. This time he'll miss 2 months with a Knee ligament tear. Hatton wants to tear his hair out...assuming he has any??

Doc Hampton
"Call a" Doc Hampton has been traded 3 times since his last injury. Now he finds himself on the Island, a long way from Spokane and injured. He may make it back this season, tho not likely.

Shane Ryal
What d_ y_u kn_w. Shane "No O" Ryal is _n a new team and is back _n the DL. Durham is _nly _ut a milli_n, s_ he's n_t Ryaly Screwed.

Danys Mota
I still remember in season 16 when Danys "Loco" Mota broke his leg and only missed 2 weeks. And now it seems he will miss almost a year with a hamstring tear. Its kind of Bass ackwards.


Kendry Gonzalez
Age: 19B/T: S/R
Born: Nagua, DO
Position(s): C
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A good defensive minor league catcher.

Yunesky Hernandez
Black Sox
Age: 18B/T: R/R
Born: Villa Mella, DO
Position(s): 2B
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Range and speed for the minor leagues.

Rafael Pena
Salt Lake City
Age: 18B/T: R/R
Born: Puerto Plata, DO
Position(s): P (SP1)
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1.1 million and a S/T invite for this pitch who may get a shot at the Majors??

Gio Francisco
New Britain
Age: 18B/T: R/R
Born: Tachira, VE
Position(s): P (ClA)
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Another pitch who may get a shot. Only a cool million!

Cesar Mateo
Black Bears
Age: 19B/T: R/R
Born: San Juan De La Maguana, DO
Position(s): RF
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The Black Bears landed another Whale! This one cost 22 million and he will be a SS RF'er. The Black Bears have spent 40.9 million for two big IFA's. Oh My!!

Max Pichardo
Age: 18B/T: S/R
Born: Central Hatillo, CU
Position(s): P (ClA)
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1.2 million for this pitch that may make a M L roster. Seems to be the going rate.

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